Saturday, March 5, 2011

Basic scrapbook layout for beginner

I’ve been meaning to make a scrapbook tutorial for awhile now but somehow that intention get lost. I am very happy that today I get the opportunity to make a simple tutorial for beginner. I do asked about this a lot, so here it goes ladies.

The ingredients
Scrapbook Kit:
you need at least a two solid papers and one pattern paper. You can download some free kits here.
(for this tutorial I used Scattered Heart Kit by Flergs)

Software: I used Adobe Photoshop CS5.
(any photo editing software will do as long as you know how to use the features)

the layout:


Here are the steps

Step 1 : Create a new file –> 3600 x 3600


Step 2: Choose one solid paper you want to use as your background. Drag the solid paper into your file.



Step 3: Open a photo you want to use in this layout, convert them into black and white. Copy and paste them into your layout. Resize them to your liking. For this tutorial I resize the photo by 44%. Arrange the photo like shown below.


Step 4: Open another solid paper with different color (for this I choose black paper), use a rectangle marquee tool, select a few areas of the paper and paste them into your layout. Arrange and resize them to your liking. Do the same for patter paper like shown below.


Step 5: Go to your elements file and choose heart shape element.


Step 6: Arrange the heart shape element like shown below. I used two heart shape elements here.


Step 7: It’s time to write your title and some journaling if you must in your layout. I used Britannic Bold Font  92px and Calibri Font  33px


At the end your layer should look something like this


Saved your work in jpg format and share it to the world. I hope you enjoy this little tutorial by me.



Template freebies #15

I’ve been feeling a little bit exhausted and stress out lately. This morning I decided to put some extra time to just do digital scrapping and blogging. I really need to feel a sense of belonging and a sense of accomplishment. So this morning, to start of the day I decided to turn one my old layout into a template.


to download click here or on the image. I hope you enjoy this little goodies from me. You can also download my other templates here.

some eye candy this Saturday morning

Enjoy Life by GeVisacri


7 Happy things by GeVisacriimage

Friday, March 4, 2011

currents: 04.03.2011

It has been a while since I did this. So here goes my currents for this week


listening: Forget you by Gwyneth Paltrow
eating: spicy tuna domino pizza
drinking: nescafe
wearing: pyjamas
watching: my kids enjoying their free time doing things they love
feeling: exhausted and disappointed
wanting: to take a break from work for at least a year
needing: full body massage and a spa
thinking:  how to go through life effortlessly
enjoying:  American Idol 10 so much
wondering: how do I get back my passion for work

sometimes it's hard to give your all when....

* you have a lot on your plate already
* you don't have the luxury of time
* when everything you do is question
* you don't have the freedom to do the job
* you have to fullfill unrealistic expectation
* people keep sabotage your effort
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lesson learnt in February

Since March is already here and February is totally gone, I would really like to recap things I learnt in February
* tumblr is still the best place to hang out
* working hours is no longer from 8:30 am – 5:30pm
* spending one whole week at my parents’ house was a blast
* doing things that are beyond your scope of work is the trend now
* my stress level is way too high
* I am spending less and less time on Facebook
* I am rediscovering twitter
* my heart is beating way too fast every time I touch Sony Vaio pink
* “People” around the office were crazy with ipad. iPad seems to be the in thing now
*  And Social Media talk is every where, I am not really sure what IT can do about it. This type media require a lot of time and resources
* I feel like lately I’ve been distance from my friends and people I can about. Is it me or is it them? Need to figure that one out
* I am a little bit obsess with spaghetti lately

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday Scrap lift

I haven't done this in a very long time. I am glad that I have the time today to look around the galleries and forums for some ideas. I found this layout at Scraporchard's gallery and I really really have to scrap lift it.

I love you by carrie1977 image

and this is my lift

celebratelove-web you can download this amazing word art here.


30 items no longer made in the usa

Source: newsweek march 2011
These are some of the things that no longer made in US
Barbie dolls
Levis' jeans
cell phones
gumball machines
Nike shoes
spalding basketballs
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Sunshine Studio Designer Call and CT Call

This is such a great opportunity for you to grab.


To apply send an email to calls at sunshinestudioscraps dot com Include: A short bio including your real name & designing name, tell us why you want to sell at SUN, a link to any stores you currently sell at, a link to your designing/personal blog, twitter & fb fan pages, & a sample of your products, & if you would like to be Exclusive or Non-Exclusive.

Call Ends March 16th

Sweetie Call!!


Create a Layout about why you want to be a Sunshine Sweetie Use at least 80% SUN products Post it in our gallery & send a link to it in your application email.
To Apply:
Send an email to calls at sunshinestudioscraps dot com with CT Call in the subject include: a short bio, a link to your challenge layout in our gallery, any teams you are currently on, a link to your most complete gallery, your forum name on most sites including ours, link to your blog, & any social network pages (twitter/fb)
Calls Ends March 16th


Sunshine Studio is such a great place to work. Fun environment, stress free and friendly people

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

between work and having a life!


