Saturday, April 23, 2011

tips to a better journaling: Series #2 Statistics

This is the second journaling series. Last time I wrote all about Sensory overload. Check out Series #1 for inspiration on journaling.


And today’s Journaling Prompt
#2) Statistics
What is your full name as it appears on your birth certificate?
How old are you today?
Where were you born?
What is your eye color?
Do you have scars? How do you got them?
Do you have any nicknames?
What are your children names?
If you could have chosen your name, what would it have been?
Where do you work? Do you enjoy your work?
What is your status? – single, widow, in a relationship, it’s complicated
Were you named after anyone?
Do you have any siblings? What are their name and ages?

Other than great for journaling on your scrapbook, these questions is also great for your blog post. Your reader might be interested to know a little facts about yourself.

How old are you today?

Ah.. interesting question. I think way back when.. women were a bit sensitive when asked about their age. Not anymore. Today, most women are not secretive about their age. Hemm why is that?

Back to the question, I am 39 years old today. I’ll be 40 in June. I’m not really sure how I feel right now about turning 40. Am I a lot wiser than I was last year? Is life really begins at 40? Is 40 the new 20?

One thing for sure, if I could be 20 again, I will make sure she learns these:

  • don’t marry someone just because he is there.
  • don’t be afraid to fall in love
  • have the guts to follow your dream
  • enjoy your college years as much as you can
  • don’t be afraid to be happy

Kit showcase: Garden Symphony

Introducing Garden Symphony by Jennifer Schmitt. Available at Sunshine Studio Scraps at 30% off till Sunday.

Garden Symphony

This is my layout using the above kit


And these are some inspiration from CT girls

garden symphony

garden symphony




“OK.. untuk join , mudah jer ... Aku malas nak peningkan kepala korang.. heheh .. Sila buat satu entri khas ...

Sapa yang boleh join ? Blog yang punya FOLLOWER di bawah 1000 sahaja ..
Letak header ben ashaari blog
Tajuk : BEN ASHAARI CARI BLOG LAH ! dan linkkan ke entri ini ..
Satu soalan mudah .. Siapa yang mempengaruhi anda untuk membuat blog dan  Siapakah sumber inspirasi anda ? Buat dalam 100 patah perkataan , dalam 4 perenggan ..
Tu je la eh.. ke nak aku tambah lagi ? hahaha ..”
excerpt from

If you want to join go here.


Siapa yang mempengaruhi anda untuk membuat blog ( someone who inspired you to start bloggin)

Originally I blogged because I wanted to document my life for the sake of my children. Safe to say because of my children I blogged. I wanted my children to know me from my point of view. Long after I’m gone, hopefully they will read my blog and remember me for who  I  am , a working mother, a life artist, a photographer, a woman and so much more.

After a while my blog has evolved from personal diary to things I like, digital scrapbook, photography and life lesson in general. Hopefully not only my children but younger generation can learn something from me. My blog is a legacy I want to left behind.

Siapakah sumber inspirasi anda ( who is your inspiration?)

I usually get inspired by Fliffy, Elsie, Emy and Ali Edwards . These are the blogs I read for inspiration either for digital scrapbook idea or ideas for blogging.

I am also inspired by the story from Juliahoneyshakes, Ben Ashaari, Nisa and yuyu zulaikha. There’s something about them that keeps me coming back.


I feel like the blogging world in Malaysia has evolved from the pleasure of writing into something people do because they can, without having any objectives other than fame and fortune. It has become so competitive and political. Somehow people forgot to have fun. Blogging should be fun. It should be the creative outlet for people to express themselves. ~~ something to think about ~~~

the dare! 10 million dollars ??

Looking for a new and fun way to scraps? How about doing this challenge host by Digi Dare

If I had 10 million dollars

Dare Flair:
- you must use the colour green somewhere on your page
- a photo is optional, but if you choose to use it, it has to be more than one.
- use at least 2 patterned and 2 solid papers.
- I want to see some round shapes somewhere on your page
- use stitches, frames and buttons. The amount and where you going to place those things is up to you.
- journaling is mandatory
- finally, the most important : HAVE FUN!!” ~~~ source Digi Dares


This week challenge is what  would you do if you had 10 million dollars? Ah.. the things I would do if I don’t have  to think about money anymore. Hemm do I dare to dream that big! Wow! 10 million! Where do I start?

