Saturday, April 9, 2011

Loving my weekends

I am just so in love with Saturday. Having no dateline and no schedule really makes me feel free. I do what I like and just enjoying every moment of it.
things I usually do in abundance are:* marathon any TV shows – this weekend is Criminal Mind
* blog hopping
* taking a nap
* tumblring
* making tons of digital scrapbook
* hunting for things related to scrapbook like fonts, actions, freebies
for today find, I would like to share this free word art from ScrapOrchard
This is my layout using the above word art.
Credit: Glorious Stacked Paper by Studio Miki. Available at scrapbookgraphics.

haniz-eyecandy giveaway take 2 : Congrates Firzara’s fairyland!

I decided to draw another lucky reader from my giveaway this month. I am feeling a bit generous and got some extra time to kill. Congrates to Firzara! Thanks for taking part in my giveaway.


So for those who want to join, you still have time. Go here to register.


I turned her wedding photos from these …….

DSC_0137 copyDSC_0195 copy

DSC_0167 copy

to this…. I hope she likes it. Enjoy!


Credit: Glorious Stacked Paper by Studio Miki. Available at scrapbookgraphics.

Kit showcase: Little Artist

Another great collections of new products at Sunshine Studio Scraps. I would like to showcase this new kit called Little Artist by Marie H Designs. It’s 30% off till Sunday.


This is my layout using the above kit


haniz-eyecandy giveaway : Congrates cikNaniezainudin!

Hello everybody! Today is Saturday and it’s time for me to choose one lucky reader who have registered to join my second giveaway. Today the lucky reader is Nanie of image

Thanks for joining my April giveaway. I might feeling inspired and motivated to make more layouts today. So I might choose another reader today and tomorrow. So for those who want to join, you still have time. Go here to register.

She choose this photo.


And I turned them into this. I hope she likes it.

giveawayhaniz-nanie-web Credit: Using Tuesday Morning Kit by Paper Bean Designs and Good-bye, Hello Alpha by Laughing Sun Designs . Available at Polka Dot Plum

Friday, April 8, 2011

Currents : 08.04.2011

listening: Man in a Mirror by Micheal Jackson
eating: nothing at the moment
drinking: oat drink
watching: Criminal Minds Season 3
feeling: sick and shocked. Watching all these crazy people on that show really makes me question everything
wanting: to be inspired
needing: more time in a day
thinking:  how to get paid doing things you love
enjoying:  my free time on Friday night
wondering: why America sent Pia home?
obsessing: Evernote – cool alternative to OneNote. It works seamlessly  with Android.

Result show.. Shocking!

I just can’t believe this girl was voted off! Seriously! I think the judge pull out their save card way too early.They should use it on Pia. Well anyway the damage is done and I think Pia carrier will bloom from here.
I am still glad that Scotty is still in the show. If he is voted off next week I will definitely stop watching the show all together.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday fun Quotes

"A blog is like a diary, but you want everyone to read it. Like if you get bad service at a restaurant, you blog it and then you get a free meal at that restaurant. But then you wonder, did they just lure me back here so they could spit in my food? So you blog that and then they take you to court." -  Laurie on Cougar Town Season 2.

That is such a fun Quote! I might make a layout out of it!


American Idol Top 9

This week, the Idols will sing music by artists who have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio.

Jacob: Man in a Mirror --- Wow! He sang it beautifully
Hailey: Piece of My Heart—I’m not sure about her. I like her voice but somehow I didn’t feel it
Casey: “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” – Another great performance from him.
Lauren : Natural Woman --- hemm not so sure,.. I think she was better last week
James :“While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” – I like his sensitive side. So soft and really touches me. I like it.
Scotty : “That’s Alright Mama.” – I really like this side of him
Pia:“River Deep Mountain High.” – Amazingly Beautiful as always. I just wish she dance and move more on the stage instead of just walking around.
Stefano: “When a Man Loves a Woman” – Finally I can feel him but I’m not really sure if it’s a strong performance.
Paul: “Folsom Prison Blues” – I have a mixed feelings about him. I really like his voice but I didn’t feel it.
Hailey and Paul gave me the uncertainty about them. It feels a bit awkward for me.
So my prediction for the bottom three are: Hailey, Lauren and Paul/Stefano (I’m can’t choose) hehehehe..

