Saturday, May 7, 2011

It feels wierd that....

I didn't get a chance to blog today. Life is a bit busy and hectic today.
Some random things on my mind at the moment are....
I watched the Vampire Diaries today and I am a bit sad that they killed off Jenna. I hope that is not the last episode of the season.

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Friday, May 6, 2011

I am so happy to just stay in

This is the best place to be to unwind after the whole day at work. Just me, my remote and the Vampire Diaries. I really hope there's a cure for Damon.

I decided to take a little break from obsessing with updating my blog and thinking about it. I got a few ideas about the things I wanted to blog about. I just need a few moment to think about which angel to blog about. The issue has been bugging me for a few weeks now and I think People need to think about it more and analyze what when wrong.

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Friday Pleasure Speedlinking -- 06.05.2011

Friday is always one of my favorite day of the week. It means that tomorrow is a holiday and I can do what ever I want without datelines. Only doing things I love and enjoy. Pure happiness.


There’s so many interesting posts around the cyber world and my blog list these last few days . So here are the 10 posts  I would like to share. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 5 Performance

Not the top 5 I would have predict a few months back: Lauren, James, Jacob, Scotty and Haley. I honestly thought that Pia will be one of them.image
Anyway, overall I am a happy with tonight performance. I think it should be obvious who would go home tomorrow. I predict it’s Jacob. I think compare to the other contestant Jacob performance was a bit week for me. I am really happy with Hailey second performance. I really hope she will be in the top four because her voice is so unique. As always Scotty, Lauren and James gave one of a kind performance, each with their own elements. I will definitely buy all of their albums!

May desktop freebies from Shabby Princess

It’s May and it’s time to pimp your desktop with this beautiful May desktop wallpaper from Shabby Princess.


Click here to download.

10 things I learned about scrapbooking

I’m having an on and off relationship with digital scrapbooking since 2000. I got really serious in this hobbies around 2007. Every since that day, I am totally hooked and there’s no turning back.

Here are 10 thing I’ve learned about scrapbooking

#1) Everyone of us is creative. Before scrapbooking I have never consider myself as a creative person. This hobby really thought me that creativity is everyone birth right

#2) Not every layout has to be a masterpiece


#3) Inspiration is everywhere. Anything can be an inspiration like music, movie posters, magazines, books, Glee or cupcakes cafe. The inspiration is endless

#4) Take a lot of photos especially the details of your day to day lives.

#5) There’s no right or wrong way to make a scrapbook page


#6) Scrapbooking is an evolving art. That’s basically the reason why I never get bored with it.

#7) Scrapbooking is therapeutic activity. It really helps me get through tough times. Life is so much better when I am in that world.

#8) Collect phrases, quotes and favorites sayings for my scarpbook page. It really helps a lot when I am lost for words.

#9) I learned Adobe Photoshop faster during the creation of a scrapbook page.

#10) This hobby really helps me see things differently.


this boy turns 14 today : 05.05.2011

Fourteen (14) years ago today, I became a mother for the first time to this beautiful baby boy. It was exciting and scary all at the same time. I love him dearly.

Now today, he turns fourteen, a teenager with his own opinion, quirks and characters. I hope you will remember my 14 lessons I want you to learn. Respect others and always think before you act.


I love you with all my heart and I always want you to be happy and follow your dreams.


(you at the age of 7.. Wow! that was a long time ago)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

while waiting for my number to be call

I spend my time blogging
Check my email
Tweet for a bit
Do a little bit of day dreaming
Wondering why there's so many people at the clinic
It is so damn hot! What happened to the aircond?
The number now is 4368 and mine is 4603 hemmm
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Another Random Wednesday

* I am so hungry at this moment
* life is a bit hectic at the moment
* So stress out just thinking about it
* meetings all the way today

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Crazy for Fonts: Pea Cathi

It’s another Wednesday and it’s time for hunting new fonts for you  scrapping needs. Today font is called Pea Cathi from kevinandamanda site. I really love handwriting font and I’ve collected a lot of the years. So far this is my favorite. To download click here or on the image.


This is a layout I made using the above font with iGrow kit by Ziggle Designs and Suzy Q , available at ScrapOrchard Store.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

take a peek at my daily beauty ritual

Over the years, I’ve used a lot of different product for my daily beauty ritual. I’ve tried Clinique, Loreal, SKII, Estee Lauder, RoC and even tired Olay. My product changes according to my current needs and current budget. Anyway of all the products I used I’ve always come back to Loreal.

Since early this year, I kept my ritual simple and very minimum. I use Loreal, Clean & Clear and Body Shop. So far I am happy with the results because I don’t have pimples problem anymore.


  • Clean & Clear daily pore cleanser
  • Clean & Clear essential oil-control toner
  • Natrulif Firming Serum – Body Shop
  • Revitalift double lifting – Loreal
  • Natrulif Firming day  Cream – Body Shop
  • Vitamin E Moisture Cream – Body Shop
  • Naturlif Firming Night Cream – Body Shop
  • Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream – Body Shop
  • Revitalift Eye Cream – Loreal
  • Vitamin E Sink in Moisture Mask – Body Shop

Apparently all the products I used are Firming and lifting ..heheh hopefully it helps a bit.

Scrapper Love : hutchie–> 03.05.2011

It’s another lovely Tuesday here in Malaysia. I spend a few minutes browsing through digital scrapbook galleries for some inspiration this May.

I stumble upon hutchie galleries at digiscrappersbrasil and I am totally in love with her style. Enjoy!





greatest daughter




Have a great and happy Tuesday everyone! Wish me good luck ok. I don’t know why lately my boss keep getting on my case. I really hate that. I don’t enjoy my work and don’t really know how to bring joy back. I used to love it.

Monday, May 2, 2011

It’s a holiday and Mix a Kit May

I am so in love with the holiday on Monday! Yeah!! No work and no worries. I am a bit behind with my blogging because I went back to my hometown to visit my parents, so I am a bit lazy to blog. Anyway now the holiday is almost over and I am a bit sad to see it gone. Oh boy!

Anway, today I would like to showcase these new product from Wimpychomper’s Creations. It’s Mix a kit May. Each sold separately at Scrapmatters. Images are clickable to the store.



This is my layout using the above elements, alphas and elegant journals with papers from team cheer gold kit.


And these are from W3 Girls

by Chris                                                         by Linda

image   image

by jdco27                                          by missime

image     image

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kit showcase: Feminine Touch

May is here and as always Sunshine Studio has a beautiful treat for all of you. It’s a Sunshine Studio collabs kit called A Feminine Touch. It is a huge kit with lots of beautiful flowers and beautiful papers for all your scrapbook needs. Hurry up grab them at this low low  price $3.00 (50% off).

A Feminine Touch

And this is my layout using the above kit


And these are from Sunshine Sweeties to get you inspired

by Jill                                              by Casey


by Jennifer                                      by Sugar & Spice


Have a fun and creative Monday!!!

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