Saturday, December 18, 2010

light and easy layout: today everything changes

I was so inspired to make a scrapbook page today and of course this couple is my main focus right now.

todayeverythingchanges-web Credit: Casual Attraction Kit by studio flergs and mglscraps.

It feels good to finally scrap again after so long. I really missed the feeling of creating something beautiful!

jom kita tengok gambar hari ini pulak

ayu07 it's so typical for the bride to be on a mobile phone all the time.. There's always thing need to be done.
ayu08 don't stress out Ayu. It's your wedding day!
ayu09 the very special guests posing zt the pelamin - Azila, Suhairina and Jennifer... and they are still available..
ayu10 another fun posed from the special guests
ayu11 I really love this photo. It really tell a story here. What a fun day, having a wedding when it was raining outside and windy! I had fun capturing this photo even though I was in a tent out from getting wet! heheheh…
I will share more fun photos later. For those who missed on yesterday photo click here.
a little recaps on today’s event:
* It was raining from morning till evening and it was windy too.
* I love the pink and cream theme color. Make me thing of ice cream
* the style here is a bit different than Johor. No toll and no mak andam.
* I wish I could do more to help out but I’m not really sure the custom here.
* I really wish the bride would stay on the pelamin and not moving around too much.. hehehe
* I love the details Ayu put into this wedding. Most of them were handmade.
* I wish I could stay longer

10 things: movie I love in 2010

I decided to make a top 10 list of things I love in 2010. It’s going to be a mini project for me to see how far I’ve grown (if any) and the things I did.
I am going to start with 10 movies I love this year. Some of them I blogged about and some of them I didn’t blog cause of the time limitation.
#1) Rapunzel – love everything about this movie
#2) Eat, Pray, Love – Julia Robert; love her.
#3) Magika – the only Malay movie I enjoyed watching
#4) Eclipse – I watched  the movie two times. I really really love the mountain scene (both the movie and the book!)
#5) The A-Team – it has everything – action, comedy and  a little bit of a love story
#6) The Loser – surprisingly good movie. I enjoyed it!
#7) The Last Song- I didn’t watch this at the cinema. I’m not sure why they did show it here. It’s a classic Nicholas Spark story. I cried at the end of the movie. It’s all about love – love for your family, love for nature and love for yourself. I love the music too.
#8) Social Network – this is usually not the kind of movie I enjoy watching. Somehow watching how the Facebook started really intrigue me.
#9) You Again – love this kind of movie, it’s fun and entertaining. And I love Kristin Bell
#10)  Inception   - Leonardo DiCaprio : Amazingly creative and a masterpiece!
So what’s on your list? Share with me if you are a movie addict like me..

right now….


* I am thinking how my life is going to be different after this
* I just finished having breakfast
* I am staying at ri-yaz heritage marina resort & spa



* I love the view. The cool and breezy weather create an English style scenery.
* the food is great too especially the ‘nasi dagang’
* looking forward to Ayu’s reception today
* I’m in love with Canon 5D.. still have a lot to learn on how to set up the camera setting to get a great photo.

Friday, December 17, 2010

marathon project 365-- day 349 till day 351

Life has been so hectic for me. I really need to squeeze some time to really catch up on things. Let's the catch up game begins! 351of365 * this is the day! Ayu got married and I am here to witness it! 350of365
* Love my grooming day. I took the day off and spend it treating myself at Slimming Sanctuary 349of365 * I was having a really bad Wednesday! I couldn't wait for this day to be over. Luckily the day ended with a great discussion with a good company

this what kept me busy today: Ayu the bride: Amir the groom!

I arrived here around lunch time. This is the first time I went to a Malay wedding, Terengganu style. It’s a bit different that Johorean style that’s for sure.
* It’s a bit relax and direct to the point.
* the tok iman already prepare a text for the groom to say during ‘akad’. So it’s a bit less stressful for the groom.
* there's a bit of tazkirah in the beginning

These are some of the eye candies I took during the event. Enjoy!

