Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day # 63 // 366

Second trip buying all the baby stuffs and some stuffs for me. So many new things out there to choose from. Mostly we got most of the things that we need, somehow I feel like the baby clothes are still not enough.

I love the color of this car seat. I haven't bought any car seat and my husband is still reluctant to buy my breast pump.
Maybe next month we will finish up all the unfinish business before the "D" day comes..

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Day # 62 // 366

Having dinner with my dear daughter after I pick her up at school. We had sate ( she doesn't like them but she ate them anyway) and longan drink.

Taking the day off from working is amazing and really really good for my sanity. At this point of my life I really like to focus more on this baby and my health.

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pregnancy journal my style

I’ve been keeping a journal since the first day I found out I was pregnant. I used to hate keeping tab during my pregnancy cause I hate looking fat and tired. This time around I decided to be a grown up about it and record my pregnancy, the good and the bad ones cause I might not get a chance to experience this miracle again.

At first, the journal look simple and straight to the point. Over time and after I took Art Journal e-course last January, my style have changed and I really like it.

Take a peak at my journal


This is definitely a fun and visual way to document my journey and maybe someday I might give this journal as a present to my baby.

I just used a normal wired ring B5 notebook. I mostly print out the photos and the embellishment. I also use old magazine and things I picked up from internet to keep things fresh and interesting. I haven’t try using a fabric… I am not really sure if I will try them in this journal.


10 things you should never....

I saw this on facebook and I thought I share it here.

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day # 61 // 366

Watching American Idol Season 11, top 12 girls performance. I haven't pick any fave yet cause I think this year they have amazing talent on board.

Can't wait for this year top 12...

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I just love this beautiful kit from Studio Flergs, Studio Rosey Posey and Studio Tangie called Wonderful. Somehow the combination of pink and green really appeal to me. So sweet and pretty. It doesn’t take much to make me happy. Pretty things and beautiful art can really makes my heartbeat faster. Such an amazing world we live in.




Sometimes seeing the beauty in everyday life is a bit difficult when all that you face on a daily basis is something stressful and challenging. To be happy in a hard time is so challenging. I just have to constantly remind myself that life is beautiful and no one can make you happy except yourself. Talking control of your life and your emotion really takes a lot of effort and practice.

Scrapper Love // snaggletooth75

It has been a wild week for me. I am glad that finally  I can settle back into my routine and one of them is hunting for inspiration all over the internet. Today I would love to showcase snaggletooth75 gallery. Amazing talent and beautiful layouts. I felt so inspired after looking at this scrapper amazing work.

Take a look at a few layouts handpick by me. Enjoy!








Notes: all images are linked for credit

Check out my previous pick here.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day # 60 // 366

I am so happy that I have reached 30 weeks. 10 more weeks to go. I am nervous, anxious and excited all at the same time. Staying in a hospital for about a week was a wake up call for me. This is real and this is happening to me. The one that I have been waiting for, for about 10 years.

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ipad 3 launching March 7,2012

That was about one year when ipad2 was launched by late Steve Jobs. I’m sure this event will be bitter sweet memories for Apple fans.

I just an’t wait! I am so excited! I am sure will consider upgrade to ipad3 if it offers more new features than ipad2.

I wonder when will this product be available in Malaysia? Hope it will get here before May.


“The iPad 3 is expected to have a faster processor, higher resolution, better camera and possible 4G capability” source latimes.

Apple will be holding a special even March 7 at which the company is expected to finally unveil the iPad 3. Historically, Apple has used this time of the year to show off its new tablet, and if all the rumors are to be believed, this will be no different. The big question now is no longer when it will come—but, rather, what will the iPad 3 come with to entice consumers to buy it?

Alas, Apple is notoriously secretive and has always been loath to reveal details about upcoming launches. So, all the reports surrounding the iPad 3 are based solely on rumors that have floated around Cupertino, Calif.; the company’s supply chain; and elsewhere around the world. “ source eweek.

Happy Leap Year

Once every 4 years, this day comes, 29th February 2012. It’s very rare I got the day off, so I am happy about that. So far 29th February is a great day  for me. So for people who celebrate their birthday today, well Happy Birthday to you, may this year be the best year ever!


And I am also excited that Sweet Shoppe Design is have a sale for one day only. 21 products hand pick at a low price of $2.90! I am sure not going to pass up this opportunity to shop.

Check out these 21 beautiful products here. And enjoy shopping! And Happy Leap year to all !


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day # 59 // 366

My darling son with his new glasses. I am home finally after staying in the hospital for 6 days. It's really good to be back home.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Day # 58 // 366

Peneman setia di hospital. I am so thankful for the technology. Other than entertain me, I also can facetime with my kids whom I miss so much.

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Expecting a boy

I just can’t get enough of baby related kits. Probability I’m having a baby boy is high so naturally I’ll be looking at kits related to baby boy.

Since I don’t know how long I will be in the hospital, I took the time to hunt for some beautiful baby related kits out there.

These are what I found in digiland.

#1) It’s a boy’s world


#2) My Little Boy


#3) Boy’s room


#4) Look for Rainbows {Boy}


#5) Expecting a Boy


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day # 57 // 366 and life unscripted

I am 30 weeks now and I am happy about that. I am still in the hospital still waiting for the placenta to move up.

# I never thought that I'll be spending my 30th week in a hospital
# I still have a few unfinished business in baby department that needs my attention
# I still haven't bought any postnatal treatment. Bottom line is I am not ready yet
# I am hoping and praying that my baby will be born full term and healthy
# I can't help but worry about my kids. I miss them so much.

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