Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kit Showcase: Looking ahead

Checkout the beautiful layout called Looking Ahead by Flutter Expression at Sunshine Studio Scraps!


“12 Textured Papers , 1 Full Alpha - Upper Case, Lower Case, Numbers and a few characters “

This is a layout I made using the above kit dontlookback-web

And these are from the Sunshine Sweeties

by Lisa


by Melissa


Blog/Promo Team Call @ Sunshine Studio Scraps

What it reads:
Sunshine Studios is looking for approximately 4-6 new team
members to help us out with our blog and promoting the site!
Approximately 4 blog posts per month (1 per week) on the Sunshine Blog.
Post about Sunshine Studios on your blog twice a month.

Promote new products/blog posts on Facebook, Twitter & Sunshine Forums.
Respond to ISOs and Enable products on DST, DSA, etc. If applicable
Be creative, active and friendly on the blog and in the forums.
Full access to Sunshine Studios Monthly Mega Collabs
$15 coupon per month for the Sunshine Store (excluding CU)
No layouts required, though certainly welcomed
Access to site CT forum
Please send applications to
with Blog/Promo Team in the subject
Please include your name, user name, link to your blog,
facebook/twitter links, other ct/team commitments,
blog/promo experience, & why you would like to be a part of our team.
Call ends FEBRUARY 18th


* This is a great place to be. Friendly people and amazing designers! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity.

sweet sale @ Polkadotplum !!!

If you are looking for a great deal, checkout this great sales at polkadotplum this weekend!!!

30 day photo challenge: #Day 29

#Day 29 - A picture that can always make you smile

luvya-web Looking at the photo of us really can make me smile. I love how we are so different and yet so similar in so many ways.

Friday, February 11, 2011

take a peek at my shopping bag today


Gotta Pixel is having a great sale this weekend! I am so excited to see a lot of beautiful kits are on sale.
Take a look at what I’ve bought!

#1) Luvyah Kit by Armina designs



love this layout by Mom_of_5image

#2) Awakening by A+ Designs


“14 papers 1 single alpha sheet 2 artistic smears 2 bows 1 metal element 1 butterfly 1 button 1 layered border 1 curled ribbon 6 flowers 4 frames 1 glass heart 1 journal 1 lace mat 1 lace trim 1 leaf 1 leaf filler 1 photo holder 2 ribbons 1 rickrac 1 string 1 vine 5 wordarts 1 blank wordart “ excerpt from product description.

#3) Gurrrl’s Nite with Laura Banasiak


“This collaboration kit is jam packed with any and all items needed to scrap your girls' night out pages! The colors also lend themselves to birthdays, New Years, weddings and anniversaries. Tons of elegant items with a funky, doodly twist makes this digital scrapbook kit a sure favorite! “ excerpt from product description

I am so excited! I can’t wait to spend the whole weekend making lots and lots of layouts using these three kits!

the moment of truth

And the truth is...
- My kids are the most important thing in my life. Accept them as they are, guide them to the right path and help them to be the best they can be
-Life is too short, so I am going to take the pleasure of being present and enjoy the simple things in life
-Time is something that can't be change. Everybody has same 24 hours a day. I intend to make the most of every second that I have to do things that are important and fulfilling to me
-I love blogging so I'm going to spend more time planning and writing about things that inspiring, beautiful and entertaining at the same time .
-Knowledge is power, but knowledge without action is useless. So I am going to improve my knowledge in my work and personal growth then apply them to my everyday routine. Don't wait for perfection because nothing is ever perfect!
- Being comfortable with yourself is essential, so I really have to be my own best friend. The only person in the world that you can rely on is yourself. Pray that Allah will guide me in the right direction.
 - I have only one life to live. So start living now and don't wait for anything better to come along. This is my life right here and right now!

30 day photo challenge - #Day 28

#Day 28- A picture of something you're afraid of


There’s a lot of things that I am afraid of. So it’s hard for me to just choose one. I guess what I am really really afraid of is that I am not able to forgive myself ever. I’ve been struggling with this for a really long time. I just don’t know how to deal with it. The question is will I ever forgive myself?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Polaroid Love: #Day 10 - my random Thursday


IMG_0161-pola IMG_0165-polaIMG_0152-pola


some random things today:
* I left my phone at home today
* sitting in a meeting room the whole morning makes me edgy
* thinking about new movie to watch this weekend
* or probably read more books just for pleasure

10 things you can do to enjoy life simple pleasure

#1) browsing flickr for inspiration and to see the world from different point of view
(sources: flickr)

#2) become addicted to tumblr. I am just so happy to get lost in tumblr world

(source: flickr)

#3) Glee

#4) recite Quran

#5) hanging out my kids – I really like talking to my kids about stuffs. It’s interesting to find out what they were thinking.

