Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day # 147 // 366

Instagram- loving this app. Have been using this for more than a year now.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Day # 146 // 366

Playing with his cute little feet and toes.

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Scrapper Love // heathergw

It has been a while since I hunt down beautiful layouts for inspiration. This Friday I’ve managed to find these beautiful layouts from heathergw. I love her simple  and unique style.







Note: all images are linked for credit

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day # 144 and # 145

A little bit busy today. My little is having trouble settle in.

I just can't believe it day 145 so far almost half a year. So far 2012 is the best year ever. I am hoping and praying that my dream will come true this year. It's too close for me to give up now.

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Pixelily Designs at GingerScraps


It’s a grand opening sale of Pixelily Designs at GingerScraps starting now till June 10. Hurry up and grab your favourite kits now while it’s 50% off.

Big Hearted Woman

this kit is $2.50 and this kit


is $2.75… There’s many more to come. Come and check out Pixelily Design store at Gingerscraps now!

and the winner is….

They finally revealed the next American Idol. And the winner goes to Phillip Phillips as I predicted yesterday. I like him because of his artistry and originality. There’s no one else sound like him. I think his best performance was when he sang We've Got Tonight.

I just watched the final episode of American Idol Season 11. I like performances by Jennifer Lopez, Aerosmith and Jennifer Holiday with Jessica.

Other performances weren’t that great.

Now, I am looking forward to Jessica, Joshua and Phillip first album.

Before I was your mom- I was somebody’s baby

One of the beautiful kit from Before I was your mom - I was Somebody’s Baby by Tracie Reed and Meghan Mullen. Love that  this kit can be use for a boy or a girl page.


“If you're looking for a kit that is gender neutral yet elegant enough for all of those pictures from when you were a baby, I Was Somebody's Baby is just what you need. With gorgeous patterns as well as textured solids, I Was Somebody's Baby is filled with kit appropriate word art as well as those special little elements that make your page pop. Includes 18 papers, 61 elements, and 3 alphas. “ excerpt from product description

itsaboy-web tothemoonandback-web

* 28 days postpartum
* feeling much better today
* started to wear girdle
* still taking herbalife shake and protein
* emotionally a little bit better than before
* missing my friends from work
* wondering what the latest hot topics are circulating in the office
* glad I didn’t have to face a horrible traffic at the office due to the National Youth Day 2012
* waiting to watch the American Idol Final episode

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

American Idol Finale

Battle between Philip and Jessica

I really enjoy tonight performance. Both did great in a different way. I just love Philip's original song and I think with that performance he might stand a chance to win the title.
I do hope Jessica win too just because I want a girl to win this time. It has been a long time since a woman is crown as the winner of American Idol.

"The judges were effusive in their praise, perhaps because they too were stunned that it wasn’t a strain on the ears. Randy Jackson not only stood up, he cheered his approval like one of Phillip’s teenage fans in the stands. Jennifer Lopez said she couldn’t imagine anyone else singing it. Steven Tyler said he heard a little bit of Paul Simon in there." excerpt from

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Wednesday Instagram

It’s almost 28 days postpartum. I am feeling much better even though I did get much  sleep last night.

Life so far has just been routine. Sleep, rest, take care of the baby, eat and watch TV (if I can steal a few minutes). I am so looking forward to the day I can be myself again.

Love this picture frame from AyuUntitledNow he wants to sleepAfter a bathUntitledLove him in a white outfitUntitled

This week randomness:
* It’s the finale for American Idol. Looking forward to see who won the title
* My little boy is almost one month. Looking forward to watch him grow up
* My mom is going home this weekend. Going to miss having her around
* Thinking about what my to do list would be like in the next 5 months. Not going to work, would be great but I just have to make sure my time is occupy with important things
* Being a full time mother has been my dream, and now I got to live it for 5 months.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day # 143 // 366

Tuesday night, resting in my living room watching Man on a Ledge movie.
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Love this movie. Never thought I would enjoy it. This one is a keeper.