* Ayu, right after the makeup session. ayu03 * This is me posing with the lovely coupleayu06 * this is me with the bride

* I love this photo. The background really works with this pose!ayu04

** hehehe.. so sweet!


more to come.. probably the video of the akad.. if only I can figure out how to download the video from my phone….

today is the day where everything changes

* I arrived at Pulau Kerengga around 2:30pm
* I am so happy to see Ayu, hemmm she looks tired
* the bride to be is taking the time to update her blog while waiting for “the mak andam” to arrive
* I am so excited and nervous all at the same time
* It is raining outside, making the temperature here cool and breezy
* Life is pretty busy and hectic for me lately. I am hoping that next week everything will be back to normal
* I really missed my computer time and my digi scrapping time.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

my random Khamis

* it's hard to wake up and feel excited about life but i'm sure gonna try
* looking forward to my grooming session at my favorite place
* can't wait to hold 5D in my hand
* have some shopping to do
* thinking of upgrading my makeup set
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One year of memories by Fanette & Bellisae


I just love this layout by Fanette & Bellisae- One year of memories

Amazingly beautiful and sweet. I love the color, makes me think of chocolate and ice cream



I just can’t resist this My Life and Story: July 2010 by jude_t

It’s a great idea for my Project 365 and 30 days of gratitude. Multiple photos scrapping is always a challenge for me. Now I a have a few sample that really works with multiple photos. Can't wait to try this idea

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Beautifully Put


Image from

My fantasy world seem so much better than reality. I’ve always dream about him since like forever. I don’t know why my subconscious mind kept thinking about him. It always the same theme. Me and him ended up together regardless of the situation. Every time I woke up I can remember the dream so vividly and the feeling too.  Am I suppose to look for him and find some kind of closure?  Should I just let it be and enjoy the dream while I still can? This is the thing that make you go hemmmmm…..

Jom puasa esok! 14 things you can do on “Hari Asyura”

1.Melapangkan masa / belanja anak, suami & isteri
fadhilat - Allah akan melapangkan hidupnya pada tahun ini.
2. Memuliakan fakir miskin
fadhilat - Allah akan melapangkannya dalam kubur nanti.
3. Menahan marah
fadhilat - Di akhirat nanti Allah akan memasukkannya ke dalam golongan yang ridha.
4. Menunjukkan orang sesat
fadhilat - Allah akan memenuhkan cahaya iman dalam hatinya.
5. Menyapu / mengusap kepala anak ya
fadhilat - Allah akan mengurniakan sepohon pokok di syurga bagi tiap-tiap rambut yang di sapunya.
6. Bersedekah
fadhilat - Allah akan menjauhkannya daripada neraka sekadar jauh seekor gagak terbang tak berhenti-henti dari kecil sehingga ia mati. Diberi pahala seperti bersedekah kepada semua fakir miskin di dunia ini.
Memelihara kehormatan diri
fadhilat - Allah akan mengurniakan hidupnya sentiasa diterangi cahaya keimanan.
8. Mandi Sunat
fadhilat - Tidak sakit (sakit berat)pada tahun itu
lafaz niat : 'Sahaja aku mandi sunat hari Asyura kerana Allah Taala'
9. Bercelak
fadhilat - tidak akan sakit mata pada tahun itu.
10. Membaca Qulhuwallah hingga akhir seribu kali
fadhilat - Allah akan memandanginya dengan pandangan rahmah diakhirat nanti.
11. Sembahyang sunat empat rakaat
fadhilat - Allah akan mengampunkan dosanya walau telah berlarutan selama 50 tahun melakukannya. lafaz niat : 'Sahaja aku sembahyang sunat hari Asyura empat rakaat kerana Allah Taala' Pada rakaat pertama dan kedua selepas fatihah di baca Qulhuwallah sebelas kali.
12. Membaca'hasbiyallahhu wani'mal wakil wa ni'mal maula wa ni'mannasiiru'
fadhilat - Tidak mati pada tahun ini .
13. Menjamu orang berbuka puasa
fadhilat - Diberi pahala seperti memberi sekalian orang Islam berbuka puasa.
14. Puasa
Niat - 'Sahaja aku berpuasa esok hari sunat hari Asyura kerana Allah Taala'
fadhilat - Diberi pahala seribu kali Haji, seribu kali umrah dan seribu kali syahid dan diharamkannya daripada neraka.

Something to share with my Muslim friends. Make plan for tomorrow to do all of these things. Who knows maybe next year you will not be here to celebrate it. In case you are not here tomorrow then you will get  "pahala" for planning and intention. That is something! You got nothing to loose!

