Saturday, December 25, 2010

day 359 Project 365


This girl dream of great things
This girl dream of a life without pain and heartache
This girl dream of having a life with someone who gets her
This girl is so tired living someone else life
This girl pray and hope that her life will change for the better

random Saturday

I just realize that it’s Christmas today. Hemm only 5 more days till new year
* I started to read eat, pray, love – I’m at chapter where Liz is exploring Rome and the food
* Suddenly Depression and Loneliness came knocking at my door
* I am so restless! Going more than 8 hours without internet really gets to me
* I can’t wait to go to my parents house
* Looking forward to pickup my batik clothes at my tailor
* I got a terrible headache as usual.. when certain someone is around I literally get sick
* I hate feeling down like this. Happiness where are you? Please come back
* Suddenly I am craving for cupcakes! Where can I get one around here?

Friday, December 24, 2010

day 358 project 365 it's Friday and everything starts to slow down...

I am happy that I took the day off today. It's about time I take the pleasure of enjoying my home with the kids. I started to read eat, pray, love. It's kinda depreassing in the begining. I can totally relate..the depression and the loneliness.

Now we are on the way back home. I missed my home town. I miss the pleasure of my parents company. I love being a daughter.. I love being pamper and spoil.. Hehehe..
Anyway have a great weekend with the love ones!
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10 things: Highlights of my 2010

It’s 24th of December today. 6 more days before the year ends. So many things happened to me, some of them bad, some of them great and some of them good.

Today I decided to share my most amazing moments in 2010.

#1) I love New Year. We usually went to KLCC for a family photo shoot. And right after that I have a lot of photos to scraps.. check it out on Life so far..


#2) Reunion of My SchoolMaahad Muar. I just couldn’t believe that I didn’t blogged about it. Anyway it was the best day of my life to see some old friends.

#3) Long Lost cousin. Such an interesting and amazing story. This could be the classic example of a Facebook story.

#4) Blog Love e-course. I just love it. So inspiring!


#5) I’ve been feature in Ben Ashaari’s Blog. That’s definitely the highlights of my day.

#6) My Birthday celebration at KLCC with Ayu.

#7) Jamuan Hari Raya Upin and Ipin. It was one of the best night.


#8) I got accepted to Sunshine Studio Creative Team

#9) Bloggers gathering with Ben Ashaari at Alamada. Love the crowd. meeting new friends and bloggers. I hope we can do it again next year. Maybe this time we make it girls day out! It should be interesting. We can make it a blog party and a scrapbook party all at once.


#10) My Top 10 highlights in 2010 so far.. amazing list

I would really love to see your list in 2010? How is your journey so far?


gambar wedding Ayu lagi.. banyak yang menarik untuk dikongsi bersama

jom kita tengok lagi.. apa gambar yang menarik lagi..

ayu19 menanti pengantin lelaki sampai ayu21
hemmm tak sabar menunggu saat-saat untuk diijabkabulkan ayu20 agak gementar juga .. ramai mata-mata yang memandang…ayu22 apa agaknya yang membuatkan pengantin lelaki tergelak.. or tersenyum..  I couldn’t tell..ayu23 Alahmdulillah selesai sudah.. menunggu para saksi menurunkan tandatangan..ayu24 cantik la mas kahwin ni... ayu17 bersama adik beradik pengantin perempuan

ayu25ada macam adik beradik tak? ayu26 ait.. jangan rebut rebut..

cukup dulu setakat ni ye… nanti kita sambung lagi… Mata dah mengantuk , hari pun dah larut malam.. Good night all..


Thursday, December 23, 2010

day 357 Project 365


- it’s back to school mood
- this does not belong to my daughter but it belongs to me.. heheh.. I love this hello kitty pencil case
- did some back to school shopping

My FB Status in 2010

Finally there’s an apps that can generate your status in 2010. I don’t think I remember what I wrote in January 2010

* I really watched Anugerah Juara Lagu this year and I don’t even remember I did that

** this is so much fun! I have like 40 pages of these status. I think I’ve reduce my Facebook status when I started to obsess with Twitter. All my updates now are mostly on Twitter.

do they have the same apps for Twitter? I would love to read the way back when.. status.. Anybody knows any apps that can do that?

