Saturday, July 2, 2011

just a little updates

-- everything went according to plan
-- I am in the middle of processing some photos from today event
-- being the sister of the groom is a bit overwhelming for me
-- I just can’t believe that my little brother is married
-- I love the theme color
-- I am happy that I got a chance to meet my aunts and cousins
-- the cake looks yummy
-- I love the apple green color of my baju kurung with a touch of pink
-- looking forward to day second ceremony and reception at my side of the family
got to go now.. will update more with some wedding photos to share
one more thing before I go… special digital layout for my brother

Friday, July 1, 2011

10 things you need to know about woman

Hey my baby brother is getting married today!

Dear faiz,
It is hard for me to compute that today you will become a husband. It's a big resppnsibilty. In my eyes you will always be my little baby.
I just wanted to share with you a few tips when you live with a woman. The things I want you to learn about woman in random order---

* be patient with her because woman emotions are unpredictable
* accept her for who she is- the good and the bad
* love her unconditionally not when it's convenient for you
* treat her with respect cause she deserves it
* call her just to let her know you love her not because you want to lecture her
* focus more on what she did do not on what she didn't do
* show loving gesture daily
* hugs her when she is upset, don't rush to solve the problem
* don't make drastic decision without consulting her
* don't lie to her just because you can, once the trust is broken it can never really heal..

I hope everything goes well. Today will be the first day of the rest of your life.

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Project Love // Finding a new look for me

These are a few styles I’ve been trying out for the past few weeks. I am not really sure which one fit me best. I need something simple, fresh and yet elegant.

look good in black hello Tuesday. i have a feeling that today is going to be a great day Trying another new look Sometimes I just wonder

today I intend to...

-- talk less
-- take more photos
-- read at least 5 pages of the girl who played with fire
-- hugs my kids for 5 minutes
-- Update blog and tumblr
-- make at least one layout
-- exercise for at least 30 minutes
-- blog hopping to new blogs
-- design my business card
-- plan for my next blog entry

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

10 things you can do right now

In the spirit of Wordless Wednesday, I am going to share with you tips or things you can do right now to just capture your everydayness
If you are stuck for ideas on what to capture today, just browse through this lists for ideas. Sometimes you might be surprise on the things you can capture around you.

#1. Take photos of ordinary things around you
#2. Zoom in—go macro on ordinary things

#3. Look up and zoom in on your lighting system

#4. Play with colors

#5. Focus on an activity. Take a photo of the activities of what other family members are doing right now
#6. Your favourite night time friend
#7. What are you doing right now.
#8. Your most essential toys right in front of you
#9.Things you can see right in front of you
#10. Parts of your body – other than your face
Have fun capturing things all around you.

Oh My God! Oh My God!!! -- Nigel Barker in Malaysia

I just wish I have the money and the luxury of time to be there! I really like his style and his point of view. So so beautiful!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It hurts so damn much!

It has been awhile since the last time I did a reflexology treatment. Oh boy! Every inch of the points hurts. I just can't believe how fragile my internal systems are. I can't wait for it to be over!

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Scrapper Love // Scrapshabby

It’s Tuesday again and it’s exactly one week after my big four zero milestone. So far I am feeling good about it and enjoying my life.

For today segment is all about scrappers . The girls who turn a kit into masterpiece. So for today, I choose Scrapshabby’s work from Scrapbookgraphics gallery. Enjoy!






** all images are link for credit

Monday, June 27, 2011

40 lessons I’ve learned in my 40 years

I turned 40 last week and I think it’s about time I document all the things I’ve learned and pick up along the way. ( this post was inspired by this entry)

Back in April I wrote 14 lessons I want my boy to learn. This entry is all about the things I learned and the mistakes I made through out the years.  I hope my kids and all the young ladies out there who is discovering themselves can benefits from my experience.


the 40 lessons so far….

#1.  Believe in Allah – no matter what happened to you, always believe that Allah has plan for you

#2.  When it comes to love, never settle for less.

#3. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. That’s how you learned. Don’t repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

#4. Know what you want and go for it. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. As long as it’s base on Al-Quran and Hadith, go for it.

#5.  Never miss your daily solah. That’s how you make sure you remember Allah daily

#6.  Running is the best exercise out there! Your whole body feels it! Never stop running. You are never too old to run

#7.  Have a hobby. Having something to do just for fun and pure pleasure gives you the outlet that you need to release stress.