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Get this look : Holga effect

I was reading Creating Keepsake Magazine Mac/April 2011 edition and came across this need trick. The Holga effect using Photoshop.


Here’s how you do it:

1. Open a photo you like to apply the effect

2. Click Duplicate the layer and rename it as Frame

3. Change the Frame layer from Normal to Multiply

4. Select Erase tool and set mode to Brush. Choose large soft bursh

5. Erase the centre of the photo to your liking

6. to Darken the frame simply duplicate that layer as many time as you like until you get the desired darkness

Here is the result


Want to make your desktop pretty like mine?


Check out this freebies desktop calendar from shabby princess.


to download this pretty desktop wallpaper click here or on the image.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

10 things: how to survive a broken heart

After all these years of coping and trying to make sense of everything, I’ve finally have the courage to say that I am ok and I will survive.

heartbroken-web on Flickr.

We’ve seen and heard a lot of suicide and killing happening around the world just because they have been hurt emotionally by someone they love and trust. That’s the worst kind of pain. You feel like your whole world is ending and there’s no point of moving on.


I would like to share a few tips that I found very useful to me while I was going through the proses of healing.

#1) Let yourself feel the pain and don’t be afraid to cry
    It really is the most important part of healing. Don’t let anyone tell you how to feel or how long you should feel the pain. You have to mourn. In away it’s the death of the relationship you’ve known and you have to give yourself time to grief.

#2)  Surround myself with friends and family
  When I was feeling sad and heartbroken, I don’t really feel like seeing anybody. That’s not a good idea because I can easily get lost in the pain and lost the will to move on. My family and friends really gives me strength and the courage to face the pain. Having my own personal cheerleader is also help  a lot.

#3) Write
  I find writing to be very therapeutic. I  can really describe everything that I was feeling without the fear of being judge. Come to think of it, that was also the time when I first started to blog.

Notebook Love

#4) Be around things that make me happy
   During my healing proses, it’s very hard to do things that make me happy cause I couldn’t feel anything. After awhile, I forced myself to get up every morning and just do things that I know will make me happy. I laugh a lot and that certainly remind me why I enjoy doing them.

#5) Exercise
  It’s the best medicine for emotional pain. Instead of feeling the  gap with food or drugs, I feel it with adrenaline by exercise.

#6) Readjust your view.
     Changing the perspective of my life is really important. Instead of focusing on what I lost, I just have to focus on what I gain and what I have. Life is too short to waste it on negative  things.

#7) Never ever blame yourself
     It’s easily to blame yourself when the one person you love and trust, hurt you. Remember that no matter how painful you feel, you are special. Just because someone stop loving you, doesn’t mean that you are not worth loving.

#8) Scrapbooking
    In the first few months of feeling the pain, I couldn’t bring myself to scrap anything. I didn’t feel pretty and creative. After a while, I forced myself to scrap about things that I find important and make me happy. I found out that creative outlet really help me deal with the pain and make me focus more on things that are important to me and all my small accomplishment

#9) Veronica Mars
   I am so glad I found Veronica Mars. Somehow watching that show really help me put things into perspective. It’s my sweet escape.


#10) Recite Al-Quran
     Every time I recite the Holy Quran I feel clam, safe and love.  It’s the most beautiful thing ever. It always reminds me how precious  and temporary life is.

That’s basically were the things I did while going through the proses of healing. I didn’t say that I don’t feel hurt or sad from time to time. I do. When I started to feel the pain again, I just allow myself to cry for a few minutes. When the pain is gone I move on with my life.

