Saturday, January 8, 2011

10 things: you can do during weekend

without living your home. I love weekends and I really think two days are not enough. I love staying at home and enjoying every bit of it. Doing things I love and feel happy every time I did them.


#1)   Blogging –
#2)   Scrapbooking


#3)   Catch up on my favorite TV shows
I’ve watching Desperate Housewives latest episodes and Grey’s Anatomy nonstop since yesterday.

* I really love when they bring Vanessa William to the cast.


* the latest season deals a lot with emotional side of being a doctor and dealing with your own nightmare.

#4)   Listening to music while surfing
#5)   Tweeting like crazy
#6)   Blog hopping – I don’t really like to blog walking cause I think it’s a little bit too slow for me. So I prefer to hop by using Google Reader.

Here are a few blogs I found to be very interesting:

Life is just a bowl of cherries

Hazim Cool

K.I.S.S – love her photography style

Just Doodling

#7)   Printing photos for my weekend project
#8)   Talking with my kids about nothing
#9)   Exercise more than usual
#10)  Learn new Photoshop skills

Kit showcase: A New Me by Wimpychompers Creations


Another new kit. This one is called A New Me by Wimpychompers Creations. Available at Scrap Matters.

I love the color combination in this kit. So versatile and so much fun to work with.

These are my layouts using the above kit to inspire you!

psiloveyou-web goals2011-web

Journaling: from this entry

i was pleasantly surprise


My son drew this picture for his art class. Wow! Beautiful! I know, I know, I’m a bit bias. But for someone who doesn’t know how to draw, this one look really good to me. I think I need to support him in the right direction. He is really into art like his uncle (Mohd Faiz).

Kit showcase: January 2011 Grab Bag from Sunshine Studio Desingers


January 2011 Grab Bag

“Mini kits from your favorite SUN designers.
Get a true feel of what everyone's style is!
This deal won't last! Be sure to grab this great deal while you can!” excerpt from Sunshine Studio product review. Currently it’s 50% off! Hurry up before the offer ends.

Here is my layout using the above kit grown-up-web

Other inspiration from Sunshine Sweeties

by Carol


by Nicole


by Melanie


by Lela


Hope this will inspire you and get your creative hat on and keep on scrapping during this weekend. Enjoy!

Friday, January 7, 2011

currents: 07.11.2011


listening: nothing at the moment
eating: Banjo
drinking: Blueberry tea.
wearing: nike outfit.
feeling: anxious and sleepy
weather: warm
wanting: to feel calm and relax.
needing: a break from everything routine
thinking: how to transform my body and outfit this month.
enjoying: Jillian 6 packs workout DVD  
wondering: why you keep coming back but you are not really in my life


January Desktop freebies from funkyplayground


Check out this beautiful Desktop wallpaper from funkyplaground design.

To download them click here.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

One little word : 2011 : TRANSFORM

As always every year Ali Edward is hosting this great prompt about your word for the year.
Usually I have to really think about my one little word and I seldom refer to it through out the year. This year I am planning to really make this world something I can really live by.
This year I don’t have to because on the first day of January I have made a pledge to myself to Transform myself and my thinking into something different. Reinvent myself to be a better person.
If you want to join the fun and wanted some ideas on what word you wanted to choose for this year, visit here.

this is what I did the whole evening

I really really love the photos that we took during the first day of 2011. I didn’t do any editing. I just send for print as it is. Wow! I have like 320 photos including some photos from my Terengganu trip.

I decided to display some of them on the wall because I ran out of photo albums.

This is what I did…………..

2011_deco01 2011_deco02
* this took me a few hours to put all of these photos on my wall. It really brings me a lot of joy.

----------------- More fun photos from January 1st 2011 ------------------newyear2011_11 newyear2011_12 newyear2011_13 newyear2011_14 First day of school
2011_hazim_school 2011_hazwan_school

Counting the days–till the wedding

Congratulations to Faiz and Salina on their engagement and now they are very busy preparing for their wedding day. In Malaysia it is typical to have a wedding at the bride and at the groom house. So usually we are going to prepare for two weddings, one at the bride and one at the groom. Hemm what happened when both the bride and the groom share the same circle of friends?

Both of them works at Les Copaque  Production. They are a tight group of young people making animation movies and TV series.



Project Love Me #1: iDream

I blogged about this project on Tuesday and I am very excited to start making a layout about myself on a weekly basis.

This week prompt: iDream
The dream: Simple and Stress free life
The kit: d00d by simply scraps

The layout:


The journaling:

I Dream of a Simple and Stress free life. Since the last few
years my life has become such a drama and lots of heartache. All I want for this year is just to enjoy the simple pleasure in life, be good to myself and my family and do my job with passion.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

30 things: Simple pleasures in life


I saw this tweet on my timeline and I was very curious. I love list and I really wanted something to make me happy. Life hasn’t been that much fun lately! Thanks fliffy for the tweet!

