Saturday, January 21, 2012

Love, love , love

All you need is love. Since January is almost over, most of scrapbook stores are already selling kits with love theme. I saw this kit on sale at Scraporhard and immediately fall in love with it.

xoxo-web iadoreyou-web I use Ying & Yang 2 Template for this layout loveyouthisbig-web

Isn’t this kit amazing? It’s called XOXO by Laura Banasiak and Emily Merritt


Love Surrounded

Pixelily Designs has a new kit exclusively at Me So Scrappy called Love Surrounded. This kit is all about love. Get ready to scrap about people you love or even about things you love. 



I really adore the soft pastel color that comes with this kit.

Day # 21 // 366

It's a beautiful Saturday morning and I am sitting in a school foyer for PTA annual meeting.

Mesyuarat PIBG kali ke 11 di sekolah kebangsaan Seksyen 7.

I hope this year they will improve the toilet quality and the communication between teachers and parents.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 20 // 366

So so cute. I found these baby clothing at Anakku boutique! I just have to force myself to feel happy and excited...

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day # 19 // 366

Having breakfast with my son. Such a beautiful Thursday morning. Finally no traffic jem to work.

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Today I….

Today I …..
  • pledge to smile more
  • decided that no one can make me happy except me
  • craving for coffee so bad
  • day dream of having a craft room complete with crafting table , a pink laptop, color printer, lots of notebooks, buttons, and stationaries
  • am thinking about taking a one year break from work
  • desperately wanted the freedom to travel the world
  • day dream again of having my own photo studio
  • am thinking about the next episode of The Secret Circle
  • promise myself to drink more water
  • to take deep breath and not let small things take over my life
  • plan to have a lunch date with a friend
  • am wondering how PROSPEK is going to effect my life
  • am wondering what my life would be like after my baby is born. Am I ready to be a mother to a baby at forty?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Scrapper Love // Lynne-Marie

My first hunt this new year. I just thought that with new year starting, everything will move a little bit slower. Boy was I wrong! I haven't stop working since the first day I went back to work. At the end of the day I was so exhausted. My sanity and creativity are hanging on a thread. 

So tonight I just decided to make myself browse all the beautiful layouts out there just as a reminder how beautiful life can get.

I found Lynne-Marie gallery and I was smitten with the style and her outlook on life. Enjoy!







Note: All images are linked for credit.

Day # 18 // 366

Program motivasi : tips seronok bekerja. Too bad I did have the time to seat till the end. So many meetings and so many comitment.

It's true that no one can make you happy except yourself. So just be happy.

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Building Dreams

Christina a.k.a Wimpychompers Creations has a new kit in store called Building Dreams.


“Those trucks are roaring to go and the tool belts are fastened tight. These workers mean business and I know they'll bring a smile to your face as they get the job done whether it be with real construction or your own little one's imagination running wild.” excerpt form product description.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

more white studio photo shoot// play with color

Remember early this year we did a family photo shoot in a studio? Theses are a few more shoots from that session. I really have so much fun taking photo in a studio. Right this moment I am thinking of booking another session for a new born photo shoot. Isn’t it nice to have a professional taking photos of your new born while you are too tired to take them yourself.

Any way back to the photos. This one is all about color. I love color and I just can’t stay in a room or a place with no color. At the end of the photo shoot we got a chance to play with color. It was so much fun and it really brings out the child in all of us.

_DSC0683 _DSC0660 _DSC0652

Photographer: Shahrir – CreativeLitebox studio

Day # 17 // 366

This why I am late today. Horrific traffic jam and I am stuck.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Day # 16 // 366

Such a hectic Monday .. I am glad that I can get off work before the sun set to spend it with my kids

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Makeover your life // Part 2

“Grateful people are also often more content because they don’t spend a lot of time comparing themselves with others.”

The second part of makeover your life. To see the list for part 1 click here.

#16) Make the bed as soon as you get up

#17) Take a deep breath

#18) Stay away from the computer for 24 hours

#19) Replace has-beens

#20) Spoil yourself


#21) Stop multi-tasking

#22) Empty your handbag

#23)Turn the phone off for a day

#24) Do less for today

#25) Take a look in the mirror and tell yourself something good

#26) Do something fun with someone you like

#27) Lose an argument

#28) Sleep an hour earlier

#29) Meditate. Five minutes or 30 minutes

#30) Say no today

* I just can’t believe that the weekend is almost over. The weather is a little bit hot today. I just don’t want to go outside. I intend to do a lot of things but somehow those things are left unattended.

Note: source from Cleo January 2011

Day # 15 // 366

Waiting again.....

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