Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day# 77 // 366

I love my Saturday. Relax and lazy mode. I have so many ideas for my blog but I just don't have the energy to execute them.

I want to do a lot of things especially things related to getting ready for the big day. I make a lot of mental notes about things to do and sometimes I get overwhelm.

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Art Journal, Challenge 11 and Week 33

I am so loving the art journal e-course, teach by Elsie and Rachael of the Red Velvet. It has amazing ideas and challenges for you to try. All of the art challenges they used real materials but I am lazy to look for the real thing so I settle for digital element. Their ideas still can be used even when you are using digital elements and kits.

I used Memories Captured Kit by Studio Flergs for this week challenge.


I feel a little bit weird this week. Other than  fatigue as my company, I also have worries and anxiety on my  side. I just can’t wait to take an early leave from work. I am so ready for a long rest.

33 weeks


“Your Baby in Week 33 of Pregnancy

Your baby is still gaining weight (about half a pound a week), and she could grow up to another full inch this week. With that much baby inside your uterus, your amniotic-fluid level has maxed out, which explains why some of her pokes and kicks feel pretty sharp these days. (There's less fluid to cushion the blows.) Antibodies are being passed from you to your little one as she continues to develop her own fetal immune system, which will come in handy once she's outside the womb and fending off all sorts of germs.” source what to expect when you are expecting.


Your Body in Week 33 of Pregnancy

With midnight bathroom runs, leg cramps, heartburn, and your basketball-sized belly, it's no wonder sleep is elusive.Third-trimester insomnia strikes about three-quarters of pregnant women (who may also be coping with a mind that races all night long thinking about your to-do-before-the-baby-comes list). But your body needs rest, so do your best to get comfy — before bed and when you get in it. Grab a pile of pillows, wedge them where you need to, and look on the bright side: Pregnancy insomnia is great training for those sleepless nights to come!” source what to expect when you are expecting.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Day # 76 // 366 and Idol elimination

So far I am loving this season contestants. Base on last night performance I 've become a fan of Joshua, Holly and Skylar.
Today, America voted off Shannon from the competition. I don't dislike Shannon, but I think she's a bit forgetable and really lack experience. I think if she works hard and overcome her weakness, she can go far.

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Friday Scraplift

I am so happy that today is Friday. In a few minutes, I get to go home and start to enjoy my weekend with my children. I am so tired and exhausted, working and pregnant at my age isn't as easy as I thought. So many challenges and too may worries.
I decided to take a few minutes break and unwind by making a layout using Memories Captured by Studio Flerg and scraplift one of her layout.

And this is my lift 


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day # 75 // 366

I am 8 months already. Right now I am reading the eight month chapter from what to expect when you are expecting. I am a little nervous with the whole position thing.

At the moment this book is my reference. It would be nice to have someone to talk to about my worries. Well life isn't perfect right.
You can only do the best that you can with what you have. Nothing more nothing less.
I really have to be strong for the baby. It's hard but I have to survive and shine through.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day # 74 // 366

Doctor Appointment in the morning
Breakfast at Bangi Kopitiam with my kids
Not many people today
The baby's progress is normal
I felt exhausted and mild back pain
It suddenly hit me that I am in my 8th month
I took medical leave today because I wasn't feeling so good

Time do fly faster when I am at home
I was beyond shocked as I was watching the death of Mike Delfino! I can't believe they killed of his character

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BabyBump for expecting mother

My brother introduced BabyBump apps to me during my second trimester. It's an iphone apps for monitoring the baby and the mother through out the 40 weeks of pregnancy. (there's no ipad version at the moment)

Here are what the apps look like- information, journal, photos, birth, kick counter, contraction, baby names and community.

And my current favorite tool is the kick counter. For my previous pregnancy I usually have to carry around the kick chart everwhere I go to count the baby's kick. Now I just use the kick counter with my iphone.

Have fun with the app and enjoy your pregnancy!

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As sweet as candy

With all the chaos (my life at the moment) I almost forgot to showcase this sweet and beautiful kit from Pixelily Designs called Candy Love. It took all my strength not to go out and look for chocolates and candies.



Happy scrapping and have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day # 73 // 366

I am glad to be home right now. I missed my daughter so much. I really wish I could spend more time with her during the school holidays. Time like this I do wish to have the flexibility to work from home.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Day # 72 // 366 and another random things

Oh boy! Monday is always so hectic for me. I just didn't get enough time to take a rest during the day..

Some random things today...
# I think I might get what I've been dreaming of for so long. Hopefully this time is for real
# I am planning to take an early maternity leave and an extented one. So I've put everything on motion today
# I kept feeling the mild contraction and a little pain at my lower abdomen
# I did have an amazing dream last night, it makes me smile every time I think about it
# I received two books I ordered from one week earlier from expected arrival.
# I have to prepare my team for what's coming in the next few months

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

It’s very challenging for me to find the time and the energy to pick up my camera and snapped photos for todays hunt. Lately I find that doing things I love is really a chore and doing my job is really a headache and stressful. I have 8 more weeks to go and I don’t know how to live my life when all I want to do is lay down on my bed.

I take my time with this one and not really thinking outside the box, just snapped what I thought todays hunt is all about.

1. Water

water My drink most of the time, cool water with a touch of lemon

2. Light

light The lighting from San Francisco Pizza

3. Chocolate

chocolate My new dress I bought last week, in brown. This dress reminds me of Cadbury chocolate. 

4. Animal

animal My dughter is handing over her toy animals to her baby brother

5. Crowded

crowded Too many fork and spoon for our lunch

Thank you for stopping by… Have a great Sunday!

Day # 71 // 366 and the list

It's Sunday and it's time for Kenny Rogers 1/4 meals. I was hungry but unfortunately I can't eat a lot of food. I think it's time for me to eat small portion of food but frequently.

- I making a list of things I wanted to have this year. I am still hoping and praying for a miracle.

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