#6) exercise – this is something I really enjoy doing but sometimes it’s hard to find the time to do it. I found out that by sticking to the same timetable I‘ve manage to make a commitment

#7) pink – need I say more

#8) music – I really enjoy music since I was a little girl. Great music can really inspire me and make me happy

#9) reading just for pleasure – I really enjoy this activity even though lately it’s like I can’t find the time to do it. I really need to improve on this. 

#10) last but not least is blogging. I really enjoy blogging so much. It’s a perfect world I created where all the things I blog about are inspiring, beautiful and can help me grow.

Simply Beautiful: Thursday eye candy

I just can't believe that today is already Thursday and this week is almost over! I am liking 2011 so far. My mission this year is to Transform my life and my body to be the better version of myself. I insist on surrounding myself with beautiful things and creative people. I would really like to stop feeling sorry for myself and really focus on my strength, even though this can be very challenging when I am surrounded by negative energy most of the time. 

Anyway on to today’s find. These 5 layouts were chosen base on the uniqueness style and the color combination that they used. It really makes me happy just by looking at these layouts. Enjoy!

#1) Perfect Shoot by janyellemayara


#2) Promise Me by janyellemayara


#3) Go Well My Children by hollyinjapan


#4) Be Mine by hollyinjapan


#5) Loveable Hannah by Jen D


Don't forget to go to these talented ladies gallery to give them some love.



30 day photo challenge: #Day 27 10.02.2011

#Day 27 - A picture of yourself and a family member

- I choose the photo of me and my second son


Journaling: “I really wish that time would stood still. Just for a moment, I would love to enjoy watching you explore the world with your innocent mind. The moment when I am all that matters and the love you have for me is unconditional.”

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Polaroid Love: #Day 09 things that makes me happy!

Today things were pretty hectic. I was a little tired because of yesterday event. I just wanted to go home and enjoy life outside of work.
I am glad that today I got a chance to workout. This week I planed to alternate between, 30 Day Shred, Dance With Me and Get Ripped Extreme.

IMG_0136-pola IMG_0137-pola
Today I decided to do 30 Day Shred, Level 2.
I am thinking of buying a new workout shoes. I’ve been eyeing the Nike sport shoes in pink since last year. Maybe I’ll save enough  to buy one this  year.
After my workout, I snapped a few photos for this entry.  A perfect ending for a semi perfect day.

Polaroid Love: #Day 08 Busy Tuesday


Yesterday  was really  hectic! I just can’t believe that the whole day I was consumed by work. At the end of the day I was so tired!

just a quick update

imagesource –>

Lately Life has really been about ….

* one meeting after the next
* trying very hard to squeeze in resting and sleeping
* making time to exercise is really a challenge
* arguing a lot and less discussion
* having people miss understood you
* wondering when is all the madness will be gone
* making plans, broken them and making another plan
* really wonder how people really connect with each other without facebook or twitter
* how do I find the time to pamper myself

30 day photo challenge: #Day 26 09.02.2011

#Day 26 - A picture of something that means a lot to you

The thing that really means a lot to me is my daughter. I never really thought that having a daughter was any different than having a son. You will love your kids no matter what right? But for me having a daughter really means having someone that I can share the same interest with, the same taste in clothing and basically doing things girly. Those are all the things that I’ve missed doing while I was growing up. I really love having this special connection that I have with my daughter.


Journaling: “You have become my cheerleader lately. Every time I am depressed and sad you will sit beside me and hug me. You told me that you hate to see me cry and sad. Thank you darling for being by my side.  I am so thankful that you are in my life. I can’t imagine life without you- my daughter, my friend, my cheerleader.”

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

30 day photo challenge: # Day 25 08.02.2011

#Day 25 - A picture of your favourite day


just perfect!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Polaroid Love: Day # 07 , just another Manic Monday

I hate Monday when I have to go to work. Actually I planned to take another day off today but at the last minute I decided to cancel my leave and force myself to go to work. So many unfinished business to attend to. Oh boy!

