Saturday, November 12, 2011

time flies but memory remains

It's Saturday already and Pixelily has a beautiful new kit in store called I'll Remember. It's 30% off now! Hurry up before the sales end.


“There are memories that worth preserved and remembered. This kit is a great choice to scrap all the sweet stories of your life that you really want to keep. 15 papers and 50 elements’ excerpt from product description.


Inspiration from the CT girls

by Terin


by Deanna


by Lashawn




by Stefanie


Day 12 // Things that motivate me

  • Love
  • Recognition and Appreciation
  • Beautiful things
  • Creative People
  • Encouragement
  • music
  • colors

Friday, November 11, 2011

Introducing Salindah



If you are pregnant and in your 12 weeks or more than you might want to try Salindah. It’s a homeopathic preparation for women and mothers health during pregnancy and after.

I used this product for my third pregnancy. Overall I think this product is very effective in helping me with the pregnancy and the delivery. I had a short labour compare to my previous  two. I gave birth to a beautiful  and healthy baby girl. She is nine years old now.

Cost: RM320

5 things why you need Salindah if you are pregnant

  • really helps to improve blood circulation
  • helps with baby growth and health
  • manageable labour pain
  • less fatigue after delivery
  • helps me heal faster after delivery


Masa Guna:
Mulai minggu ke-12 hamil
Memberi zat besi mudah hadam yang diperlukan oleh setiap ibu mengandung. Menghilang atau mengurangkan muntah dan loya serta alahan. Menolong tumbesaran tian. Mencegah demam, batuk, selsema, sejuk-sejuk, sakit kepala, sakit gigi dan lain-lain. Menghilangkan kesan jatuh atau rebah. Melancarkan aliran darah agar mencegah timbul simpul urat di kaki. Menghilangkan letih lesu.


Masa Guna:
Mulai minggu ke-24 hamil
Memberi zat untuk tumbesaran, menguatkan tulang dan membina otak bayi, disamping menambah darah. Menambah selera makan, menghilangkan sengal tulang dan kebas anggota kaki dan tangan. Mencegah serangan sejuk dan sakit gigi. Mencegah osteoporosis.

Masa Guna:
Mulai minggu ke-28 hamil
Memberi zat untuk pembinaan saraf dan otak anak. Menghilangkan masalah takut, cemas dan bimbang. Mencegah simpul biawak atau krem betis. Mendatangkan ketenangan bagi menghadapi hari bersalin



Masa Guna:
Mulai 4 minggu sebelum bersalin
Remedi ini istimewa untuk mengawal alamat sebelum jangkaan alamat palsu, menghilangkan sakit bersalin, sakit urat dan otot, menyediakan saluran peranakan dengan mengendur dan menganjalkan otot-otot pencerut kawasan saluran peranakan. Memudahkan kelahiran bayi. Menghilangkan perasaan takut dan cemas.


Masa Guna:
Mulai 2 minggu sebelum bersalin
Remedi ini melanjutkan dan menolong tindakan item B4, mengendur dan menganjalkan otot pencerut saluran peranakan dan memberi daya teranan labour sewaktu bersalin.


Masa Guna:
Mulai 1 minggu sebelum bersalin atau semasa dalam ‘labour pain’
Remedi ini menguatkan teranan, menolong mengurangkan sakit sewaktu bersalin, mempercepatkan dan mempermudahkan keluarnya anak, membuka luas saluran peranakan dan mengurangkan sakit lepas bersalin.


Masa Guna:
selepas bersalin
Remedi cecair bagi menyembuhkan luka atau jahitan dengan cepat. Menghilangkan sakit pada luka atau jahitan. Mencegah jangkitan kuman dan pernanahan.



Masa Guna:
Mulai 5 jam selepas bersalin
Bila keluar sahaja anak, terus makan remedi ini. Remedi ini membantu menyembuhkan rasa sakit sakit, menghentikan darah, mencegah sakit meroyan, demam dan sakit kepala.




Masa Guna:
Mulai hari ke 2 selepas bersalin
Remedi istimewa menghilangkan sengal selepas bersalin dan bisa-bisa, sakit meroyan, menghentikan darah nifas, membetulkan urat-urat darah yang putus, menyusun semula alat peranakan dan menguatkan seluruh anggota itu.