  • Quite my job is the first thing I do
  • save some of them and forget about it
  • of course travel the world – Rome, Paris, South Africa, United Kingdom and many more
  • set up an internet business and let it generate money automatically
  • open my dream cafe – cupcakes, romance books, internet, digital scrapbook class, pink deco – basically a place where girls / ladies can go to have fun a feel better about themselves
  • I probably won’t need a big house, just pay all my debts and hire Interior designer to make my home fit my style
  • write a book
  • learn new things

This is my take on this dare10millions-web

Credit: iLive  Kit and template by Ziggle Designs and Suzy Q. Available at Scrap Orchard

So what would you do if you won 10 million dollars? Share with me your dream, paste your blog post in this entry and you might win a special prize from me. Do you dare to dream big?

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Pleasure Speedlinking–22.04.2011

It’s Friday and things doesn’t seem to slow down a bit. I am so glad that the week is finally over. I’m really looking forward to my lovely weekends.

There’s so many posts appear in my blog list today and I would like to share 10 posts that caught my eyes. Enjoy!

  • If you love blogging late at night then check out this tips from Ben Ashaari.
  • I love the tutorial on understanding Aperture from the Daily Digi photography segment. Now I understand what aperture is all about.
  • Yuyu Zulaikha tips on Buffered Earning. Very insightful and really helps bloggers to generate more income.
  • I can’t barely remember the feeling of being newly wed. It was such a long time ago. She reminded me of how wonderful the feeling was. Congratulation to Ailylrozana .
  • the g list.. I like the idea of making my own g list.
  • I love all the layouts they choose for April 21st Gallery Standouts. I am inspire and motivated to scraps tonight.
  • Keeping my weight off has been a challenge. I like her 5 ways to keep weight management simple. I think living a stressful life can do more harm to keep your weight off.
  • this really looks delicious. Always a pleasure reading her blog.
  • If you wanted to learn more about running a business, check out Elsie & Ema Dream Job Course. I did take a course from them – Blog Love – and it was so much fun.
  • I like conteng-conteng too and I might grab this book on my next visit to the bookstore. Thanks Lyla for the review!


Drop by my tumblr to enjoy beautiful things that I like and reblog anything that you like.

If you enjoy shopping online, visit Firzara’s Collection for the latest trend.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

21st century motherhood

Oh boy! The challenge of being a mother in 21st century is so damn high.

* mom worries if the kids go to school or not
* mom worries if the kids smoking or not
* mom worries if the kids get good grades or not
* mom worries if the kids are healthy or not
* mom worries if the kids eat or not

* mom worries when the kids are connected to the internet
* mom worries when the kids good grades are not enough to go to a great school
* mom worries when the kids keep asking when am I going to have a facebook account
* mom worries when kids play outside the house
* mom worries when kids stay lock up in their room
* mom worries  when kids can learn anything they want at their finger tips
* mom worries when the kids keep asking for a hand phone when they are only 8 years old
* mom worries when all they care about is playing computer games
* mom worries when the kids choose computer rather than reading a book

* mom worries when there’s nothing they can do to protect their kids from the world
* mom worries with what kind of people the kids will interact on cyberspace
* mom worries with what kind of information the kids will share on public domain
* mom worries if the kids can make the right choice / decisions when there’s so many too choose from

and.. I’m sure there’s many more that moms worry about right this minute. All I can do is guide them and pray that they will make the right choice.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I think? Double review

Limitless  StarStarStarStar


What I think?
#1) I love Bradley Cooper , that’s a plus and the reason I wanted to watch this movie
#2) What if a pill could make you smart? That’s really an intriguing concept.
#3) the storyline is interesting and keep me guessing till the end
#4) The movie really explore the things that you can do and achieve if you use 100% of your brain and things you can do with the knowledge than you can learned in a speed of light
#5) I highly recommend this movie

Scream 4   StarStarStarStar


What I think?

#1) I’ve contemplating whether to watch this movie on a big screen or not, since yesterday. I like Scream but never watched it on a big screen. At the end I decided to just watch it on a big screen
#2) It has a feel to the original Scream, given that they bring us back to Woodsboro, where it’s all started
#3) I wasn’t disappointed with this one, new decade new rules. It has a lot of surprises and a lot of screaming on my part
#4) If you are a Scream fan, you are going to love this movie