The whole day I was in meeting mode and in HRMIS mode, which left me very little time to take a few photos and blogging.

So my polaroid photos for today happened at the end of the day. I went home right on time and wait for my kids to arrive home, which was a bit late to my liking.




Kit showcase: His First Love

Today I would like to showcase this kit called His First Love by Wimpychompers Creations. What I like about this kit is the color combination of earth color and red. The kit also comes with cute clip arts!

His First Love

“If your sons are anything like mine then cars rule the world! They are the stars of my life and I just couldn't wait to do a kit with these beautiful colors. This kit coordinates amazingly with the kit "Her first purse" to expand the kits even more into something magical.” excerpt from product description at Scrapmatters.

This is my layout using the above kit


by Heather


by Teresa


by Chris


Feature Blogger: nono fara


This month I am honour to have nono fara as a feature blogger for my Blog Love Segment. She is one of many photographers I admire. I first notice her on flickr a few years back. I guess I’ve meet many interesting people on flickr.

Hijab is not mandatory

The name: Nur Farahshila a.k.a nono fara
The blog:

Q&A Sessions

#1. Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

- I am young lady who is one a quest to complete my Engineering degree in Mechatronics and I am very passionate about photography. Even though most of the time I just shoot for fun but I love photographing people especially for my clients. :) It feels good to see people happy and excited looking at their pictures taken by me. And yes, I make instant friendships with them because of that too.


#2.  How do you describe your life as a woman photographer in the 21st century? I can see that it's a competitive world.

- Truth is I never acknowledge myself as a woman photographer. Like seriously! And whenever I am on job, and my client introduce me to their friends or called me 'this is my photographer' or 'this is the photographer', it feels weird. Yes, still. 

I need to concur with you. It's quite competitive and one must be creative if one wants to get involve in this field as in, they should be 'fresh' and most importantly 'original'.

#3. I love your blog and your photos. How long have you been blogging? Do you enjoy it as much as photography?

- Awww. Thanks so much Haniz. :) Ok back to the question, I've been blogging since 2006 or 2007, I cant really recall. Ive been using a lot of blogging platform before this like Livejournal, Blogspot, and Wordpress and even have my own website called NonoWrites.COM. But then after doing a lot of thinking, I chose to use Blogspot instead. Because (may be this is quite ridiculous but..) I want my writing and my pictures will be visible to people, ... forever. All I know is if I am using a free blogging platform, and let say if I'm dead, all my captures and writings will be there, safely. Unlike a dot com, you need to maintain it if you want to keep it safe. And yea, obviously I enjoy blogging! It is so therapeutic. :)

I never thought of it that way. You are right girl! Luckily I’ve never really thought about having my own domain. I want my words and my blog to be in the cyberworld forever.
Petronas Twin Tower (EXPLORED!)#4. What kind of photos do you enjoy taking?

- Portraiture! :) Especially a casual and fun one like friendship portraiture and also couple portraiture. And I love landscape, nature and architectural too..

#5. Who is your inspiration?

- In photography, I would say Anna Rina Rahim, Qippy, Daniel Zain, Saiful Nang, Nate and Jaclyn from TheBlogIsFound, and Hailey Bartholomew.

#6. What are your 5 essential things you bring with you every where you go?

- Hand phone, purse, eye liner, perfume (small size one), and .. camera (most of the time). :P

#7. 5 random surprising facts about you that your friend might not know

- Instead of applying a special or specific lotion or cream to my face, I use and apply body lotion for that purpose.

- I love Milano's waffle to bits!

- I can't handle the so called mild-taste-kind-of-food, I love something hot, like extreme hot! I am a big fan of sambal belacan pedas giler, by the way. :)

- If I like a song, I'll play it over and over again and sometimes it's the only song in my playlist. LOL.

- I love a snow glob. :) Wanted to buy myself one but I haven't found a snow globe that really captivate my heart just yet.

#8. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

- Honestly I cant really see it. But one thing I am very sure of is, I am still with photography and might be working in engineering field, hopefully..

i'll wait...

That’s all for now. I hope you enjoy my little interview with Nono. Don’t forget to send her lots of love here.  Thank you again Nono, for doing this with me. Keep on blogging girl!

** all photos are copyright @ nono fara



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