Masa Guna:
Mulai hari ke 6 selepas bersalin
Remedi ini mempercepatkan rahim dan saluran peranakan mengecut semula. Mengangkat rahim kembali ke tempat asal. Mengurangkan simpul urat biru.




Masa Guna:
Mulai hari ke 7 selepas bersalin
Remedi tonik ini istimewa bagi memanaskan badan, menambah selera, membaiki penghadaman dan pembuangan najis. Menenangkan tidur. Menghilangkan kebas-kebas. Menyegarkan rahim dan alat peranakan.




Masa Guna:
Mulai hari ke 21 selepas bersalin hingga lepas pantang.
Remedi ini menjaga kesihatan lbu selepas bersalin sentiasa agar sihat; mengembalikan kekuatan, memulihkan alat perkelaminan. Menimbulkan kesegaran.


source : and

Day #11 // Favorite Things about this time of year

  • smell after the rain
  • my flat shoes
  • getting present for my daughter birthday
  • cream and fudge ice cream
  • birthday cake
  • Terra Nova
  • my pregnancy journal
  • unipin black pen
  • colouring apps for ipad

Thursday, November 10, 2011

the best gift I ever received….

This month is all about giving and gratitude. The project love me kit is called iGive.

Prompt 46: Best Gift Ever
What is the best gift you have ever received? What is the best gift you have ever given?

Here are my layouts

giftfromtheheart-web thebestgift-web

Come and take a look at  my previous layout  for this project here. I can’t believe that we are already in the month of November. So many things happened to me this year, some I would love to cherish and some I would love to forget.

Day # 10:// At this moment...

* I am waiting for my breakfast
* I am wondering why he didn't call
* I can't get Terra Nova out of my head. I just love the show
* I am thankful for my kids
* I am glad to be out of the office for a change
* I wonder what 2012 holds for me
* I am sipping teh tarik while updating my blog
* I play with Instagram a lot
* With the things that I know, I have the feeling that 2012 will be a lot different than 2011 for sure
* I am still hoping and praying that my life will be better

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Things that matter most

It’s time to play with all the beautiful kits I bought during DSD weekend. Wow! What a week! I am still downloading a few more kits from the store.

I am going to start with Collab: Things that  matter Most by Lilypad Designers. Such a beautiful kit and I got this one for free! Isn’t that amazing!


thismoment-web precious-web

Day #9 // Weekend Plans

I love weekend. All I want to do is stay in and just relax
  • sleep in
  • clean my closet – take stock and inventory of what’s in and what’s out
  • catch up on TV shows
  • taking my weekly photos
  • thinking about what my next move will be
  • try to enjoy food

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Scrapper Love // mommy2boyz

Life has been pretty busy these past few days. Nothing seems normal anymore. Suddenly I am on this road that is going no where. I am always having nightmare. Every night is the same thing. This pregnancy really heighten my worries. So many things going through my mind at the moment and I am really scared.

When that happened, I usually think about scrapping and the  digital scrapping world and suddenly I feel happy and fine. I wish everyday is digital scrapbook day.

Anyway in all of these madness, I get to escape into these beautiful world of scrapbooking. Looking at all these beautiful layouts really help me escape the reality of my life. So for this week find, I  choose mommy2boyz gallery. I just love her style.





Notes: all images are linked for credit.

see my previous pick here, here and here for inspiration and eye candy.

Today is all about you: Happy Nine Birthday

happy9thBirthday01 happy9thBirthday02 happy9thBirthday03
I just can’t believe that nine years ago I gave birth to this cute and adorable girl. She totally change my life. So happy birthday my darling daughter, may you be the best you can be and be good always.

I just can’t believe it’s Tuesday!

How was everybody weekend? Do you have fun shopping? I know I did. So many beautiful kits for grabs at a low price.
And Christina has a grab bag special for the DSD weekend. Take a look at this fabulous grab bag.
And this is a layout I made using the grab bag.
Inspiration from W3 ladies
From Chris

From Joyleen

From Erica

From Gail

From Linda

Day #8 // Things that remind me of my childhood

  • polo candy
  • tom and jerry cartoon
  • Disney cartoon
  • Who’s the Boss
  • Charlie’s Angel
  • Michael Jackson songs
  • Charles in charge
  • Growing Pains
  • Kirk Cameron
  • Donny and Marie
  • netball
  • bicycle
  • cotton candy
  • staying at my parent’s house
  • going back at my hometown
  • milk and cookies
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