Saturday, September 17, 2011

5 Places I go for Inspiration

I have been feeling sick and uninspired since a few weeks ago. Nothing I do seems to be good enough. I lost the passion for scrapping and even blogging. So I decided to take a day off yesterday from turning on my lappy and post random things. I spend most of the day resting, watching movies and reading.

Today I was ready to be in front if my computer and start scrapping and blogging again. So the first five places I go for jumpstart my mood and inspire me are as follows….. I just love these blogs / forums.


#1) A Beautiful Mess

I always feel fresh and inspire after spending the time to read elsie’s blog. She is so creative and fill with amazing ideas.


#2) Digishoptalk

It is always great to spend time hanging out at digishoptalk forum and galleries. Some of my blogs ideas came from the forum at digishoptalk


#3) the Daily digi

This is such a resourceful  place to be when you are looking for a new and creative ways to scraps. Lots of beautiful ideas to get you going.


#4) my words

Taking a peak at Amy’s life is something I did in a regular basis. I like reading her story, enjoy her family photos and follow her projects. I always feel motivated and inspire after every visit.


#5) Campfire Chic

I love lists. Even though I don’t really share Kam’s passion for camping and outdoor stuffs but I do share her passion for photography, blogging and lists.

Canon IXUS 220 .. delighting you always


Today out of the blue, I decided that I must have this beautiful Canon IXUS 220 camera as my second camera. I just want to have a portable and light camera for the whole family. My kids and me can enjoy for a long period of time or until they come out with “out of this world” new design.

Model: Canon IXUS 220
Price: RM799


I bought one in black just because they don’t have one in pink for this model and I like the texture of the black design.

These are the photos taken with this camera, straight out of the camera (SOOC) and with auto setting.






What did I think?
* I like the design, slim and light
* the price is very attractive.
* I like that Canon add a few creative artistic filters in this camera like Toy camera filter. I can’t wait to play with it.
* it is simple enough for my kids to operate
* I am not sure if I  will ever use the HD movie that comes with this camera but I like to have that option
* the shutter press is faster. This model comes with DIGIC 4 imaging processor

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I can’t live without color

I just can’t remember the first time I discover colors. As far as I can remember I’ve always love colors and can’t live without  it. Somehow the right color seems to lift up my mood.
So it’s natural for me to have a range of colors as far as makeup is concern. Hence the new eye shadows from Miss Rose. I’ve never tried this brand before, so far I really like the color. I bought  two of them at $30 each.
new-eyeshadow-03 new-eyeshadow-02 This is me playing around with the color new-eyeshadow-01
I think these colors match with any outfit. Somehow I don't really like to ware eye shadows that match exactly like my outfit. Mostly I love to wear pink with a touch of blue and brown.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wednesday Fun

I am on leave from work for the rest of the  week but this afternoon I make a special appearance at my office for “Jamuan Hari Raya  BPM”

The food wasn’t bad but I just can’t eat a lot of them. I took my kids with me cause they didn’t have school today.


bpmraya_2011_05 bpmraya_2011_07

Some random things about today…
* I received some weird message today
* reacquainted with some old friends
* a lot of photography session
* wishing that everyday feels like today… relax and happy
* re-watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S just because I missed them


It was so much fun to dress up and be pretty. I just wish that I can feel as pretty as I look.

Mode: so many things to think about and so many  plans to make

Crazy for fonts // Sue’s hand

Today I would like to highlight a handwriting font called Sue’s Hand.
This font is available for free at Free Premium Fonts. To download click here.
This  is my layout using the above font.
today-web Credit: Urban Princess Kit by Studio Flergs.
I hope you enjoy my font selections for today.

hari raya with iphone

My office had an open office for Hari Raya this afternoon. It was an annual event which every department will do to celebrate Eid Mubarak. I went to the office even though I am on leave.

These photos were taken around my office area using my iphone. It was so much fun!

More to come…..TUNGGU…..

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Quick Page and feeling cozy

Since this week Christina didn’t have any new kits, I would love to showcase her old kit called feeling cozy. It’s a beautiful kit with lots of elements related to home, homey, comfy and feeling safe.

I made this Quickpage from Feeling Cozy kit especially for you to get you started. Download click here or on the image. Enjoy!


This is my layout with the above QuickPage


Have a great and creative Monday

Scrapper Love // helenh

Good luck to all the UPSR candidates today. May Allah bless them all.

It’s time for another showcase by another  talented lady in digital scrapbook world. So many beautiful and inspiring layouts all over. Today I choose helenh and her gallery at Oscraps.







** all images are linked for credit

Monday, September 12, 2011

Kit showcase: May Flower

Beautiful Flower Kit called May Flower  from Maria Designs. Available at Sunshine Studio  Scraps.

“A wonderful springy kit, with 14 papers, 86 elements and 3 alphas including upper and lower case letters as well as numbers and some signs “ excerpt from product description.


Inspiration from the girls



And this is from me


5 tips for mother with a UPSR kid

Tomorrow all Standard 6 Students will take a UPSR exams. It's a 5 subject examination that will detetmine which high school that will go to next year... So for the parents especially the mother will usually take three days off to suppory their kids.

5 tips that you can do the night before the exam....
1. Kiss and hugs your kid
2. Pray and Doa' for him
3. Remind him of all the things he has to bring to school tomorrow
4. Make sure he has plenty of rest
5. Be there for him, answer any question he may have

The most important thing is just be there for them and forgive them.

note: don't show him that you are worry or nervous.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

I don't really have the energy to...

... open my computer and do some layouts
.... brainstorm blogs ideas
.... take my DSLR camera and snapped a few photos
.... vacum my house
..... get myself lost in cyber world

I really really miss..,
# my old self
# feeling healthy and fill with energy
# so much passion for blogging
# I can't stop taking photos
# my favorite hang out at digital scrapbook forum
# digital scrapbook was the only thing I thought about
# exerise was my passion
--// i just can't wait for all these uneasyness to pass and I'll be my old self again..

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