Scrapper Love // Amandaresende

Hello everyone! It’s Tuesday and we are already in April 2011! Wow! Time does flies even though there’s not so much fun involve. Today I would like to entice you with these beautiful layouts from amandaresende. You can visit her amazing gallery here at Oscraps gallery.
These are a few of her layouts that captured my attention
#1) n is for nature
#2) m is for mom
#3) nex-5
#4) wings
#5) discover the world
* all images are clickable for credits
I  hope you enjoy my selection. I feel inspired!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Suddenly I feel like sharing some of my old layouts just for the fun of it

Doing something just for fun is so liberating. You don’t have to have any other reason. Just pure and simple fun. While looking through my flickr gallery I found some layouts that I made a long time ago with a few kits that were already retired. It  brings me a lot of beautiful memories!

speed*racer I still remember the fun of being in Lemmon City CT Team. I love both of them and I hope that one day they will come back to designing world. day*20*2009 My style definitely change a bit but I'm still haven't try to do any fantasy layout. I would love to try but somehow I just can't find the right photo and the right theme.


* I really love this photo of my son giving me a kiss. It’s so precious. I made this using Spring Bouquet by Kandy Kane and Becki Kress. It made me think of Elemental Scraps. I am so sad to see the store closed for good.

Want me to turn your photo into something pretty? Join my April giveaway. Click here for details.

April Scrap lift Challenge at Sunshine Studio Scraps

This month challenge is to choose a layout from Jess gallery. To play along with this month challenge, visit Sunshine Studio Scraps forum.

I choose Blake Friday 2011 to Srcraplift


And this is my layout using it’s all me kit by Inspired Design


Cheer for the team

Love the new collection of team cheer line up for you at Scrapmatters. I have so much fun playing with this kit. I choose Gold and Black Kit for this layout.
And as a treat, I made a Quickpage with the layout above for you. To download click here or on the image. Enjoy!
Have a great and creative Monday!

Sunday, April 3, 2011


I decided to join this segment for April just for fun. Salute to Ben Ashaari for fresh and brilliant ideas. To join click here


And more beautiful photos I found at Tumblr.

“A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.” (by Kristybee)

Amazingly beautiful flickr

I really love my Sundays. This is the only time I have to just sit in front of my computer and enjoy all these beautiful photos from flickr.


1. monter en danseuse (ou pas) Explored #2, Front Page: thank you so much!, 2. Dad, I'll understand if you're a little jealous :-P [explore #4], 3. Untitled, 4. Girl pillow fight, 5. Alexis {Explored #1 March 28, 2011}, 6. Quote by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 7. “All our lives we live in chains and never even know we hold the key.” {unknown}, 8. THE LITTLE VISITOR. EXPLORE., 9. new polas to swap out on the wall, 10. sanding69, 11. Tea time, 12. Supermoon 3-19-11

Kit showcase: Lookin’ Owl Pretty

Love the cute owl in this kit. It’s called Lookin’ Owl Pretty by Studio Demo. Available at Sunshine Studio Scraps.


“Lookin' Owl Pretty is a fun kit inspired by the "Lookin' Owl Pretty" Clothing line at the children's store - Gymboree. I made this kit because I LOVE all of their clothing. I have always been the one to match pictures to the kit that I want to use sometimes based on the colors in the clothing. I also know that LOADS of parents shop at Gymboree. So here is a kit for you to use with the pictures that you have taken of your daughter in this line of clothing from Gymboree. You can also use it to scrap any other fun layout. :

  • 8 Solid Papers
  • 9 Patterned Papers
  • 34 Elements

“ excerpt from product description at Sunshine Studio Scraps Store.

This is my layout using the above kit.


Life or something like it

I read this blog about redefine your life. It’s about how we’ve always measure our lives base on the big milestone like  wedding day, graduation, birthdays, the first house, the birth of your first born and so on. We seldom miss or pay less attention to the everyday. Everyday moment that makes our lives.


my moments in between:

* weekly pizza night with my kids
* singing so loud in my car while driving to work
* reading a good book on my bed
* watching Buffy the Vampire slayer while thinking how close my life is to Buffy fate. I guess hoping for a normal life is a bit too much for me
* thinking about what to blog about
* designing a layout that speaks to me
* watching American Idol and thinking how lucky they are because at such a young age they already know what they want
* listening to my children talking about their day
* drinking a cup of hot nescafe early in the morning
* enjoying spending my time on
* taking photos of my daily life
* kissing and hugging my kids daily

What are some of your moments in between? Share with me…

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