10 things: Layouts I love in 2010

I've created a lot of layouts in 2010 and naturally I have a few that I really like.

#1) I can dreami.can.dream

I choose this layout because it’s reminder for me that I can dream. Not how silly the dream was it is still possible to achieve it

#2) haniz


This layout is a challenge I participate. All About Me challenge that you have to make to describe yourself using just images, no words.

#3) Taking Chances taking*chances

I really like this kit and this color combination. It was a fun layout to make

#4) I got a feeling


This one is by far my favorites. I even print it out and hang it on my wall. Every time I look at it I feel as sense of accomplishment and magic

#5) October


I like the simplicity of this layout. I am using a back to school kit with a different twist to it

#6)about a boy


the black and white combo with a touch of red and brown really works in this layout

#7) the girl


My sweet sweet girl. I like pink and everything that goes with it

#8) this is me


Black and white kit. I didn’t convert the photo to black and white just because I wanted the photo to stand out. This layout is reminder to me to just be myself.

#9) Now and Back then


I love looking at my old photos. It is just amazing to see myself way back when and now. Some things changes and some things just remain the same..

#10) Bionic


I love the music and the creativity of this singer. This layout is a reminder for me to not be afraid to express myself creatively. Not to give in into what’s common and what’s normal.

I am thinking of making a photo book of all the layout I make. I just need to find the time to organize and arrange them to fit my needs.

I hope you enjoy this little collection of mine.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

day 356 Project 365


Today is just like any other day. Go to work, get some work done, blogged, take a peak at facebook, twitting, texting an old friend, thinking about what can I do next to make my life better, exercise…oooo I really need to get my weight in control, thinking about him and wondering what my life would be like if I have all the time in the world to do things I love and get paid doing it.

amazingly the truth.. way back when

when I search through my piles of photos collection in 2009, I found out that a year ago today, 22 December 2009, I did not captured any photos! Not one photo either on my DSLR or on my phone!

I just can’t believe it! I only got photos for 21 December 2009 and 23 December 2009. Hemm what actually happened in my life on 22 December 2009?

21 December 2009 – I went to TV3 and Media Prima Office for a visit. It was organized by Kelab Pengurus Muda (I wonder what happened to that club?)


23 December 2009 – My High School Reunion. We meet for the first time after more than 20 years going our separate ways!


I really wish I could remember the details of 22 December 2009.

What is your photo look like a year ago today? Do you still look the same or you look more beautiful and wiser? Love to hear your story.

10 things: Photos I love in 2010

from my own collection. I took photos everyday, some days more than the other. Naturally I would have a few photos that I love. Not because of the great angel or technical perfection but because these photos really speak to me. 10things3

I love the feeling I have when I looked at them.

#1)  I love us even though sometimes I feel like screaming. I think we do look good together.


#2) Books and magazines are a must item that I bought every time I went to MPH Mid Valley. Love the smell of books


#3) One hot sunny day and my shadow was reflected on the grass.


#4) love the chaos and the noise around my office area during Youth Carnival


#5) my two boys.. hmmm somehow I looked slim in this photo. I likey!


#6) turning 39 and still love cupcakes and pink


#7) fun and relax mode at the office


#8) fun with Upin & Ipin


#9) girls just being girls


#10) sweet sweet Ayu


Do you have any favorite photos of 2010? Share with me. I would love to see your photos.

Love this template from craft-tastrophic


Craft-Templates Year-In-Review Blocked Months by Craft-tastrophic. Includes 14 templates. Each month plus 2010 and 2011 versions.
PSD layered templates . Personal Use S4HO, S4HF”

This is my layout using the above template with Loving 2 Love U kit 

June2010-web another inspiration from Sunshine Sweetie


by Jess


by Leia

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

day 355 : Project 365

Only 10 days left! Oh boy! And that means School Holiday is almost over. Somehow this year School Holiday seems to be moving faster than the last time.


* Back to school sales is everywhere
* lot of things to buy to get ready for school
  - books, school supplies, uniforms, shoes
* UPSR exam for one of my kid
* tuition class registration

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