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10 things // how I made breastfeeding possible

I have been supporting mother's milk ever since my second born. I was really committed to the idea of giving the best for my baby.  I’ve been researching and learning everything I can about breastfeeding since 1999. So far I am very happy that  I’ve managed to breastfeed my second and third child for two years. It wasn’t easy. It takes a lot of commitment and a lot of love to make it work especially when you are working full time and your baby was 3 months old.
So today I would like to share 10 things // how  I made breastfeeding possible. Hope this will help new mothers commit to giving mother’s milk because it can be done.
Just me, him and Tuesday morning
#1) I believe I can breastfeed. I believe I have enough milk for my baby
Positive attitude is the first thing that you must have when it comes to breastfeeding. Like people always said, if you believe you don’t have enough milk , you are right and if you believe you have enough milk, you are right too.
So never come into breastfeeding game with a negative attitude.
#2) I start breastfeeding as soon as possible. At least 3 to 4 hours after labour.
It is very important to establish the relationship early on before you feel your first '”let down”. It takes different kind of skill sucking on a breast compare to bottles.
#3) I don’t buy any bottles or any infant formula
So there’s no temptation to give my baby different kind of milk
Little one
#4) I eat nutrition food and drink lots of water
It is very important to keep yourself hydrate during this critical time. This definitely will help with milk supply and also help you feel much more energetic. Believe me when I tell you breastfeeding is hard work. You really have to take care of yourself.
#5) I don’t put my baby on any schedule. Nurse on demand or if my baby sleep for longer period of time, I nurse him every two or three  hours.
#6) I educate myself about breastfeeding. It might be the most natural thing in the world but it doesn’t come easily. Breastfeeding takes practice and a lot of support from family member.
Tidur ke tak ni?
#7) When it is time for me to go back to work, I invest in a good breast pump to help increase my milk supply and to give them to my baby. I’ve been using Avent Breastpump since the last 13 years and I think I will stick to that brand.
#8) Before going to work, I usually start keeping supply at least one week before I have to go to work. Usually I express the milk before I nurse. This definitely will increase the demand.
#9) I don’t give my baby other than breast milk. If I want to introduce bottle to him, I usually ask other member of the family to give the bottle. This is the only way I can think of to reduce the nipple confusion. So far it works for me.
#10)  I enjoy the intimate bonding that I have with my baby. It just me and him. So I like to talk to him or recite surahs to him during nursing. This will help me relax and have a joyful experience with my baby.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Day # 142 // 366

Monday evening after putting Hanif to bed.
Reading after the birth section. Oh boy! It's not easy to get your body back. The book suggest that I start exercise after 8 week postpartum due to delivered the baby via C-section.

Taken with iphone4S, edited with acdsee camera flash, pixlromatc + and skitch for ipad.

I was thinking of order new workout DVD just to spice things up. I think it will probably take me more time to do Get Ripped DVD.

more tips from the book:
"4 phase
Phase 1 - week 0 - week 6 :: Reestablish
Phase 2 - week 6 - week 8 :: recovery and retrain
Phase 3 - week 9 - week 11 :: Condition
Phase 4 - week 12 - week 14 :: Shrink
The key is to train the pelvic floor cause it is the foundation and the bottom of your core."

I think I need to give myself time and be patient. I don't want to throw away all my pre- pregnancy clothes. I have to fit into them at least by Eid Mubarak I can easily wear them.
My plan is other than starting to exercise when my doctor gives me premission, I also have to watch what I eat and really focus on food that gives me energy.

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never give up


Another great kit to lift up you spirit and motivate you when things are bad.

These are my layout using the above kit

innerstrength-web nevertoolate-web

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day #141 // 366

Sunday morning after taking a bath
Day 24
Taken with iphone4S
Instagram and acdsee camera flash

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10 things // instagram inspiration

I’ve been using instagram since May 2011 and I love it! So many talented people and such an inspiration. Before instgaram I’ve never knew iphoneography exist!

Here are my top 10 favorite people to follow on instagram

#1) elsiecake

#2) hulaseventy

#3) fatmumslim

#4) cdmuckosky

#5) ijustine

#6) meditta

#7) aliedwards

#8) emmaredvelvet

#9) arrowandapple

#10) yunazarai


Hope you enjoy my pick for today. Instagram users are growing each day and now that Android users have join in the fun, there will be many interesting and inspiring instagram photos out there waiting to be discovered!

Have a great instagram weekend!

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