14 lessons for my 14 years old son

I saw this article and decided to make one for my son. Soon to be a 14 years old boy.
Dear Hazim,
You will be 14 this May. I am so proud of you. You’ve learned so much and you love effortlessly. I’ve always telling you or asking you to do things without properly explaining things to you. So here goes the lesson I wish and hope you will learn and understand.
#1)  Remember Allah always in everything that you do.
#2)  Pray 5 times a day, not for me but for Allah and for you
#3)  Recite Quran daily even though you don’t understand the meaning. It’s good for your soul
#4)  Don’t give in to peer pressure. Don’t be afraid to be different.
#5) Choose your friends wisely. Good friends will not let do things that will hurt you
#6) Always tell the truth. It's easier and it's good for your health
#7) Love and respect your mother. 
#8) Knowledge is the most powerful thing. Don't stop learning just because it's a school holiday
#9) Apologize . Don't be afraid to say "I'm sorry"
#10) Get in the habit of saving money. 
#11) Drink milk.You are never too old for milk
#12) Respect other people properties
#13) Do things that you love with passion and knowledge. If you are good, you might get paid for it
#14) I am always here for you. Don't be afraid to tell me anything, even though you might  think I do not understand

Senyum senyum tak perlu kata apa-apa

Senyum means Smile ….. It is simple, free and can easily boost your mood.
It’s not that hard though to offer…a smile

10 Reasons to Smile

1. It makes you attractive;

2. It changes your mood;

3. It is contagious;

4. It relieves stress;

5. It boosts your immune system;

6. It lowers your BP (blood pressures);

7. It releases endorphins (the natural pain killers) & serotonin (the natural anti-depressant);

8. It lifts the face & makes you look younger;

9. It makes you seem successful; and finally

10. It helps you stay positive…

What more important is that, smile evades misunderstanding

Natalie Portman smile

So what are you waiting for? Smile now , you don’t need a reason to smile

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

rindunye kat…


baby Damia. We meet last Sunday at our office family day. So adorable and cute like a doll. My daughter also loves to play with her. Urghh!! I think I might catch a baby fever again!

10 things why I love digital scrapping

I have been in scrapbooking world since I had my second child. That was in 1999. I used to buy lots and lots of papers, card stocks, color pens, scissors, buttons, ribbons and a lot more.

After I discover Photoshop and digital scrapbooking, I totally convert from a hybrid scrapper to a full time digital scrapper.

Here is why I would never go back to paper scrapping:

#1) All the things I need are in one place

#2) All I need is my laptop and my Photoshop

#3) Experiment new technique without any fear of making mistakes

#4) Environment friendly – no more unused paper laying around the  house.


#5) I only print what I want to print

#6) value for money – digital scrapbook supplies are more cheaper. I can reused the kit I bought over and over again.

#7) time saver – it took me less than a minute to get ready for scrapping


#8) Storage get lighter and compact. I don’t need a lot of space for all my digital scrapbook supplies, just my portable hard disk.

#9) No cleaning up after I’m done. I just need to saved my work and organized them properly in my hard disk for easy excess

#10) I can have multiple copies of my layouts and I can used them in any project I like ~ wall deco,desktop wallpaper, bookmark, greeting cards or make a photobook

The possibilities are endless. If you haven’t try digital scrapbook, give this art a try. You might like it.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Hanizeyecandy April Giveaway! kertas conteng

Hello , hello and a very happy evening to all. I am happy to announce the third week of my giveaway belongs to …..


Congratulations girl for taking part in my giveaway. She choose these photos..


And I turned them into this…


I hope she likes it..

If you want me to beautify your photo join my April giveaway. Just one more Saturday. For details click here. To see what I made for the previous winners click here and here.

Suddenly this happened!

I was so tired and uninspired today. I just don’t know how to makes everything fun at work. I wanted something exciting and different. The immediate boost would be … a fun photo shoot. We haven’t done this in a long time. It’s time to capture a few moments of what life looks like at the office.

funatwork08 me with Ayu and Zahrina funatwork07 troubleshooting application problem funatwork06 * me, Ayu, Wan and Emy

funatwork05 * Me, Ayu, Wan and Norfunatwork04 fun in my room funatwork03 reviewing my notes from this morning meeting funatwork01

Kit Showcase: Ariana’s Birthday

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you have a great weekend. Life is moving way too fast for me. My son will turn 14 this May. Wow! I still can remember vividly the day he was born, 14 years ago. Life was a bit different back then. Being a new mother was exciting and scary all at the same time.
Today I would like to showcase this kit called Ariana’s Birthday by Wimpychomper’s Creations.
image This is my layout using the above kit
And these are from W3 girls
by gail                                            by joy
Have a creative and great Monday!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kit Showcase: Beep Beep Zoom Zoom

I am a bit late updating my blog today. Sorry for that. I have a horrible headache since this afternoon and I felt like throwing up all day. Luckily tonight I am feeling a little bit better (hopefully). I am not sure if I’m up for this weekend giveaway. I might choose one either tonight or tomorrow.

Today I would like to showcase this kit called Beep Beep Zoom Zoom by Inspired Design. Available at Sunshine Studio Scraps.


This is my layout using the above kit

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