Saturday, July 23, 2011

This what kept me busy

Just to let you know that this weekend I will be a bit busy. I am at Langkawi for work and right now we are generating income for the local. I will upadate more later tonight. I am having a blast!

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List # 16 // Places to see in your town

I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. If you get a chance to come for a visit there’s so many interesting place to see.
  • shopping heaven – a lot  of great shopping malls
  • KL Tower
  • Putrajaya – beautifully  design town
  • Museum
  • KLCC PetroScience
  • KL Central – lots of handmade design
  • Aquaria
  • Titiwangsa Park

Friday, July 22, 2011

When life gives you lemon

Embracing the moment has been my mantra lately. This is me making lemonade:

# only great things happened when I stepped outside the door
# I'm getting strong every time a humongous wave hit me
# I am totally self aware about my flaws and that makes me more human
# I try not to be dishonest with myself
# Creativity is the most amazing talent to have. Never a dull moment

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List #15 // On My Shopping List

What’s on my shopping list?
I only did my groceries shopping on Sunday… This what I got
  • H&L Milk
  • a bottle of fresh orange
  • Dutch Lady Low Fat Milk – 6 small packs
  • Nestle Fitness Cereal
  • Firming Night Cream – Loreal
  • grapes, apples and bananas
  • Peanuts
  • tissue

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I think my love for all things photoshop starts to bloom again! I’ve been hunting some beautiful actions on the net and I am so happy I found this action. Thank you Mindy for this beautiful action. Download them for free here.

this action will only work on versions of Photoshop CS3-CS5

I use this action with Adobe Photoshop CS5





I just love how the action makes the color so vibrant and beautiful

List #14 // Things I love about ……….

Today list is fill in the blank kind of list and today’s prompt is Things I love about Facebook
  • Meet old friends
  • connected with people with the same interest
  • get inform on the latest trend and issue
  • update on what’s your family is up too
  • meet new friends
  • a great place to promote your blog and ideas
  • easier and faster way to share with your friends and family

Johorean + Arabic Ritual?? // another wedding photos

Among all the Malay wedding in Malaysia, I think Johorean style is much more fun and fill with all kinds of ritual; either it’s on the bride side or the groom side.

Here we have a ritual called “Menyambut Menantu” (welcoming the daughter in law to the family). The mother of the groom will welcome the couples with zam zam water, raisins and honey (usually something sweet).

faizbp007 faizbp005 faizbp003 faizbp004 faizbp006 I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoy taking them. It has been a long time since I was a wedding photographer and I forgot how fun and tired it was all at the same time.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Introducing Firzara Exclusive

You might feel down and you might feel stressful but when you wore something that complements your personality, everything can changed! It's amazing how an outfit can really make you feel good about yourself.
That's how Firzara Exclusive will make you feel.

Alive, confidence and fabulous!


Firzara Exclusive is an online fashion boutique which focus on latest trend. The materials in Firzara Exclusive is hand pick with love from the selection of high quality imported fabrics and the clothing is exclusively design by me. The Firzara Exclusive clothing line will make you feel comfortable, unique and stylish at the same time. It is suitable for all Muslimah who wants an outfit which is different, stylish and makes you feel beautiful and confidence. Firzara Exclusive is proudly made in Malaysia."  excerpt from Firzara Exclusive online fashion boutique

List #13 // DIY I want to try

This is a bit tough making a list of things I wanted to do it myself. I’m not really the kind of girl who really likes to make something from scratch. If I really really have the time, I think I would make these…. 
  • making my own at home photo studio
  • Scrapbook Album
  • my own clothing
  • handbag
  • ear rings

the wedding // getting ready

Wordless Wednesday and the wedding story continues IMG_2369 IMG_2357 IMG_2362 IMG_2370

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Scrapper Love // Nixxie

Once I decided to hunt down scrappers galleries I discover really beautiful creations out there. So for today I choose Nixxie’s Gallery to showcase in today’s scrapper love segment.





SweetDreams211** all images are link for credits

Another fun kit // Crafty Me

Happy Tuesday everyone! Without realizing it we are already almost at the end of July. This month has been so much fun ride for me. I felt like life is really moving in a fast lane.
This week Christina release her fun Crafty Me kit, which is available at Scrapmatters. There are so many fun ways to scrap with Crafty Me like in this previous post.
Crafty Me
I used this kit to scrap about my love for cupcake..
More inspiration from W3 team
From Joyleen:

From Joyleen:

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

List #12 // Weekly Ritual

My Weekly Ritual
  • Blogging around 8 – 11 pm daily
  • Check work email every morning
  • sending my  daughter to school every morning
  • eat pizza once a week
  • browse through google reader list every morning
  • blogwalking every afternoon

Monday, July 18, 2011

g list : 18.07.2011

Last time I did this was in May. It has been quite a while since the last time I count my blessing. So ……

My heart beats for you

Today I am grateful for……………

  • the sun still rise in the morning
  • I still have a job to go to and to complain about
  • Hipstamatic
  • Pretty Little Liars to keep me guessing what is going to happen next
  • Ayu cause time with her was definitely adventurous
  • I still can hugs and kiss my kids
  • I got a chance to witness my baby brother got married
  • I have a new sister in law
  • iphone 4 still amaze me
  • I still have the will and the desire to be a better version of myself
  • the freedom to dream about ipad 2

So what is your g-list right now?

List #10 // Wishlist


Wonderful You // Kit Showcase

I am a bit late promoting this beautiful kit due to the fact that I have a very hectic weekend. Hopefully there is still time for you to grab this kit at 30% off. This beautiful kit is called Wonderful You by HotFalsh Designs. Available at Sunshine Studio Scraps.


I just love the color and the flower elements in this kit. It feel fresh and happy.

This is a layout I did using the above kit.


List #11 // Date Night List

It has been a really long time since I went out on a real date. If I am planning one, this would be the things I would really enjoy.
Date Night List
walking in a park, taking photos of us, eat ice cream, watch a romantic movie, exchange gifts, hanging out at coffee shop and discuss about random things….

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Contest: I ♥ Blogging

I decided to join this contest just for the fun of it and to support adik syida.

Ok moving on to the contest...
I love Blogging because:
# I can express myself freely
# I can learn html coding faster when I wanted to change something
# I can make friends with the same interest
# Somehow sharing my life experience gives me a sense of accomplishment
# and most of all, it beats talking to myself... Heheh

Hipstamatic weekend

It's a long Sunday for me. I woke up so early in the morning and I haven't take any naps on between. I just didn't really get a chance to cross out any of my weekend list except for True Blood marathon.
Here are my weekend in Hipstamatic point of view://

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Once Upon A Time



I found these photos while I was organizing my albums and bookcase. 1992 was such a long time ago. I really love those times when the only thing on my mind was to pass my exams. I was so young and naive about a lot of things.

My fashion style definitely changed a bit but one thing remain the same is I still love to wear jeans. I can never get enough of it-- Levis and Guess are still my fave.

The computer that I used back then was very big. I think this is the time before Microsoft. If I'm not mistaken I was using Sun Unix..and Macintosh for word processing. My love for computer never dies. It gets stronger each day.
A lot has changed since then like notebook, digital camera, mobile phone, mp4 player, broadband and computer definitely has changed. They are getting lighter, compact and cheaper each year.

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