Puasa Asyyura_Page_1

Puasa Asyyura_Page_2

Puasa Asyyura_Page_3

something to make you laugh early this morning

Teach Parents Tech? hehehe.. Open-mouthed smileAre You Retweeting Mashable? YUp everybody is doing it including me Yahoo? What Yahoo? I don't even realize that Yahoo is down.. heheh..

Addicted to Twitter

I am so addicted!

imageI am sure this will happen to one of us when we start blogging or tweeting for "the company"

I haven’t done this in a long time…

and today it’s back!! My latest Freebies Template #13. I am so sorry I’ve been missing a few entries for the last few days. I was very busy with my day work and I was at a place where the internet connection was slow and unstable. Can you believe it! Life without internet? I missed it so much. I was dying to update my blog every few hours but the schedule was a bit pack and the internet connection was so slow.

Anyway I have a treat for all of you. I decided to make another template. It has been a long time since I did one of this. It’s template #13. To check out some other free templates click here.


I hope you enjoy this. To download click here or on the image.

Have fun and creative Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

day 348 Project 365


This is the photo for today. Oh boy! I look a bit tired and exhausted. Just got back from Trolak, Perak. I’ve been away for three days and have very limited internet time. I’ve missed my virtual and blog world so much. I felt like I’ve been missing a lot.

I saw you again today and I am not really excited. Nothing about you makes me excited anymore. Somehow my darkest side seems to enhance when you are around. And I don’t really like that. It makes me come out with something like these….

“Don't you know that I am the only girl for a reason. Not many girls can stand my beauty and my charm. They'll die out of pure jealousy!” ~~ hanizeyecandy

“Awak kata awak nak hidup yg simple je tapi kenapa awak banyak bawa masaalah dlm hidup saya?” ~~ hanizeyecandy

“I am confuse here. Who am I to you again?” ~~ hanizeyecandy


day 347 Project 365

347of365 This should be for yesterday entry but I was so tired and so busy and didn’t really have a good internet connection over there.
This is a photo I taken while visiting Hot Spring, Sungkai Perak. This Bunga Raya (Hibiscus) seems so beautiful among all the green.

I shouldn't be in here!

#1. I just love the smell of books
#2. The temptation is too great and I am too weak to resist
#3. There's always new books that I want
#4. It feels like home to me. Hemmm why I didn't find a job in a bookstore is realy a mystery to me
#5. The stationaries and gifts items are so amazingly pink and beautiful! I wonder if my daughter need this cute scrapbook album. Hemmm
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Monday, December 13, 2010

#FollowFriday, I know I know it's Monday

"Life goes on and there's no way to stop it. Sometimes things work out and sometimes they don't. That's just the way it is." #JWSI

"When my internet is down, I completely forget that the rest of the computer still works" @JustWannaSayIt

"You change for two reasons. Either you learn enough that you want to or you've been hurt enough that you have to" @JustWannaSayIt

Very interesting quotes from this lady. Follow her at
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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Have fun with your handwriting at

This is amazing site. Finally I can make fonts with my own handwriting. It is a free site where you can write your own fonts , scan them, upload them and the site will generate the font for you. When it's done you can download them to your pc and install the font. It is that simple.


This is my handwriting.


This is my eldest son's handwriting. I like to use his font for journaling.


This is my second son’s handwriting.


And this is ayu's handwriting. She can really create some cool handwriting.

Have fun!

day 346 Project 365 and some randomness

It’s Sunday and I am not at home relaxing in my room. I am at Trolak, a place far from town.
Some Sunday Randomness * I wish so badly that I am at home right now
* I am hoping that today event run smoothly
* doing everything myself is very exhausting
* I am really happy that I can get internet connection here. I was a bit worry when I first arrived.
* With limited internet time, I am hoping to catch up on some reading
* I am wondering where I can get some decent food for my kids. I’ll probably sneak them in. Hopefully they don’t mind. Open-mouthed smile
* I just can’t stand the screaming

a little reminder every time I felt like quitting my job…

“I admit it's tempting to wish for the perfect boss - the perfect parent - or the perfect outfit. But maybe the best any of us can do is not quit, play the hand we've been dealt, and accessorize what we've got.” --Carrie [Sex & The City]


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