#8.  Don’t stop reinventing yourself. Always be a better version of yourself. You can always give more.

#9.  Don’t let a man take over your life. You can be married but never loose yourself in the marriage

#10. When it’s time to settle down, make sure you find someone who accept you for who you are.

#11. Make your own money. That’s the only way to ensure independence.

#12. Make yourself see life through the eyes of the glass is half full , rather than the glass is  half empty.

#13. Embrace imperfection cause there’s no such thing as perfect

#14. Read, read, read. Never stop reading cause your brain needs them.

#15. Be creative in every expect of your life.

#16. Never stop learning. It’s the only way to survive in today’s world. Learn and teach freely.

#17. Pray (Doa’)- This is what makes us different than other religion. Doa is our weapon.

#18. Write

#19. Recite Al-Quran daily. Never stop. You might not understand it but it’s important for your soul.

#20. Fasting is the only way to control your desire. Fast when ever you can outside Ramadhan.

#21. Life is more than just a destination, it’s a journey. Enjoy the ride, learn as many things as you can and don’t worry too much

#22. Recite Al-Fatihah as much as you can daily. It’s help you to set your mind to the right path

#23. Count your blessing daily. It’s the only way to ensure that you be grateful for what you have and focus on what you don’t have

#24. When it comes to buying things, go for what makes your heartbeat  faster. It makes you enjoy them much longer

#25. Being different is ok. Don’t comply to the norm cause I don’t. It might be difficult and people might think you are crazy but originality will last longer than copycat.

#26. You are never too old to enjoy pink

#27.  Staying healthy and staying slim is a hard work. Never stop taking care of yourself. Don’t expect other people to take care of you. When the loves stop so does the taking care part

#28. Love yourself more. Don’t do things that will destroy yourself spiritually, mentally and physically

#29.  Spend more time with your kids. The window you have with them is very limited. When it’s gone it will be gone forever

#30.  Be careful of what you put out there on digital world. People might forget but Google never forgets

#31. Spend at least two hours a day internet and computer free. Be presence in the real world

#32.  Have as many friends as possible but choose your friends wisely. Good friend will help and support you but bad friends will bring you down.

#33. Between mother and friends, always choose mother.

#34. Think before you do and think before you press enter

#35.  Put your heart and your soul in everything you do. Never do things half heartedly.

#36. You are what you eat. So eat wisely and choose halal product all the time

#37.  When it comes to pleasing everybody, don’t do it. You can’t please everyone.

#38.  Quality sleep is much more important than quantity of sleep. Make sure you get the rest that you need daily

#39. Don’t be afraid to grow old. It’s just mean that you are a lot wiser and have a lot more experience

#40. Free your mind from unnecessary things. You can easily get overflow with information and it’s harder for your brain to process. Focus on one thing at time and filter things that you don’t need.


Out of this World and a Quickpage

It's Monday and life is pretty hectic for me today.It's almost the end of the day and I just got a chance to be in front of my computer. I am going to make this entry sweet and simple. Today it's all about Out of this World- a new kit by Wimpychompers Creations. This kit is available for boys and girls. Available at Scrapmatters.
This is a layout I made using the kit - the boy version.

And this is the quickpage for you to play around with. This kit has so many beautiful elements and clip arts to choose from. So versatile and cute!
To download click here.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

My love affair is put to a test!

I just can't believe that when I needed you the most, you are not here to entertaint me! I am so disappointed and I feel lost! Life doesn't seems right without you.

That is basically how I feel at this moment when I wanted to upadate my blog and my streamyx is out. My backup line which is maxis broadband doesn't work as fast as I would have like at home. Somehow the maxis connection seems to drop right here. I am hoping that my mobile phone will rescue me from this heartache...
Some Sunday Hipstamatic to the rescue.....

Hoping and praying that tomorrow the service will be back on....

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Lookbook Style// Reinventing myself–the headcover and the style

I’ve been trying this different look with different head cover for awhile now. I am still looking for a style that fits me – which is casual, relax, modern and not too old all at the same time. It has been difficult finding your look to fit your age. I plan to reinvent the 40’s look to make it current, stylish and not too old.

These are a few styles I’ve been looking into

With Pink ShawlHorey For Life Wish me luck!! Maybe Firzara can help me out here..

Sweet Sunday morning and I like it!!!

I just love the sound and the smell of Sundays morning. So calm and relax without having to rush out the door to go to work.

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