The idea is to “Make a list of 30 Simple/ Little pleasures in life that always perk you up. Just list whatever comes in your mind in no particular order.” – checkout her list here.


So here are my list in no particular order:

#1. My blog –
#2. Pink
#3. surfing internet on my bed just by myself
#4. watching Eclipse DVD
#5. ice cream
#6. twitter
#7. anything SONY
#8. digital scrapbooking
#9. buttons
#10. Creating Keepsakes
#11. lost in a bookstore
#12. stationary
#13. new laptop
#14. taking photos
#15. online shopping
#16. the sound of my children voices
#17. exercise with Jari Love
#18. dancing like crazy
#19. watching dance movie
#20. hugging and kissing my children
#21. bowling with my kids
#22. watching movie with friends
#23. abeautifulmess
#24. t-shirt and jeans
#25. Sleep
#26. America’s Next Top Model
#27. Pizza
#28. air condition
#29. music
#30. milk

--- all of these things really works for me --- so what’s on your simple pleasure lists?

Kit Showcase: the Hardest Part

"Miss those precious times? They go by so fast! Time missed when you think it will last long. Inspired by me looking through photo albums of my own kids as babies. I miss those moments, it feels like just yesterday I held them in my arms, and here they are almost as tall as me." excerpt from the product review at Sunshine Studio Scraps.

This is my layout using the above kit


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Project Love Me

This year I think I will do Project Love, Me hosted by SuzyQ Scraps & Kami of Ziggle Designs
This is a project " A year of discovering YOU -- 52 weekly prompts to help you create an album about all the pieces that make you ... you."
Wow 52 prompts to scrap about me!
facebook : Project Love Me
Site : Project Love Me Scrapbook
This week Prompt is iDream... here are a few inspiration from the gallery
I'll update mine later

Amazing story from People magazine

#1) Shocking Breakups
Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson File for Divorce??? Really???

I am a bit shocked when  I stumbled across this news today. Oh no! They are one of my favorite couple and I really hope their marriage will last. Well I guess nothing last forever and all good things must come to an end. 

#2) Beautiful and  Sweet Sibling Shots of 2010

"Newly minted big bro James, 8, sets his thoughtful gaze on then-newborn sisters Marion Loretta and Tabitha, now 17 months, while mom Sarah Jessica Parker and dad Matthew Broderick proudly look on."

#3) They say I Do
 "With six years and a broken engagement behind them, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green finally sealed the deal with a sunset ceremony on the beach outside of Hawaii's Four Seasons Resort Hualalai at Historic Ka'upuleh on June 24. Clad in Armani, the couple was joined only by Green's 8-year-old son Kassius, who served as best man. "Getting married was the best thing I've ever done," Fox said."

#4)  Best Celeb Photo

"Gimme five – or ten! Violet Affleck, 4, finds the perfect playmate in mom Jennifer Garner in August as the two enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride through New York's Central Park."
I just love this photo of Jennifer Garner and her daughter. So so sweet!!!

For more fun and shocking photos and news check out People Magazine site !

Tuesday Inspiration from Digishoptalk

It's another Tuesday morning with all it's glory and it's darkness. I've been treating like Google this morning by my kids. Urghhh!!! I hate that when I am in the middle of getting ready for work and my kids asked me where are their books, their pants, their socks, their towels... oh boy! They are not little children anymore.
I think I will put a big signboard on my door saying that " MOTHER IS NOT YOUR SEARCH ENGINE!"

Enough about that.. now proceed to more beautiful and creative things created by these ladies at Digishoptalk.

#1) Advent by Mullemaus

#2) Tendres moments by Delph

#3) My bestfriend by Milatolela

 #5) New Year  by kristinvald

Monday, January 3, 2011

happiness now: in a nutshell we become what we think


Happy is the very basic human emotion. It is the most seek for and fight for. Yet not many people can stay happy and be happy on a daily basis. Why is that? Something to think about.

right now I am thinking about..


download the wallpaper here.
* what kind of transformation I want this year
* things that will keep me busy this year
* if I have the time to read more
* that I am closer to my tweet friends rather than my own siblings
* knowing what you want and go for it is not really an easy thing to do
* traveling the world and see things I’ve never seen before
* that I’ll be 40 this year and I am as clueless as ever
* if you really want him you can have him
* creating something beautiful out of nothing
* is there such a thing as true love
* that everything that we do is about feeling. without them it will be just another model, just another story, just another song, just another portal, just another blog, just another photo .. nothing  great or outstanding about it
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