Lately I felt like I don’t really have a life outside of work! Urgh!!! How did this happened? Our work should be a part of our lives not our whole life! Somehow the line between work life and personal life seems so blur.

#1) Working hours is not 8 hours anymore – I think every where people have been working like crazy regardless what time of the day or night. Work seems to dominate everything

#2) Sometimes they forgot that we are human and not a machine – lately we are expected to work like a machine, non stop. With all the responsibilities we don’t even take the time to exercise, eat healthy and enjoy the pleasure of being alive. I even feel guilty every time I want to take a personal leave. It feels like I will committed a crime when I wanted to take a day off.

#3) Being a professional working woman and a mother is so challenging. There are times you feel like you’ve neglected your children when you have to spend the day and night working. How do you juggle between being a great public servant and a great mother? Can you really have it all?


#4) A lot if things have changed but the rules and the procedure still remain the same. I think it’s about time “they” review certain things, add a few flexibility  and reduce red tapes. Some things which can be done faster should be reviewed. At one end they want us to be innovative and creative but at  the other end there are a lot of barriers that prevent that initiatives.

#5) Some form of recognition and privilege should be given to those who deserve it. When I was watching Academy Awards yesterday, it made me think that our PERJASA or CUPECS or PUSPANITA should have some form of Oscar like event to recognize the talent, the outstanding job and hard work that we, the public servant,  put into it. I know that we have like all kinds of audits and Anugerah Kualiti or 5 Star Ratings and all sort of other awards which are too formal and have all those red tapes. We still can have that, but it is also nice to have another type of awards that people can vote for and little less formal and government like with all sort of fun categories like the best service counter, the most talented programmer, people who has other expertise other than their day job, all rounded workers, the best boss ever.. etc.


So for those students out there, if you think working is less stressful than studying, then you are way wrong. At least when you are a student you know that it will be the end when you have a degree in your hand but when you work, your job will never be finished and everything is always under construction. There’s no ending!! Not every work place is like Pixar or Google.
So enjoy your student life as much as you can because once it’s over you will never get it back.


Spreading Love–Tuesday Pick

I am really tight on time this week. So many things I have to do and so many events I have to be in. Nothing really seems to be falling into places. I just hope I am not doing something that I am not suppose to do.

Anyway here are a few layouts that really capture my attention these last few days.

#1) Laugh by tjscraps


#2) Life Experience by Jacinda


#3) Ten Words by dlhoffer


#4) Reach for the sun by megan fisher designs

#5) 10 funky  facts about me by tammybean


Hope you have a great and wonderful Tuesday!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Polaroid Love: Day #27 and Day #28

Today is the last Monday of February 2011 and tomorrow is March. Seriously? I just can't believe that time is moving way too fast.
Day #27
This is the look and feel of our currently portal. The whole team is working so hard to revamp and lift the new look and feel of this portal. By March hopefully we will get a new revamp version of portal up and running

Day #28
And as always I hate Mondays.. urghh.. I wish today is still weekend. And today is also the last day of my Polaroid Love Project. Yeah.. 

Project Love Me and some love

I just love this new kit iLaugh (the Kit). Full with many sweet and wonderful elements and colorful papers.


This month is all about things that makes you happy.happywithyou-web

Another wonderful kit from Flergs called Scattered Heart.

Scattered Hearts: FULL KIT

And this is my layout using the above kit


Sunday, February 27, 2011

eye candy on Sundays with tumblr

As always Sunday has always been my favourite day and tumblr has been apart of it.






8 #RandomFunFacts about Me


#1) I slept through in a movie theatre while watching Star Wars movie
#2) I love to collect scrapbook supplies even though I rarely used them because I’m not a traditional scrapper
#3) I love the smell of books. I rarely got out of a bookstore without any books in my hand
#4) I hate numbers. Numbers makes me dizzy. I can’t barely remember them
#5) I hate Mondays and I love Wednesdays. It took me two days to adjust from weekend to work days but it took me a second to adjust from weekdays to weekends.
#6) I love Vampire related movies, novels or TV shows. What appeals to  me are the history and the mortality of a Vampire.
#7) Even though I don’t get Star Wars, I do get Star Trek. I’ve been a fan since Star Trek Next Generation
#8) I am a bit shy in person but in virtual world I am a bit talkative and friendly. How weird is that?

Kit Showcase: Lucky Me


“Do you feel lucky? Well, this kit is just perfect for scrapping all of your favorite lucky moments. With a color scheme of greens, creams and just a touch of brown, lots of flowers and a few lucky clovers thrown in... I'm sure you'll feel extra lucky when you use this kit” excerpt from product description at Sunshine Studio Scraps.

This is  a layout I made using the above kit


these are from sunshine sweeties

by Gina


by Jennifer


by Lela


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