Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kit Showcase: Eskimo Kisses

Wimpychompers has a new kit in store called Eskimo Kisses. Available now at ScrapMatters.

“The snow is falling but the kids are bundled up tight. This is a beautiful and soft collection that makes you think of cool weather and warm hearts.”


This is my layout using the above kit. congratulation-web


day 331:P365…. and currents

I choose this photo from our session today as photo of the day. It’s day 331 today. This photo really speaks to me. It tells a story about them and their relationship.



credit: taken from flickr ~~~ Blu3wings

listening: to Taylor Swift new album “Speak Out”.
eating: nothing at the moment.
drinking: milk
wearing: black T-shirt and black pants.
feeling: sick, tired and happy all at once.  
weather: HOT even though it’s night.
wanting: for life to get back to normal.
needing: to do some groceries shopping.
thinking: SERIOUSLY?? I am not in your story, why do you always keep me in the middle? 
enjoying: my weekend.
wondering: are you thinking about me at the moment?
watching: Charmed Final Season



Di petang yang amat digin dan membosankan ini, tertarik pulak nak join segmen REDAH AKU DAN KAU PUNYA OLEH BEN ASHAARI. Memang menarik dan kreatif. Pada sesiapa yang nak join klik sini ya.
Ok back to business. 5 entiries that I think worth the look at Ben Ashaari’s blogs are:
tempat pertemuan pertama Ady dengan Ben—hehehe
terkejut tengok Ben lain dari gambar dalam facebook—heheheh
#5) Sabtu - Jogging kah kitorang ????
** miss la enrty Ben yang lama-lama.. penuh dengan gambar.. hehehe
And now my top 5 entries that I think you should read.. hemmm.. which one to choose?
Here goes nothing
#1) Jejak Kasih : My long lost cousin
#2) Eclipse giveaway, Celebration and day 330:P365
#3) something that captured my eyes and I think deserved some attention!
#4) Reminder: Keeping things simple
#5) Let go of the past

, originally uploaded by F. AL-BISHER.
I hope you enjoy my selection as I enjoy making them. Hope you will be happy and inspired leaving this blog.. and craving for more..perhaps? heheheOpen-mouthed smile
Spread the Red heart people…

Jejak Kasih : My long lost cousin

I just don’t really know where to begin. No words can describe how I felt at the moment. Abg Rashid is my cousin. I don’t really know him because when I was growing up , he was studying in the States. After a while he became the long lost cousin. Somehow the communication between him and his family was disconnected. And that was 22 years ago.  I am not really sure the detail of the story.

To make the long story short, Facebook has made it possible for Abg Rashid to be found! Amazing! Some facts about the reunion.
* Abg Rashid’s friend found Kak Dada (Abg Rashid’s sister) on facebook
* they communicated just to make sure they were talking about the same person
* Kak Dada got Abg Rashid phone no. She called him for the first time and the rest was history
* the news spread via phone and facebook among the cousins
* all the family members were so excited with the news.
* After that Abg Rashid got his own facebook (he doesn’t have one before this)
* I added him and communicated for the first time with him via facebook chat. We’ve been chatting a lot since that day.
Amazingly he remembered me! His memories are surprisingly good.
* His sister and his mother planned to see him in November. Arrangement was made and.. this is what happened..
* They meet for the first time and the family here in Malaysia can witness it too!

* Pertemuan yang sangat menyentuh hati
* It brings tears to my eyes
* I can’t wait to meet him next year
* the video was edited by my other cousin Faizal


this lovely couple.. wishing them all the best

Saturday morning starts a bit late for me. Oh boy I was feeling so sick since last night. I really hope this cough and this flue will go away soon. My sleeps was disturbed by this annoying ringing—that phone did stop ringing –who would called this late at night. Luckily my cough medicine kick in and I doze off into my zzzland.
Some announcement I would like to make. Ayu and Amir is finally engaged! I am so happy for them.
Today I have the opportunity to take some photos of this lovely couple.

Venue: hanizeyecandy-land
Time: 11:45am – 12:30pm
Makeup: firzarafairyland

ayu02 maha_ev_stamped border2ayu01 maha_ev_stamped border2ayu03

maha_ev_stamped border2
I am really glad they choose me to be apart of their important day. I’ll do what I can to prepare her mentally, emotionally and spiritually till the big day. It can be overwhelm sometimes if you wanted to do it all yourself.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Eclipse giveaway, Celebration and day 330:P365

I am very excited  because today mark the last day of journey with 30 days of gratitude project that I started in October 28th. 2010. It has been an interesting journey for me. Life is really beautiful when you look for the beauty and little things to be thankful for.
I cannot end this project without saying thank you to all my blog readers. All of you has been an inspiration to me either through your own blogs or all your comments.

day 30 : thankful for my blog readers

To show my appreciation and gratitude, for the first time ever, I am giving away this book to one lucky reader.
Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer
It is still in a good condition. I really enjoy this book and I would really like to give this away so that others can enjoy it too.
[I am really sorry to all my international readers because this giveaway is only within Malaysia. I can only afford to mail this gift locally]
 How to win?
* tulis komen anda pada 'entry' ini , supaya saya tahu anda berminat
   (leave your comment here, so I know that you are interested)
* jadi follower jika belum (be my follower)
Close date: December 20th 2010
I will pick the winner randomly and announced it here on December 21st 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010

day 329:P365 ~~ gratitude for abeautifulmess

Well, my 30 days of gratitude project is almost over and I cannot end this project without giving thank to the blog and artist who inspired me all these years. She is elsie and abeautifulmess is her blog. I’ve been following her for more than two years and I really like her art and her outlook on life. Every time I feel sad and depress I’ve always turn to her blog. It’s so inspiring, fresh and beautiful.
day 29: thankful for elsie and abeautifulmess


the way she look at the world is so beautiful. She is also the reason I discovered flickr. And I am also thankful for that too. 


Black Friday: sales every where in digi world

Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States, traditionally the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.[citation needed] On this day many U.S. retailers open very early, often at 5 a.m., and offer promotional sales to kick off the shopping season. Because Thanksgiving always falls on the fourth Thursday in November in the United States, the day after occurs between the 23rd and the 29th of November.” source wikipedia

American celebrate thanksgiving this Thursday and they have a long weekend break to spend time with the family. For the rest of us it means sales every where in digital scrapbook world! Yeah for me.. heheheh

image Digishoptalk as always will have a masterlist of all the sales. Click here or on the image to view the list.


some of the store / designers I will check out are:

Armina Designs – 50% off
Elemental Scraps
Lliella Designs
Natali Designs
My weekend will probably be very busy checking all these great sales.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

willpower : Inspirational Quotes

"It’s not that some people have willpower and some don’t. It’s that some people are ready to change and others are not." - James Gordon

credit: photo taken from flickr by Natalie Joy

Freebies at W3 blog

There’s an adorbale freebies by W3 Tirsha at Wimpychompers Wonder Women blog, made from these cute kit His first love.



To download the freebies  and more click here. Enjoy!

day 328: P365 ~~ gratitude for recovery software

I am really happy that today Ridhuan, managed to recover my photos from Friday night event. It was the most important event for our department and I really hate to screw this one up. Most of the important photos were recovered. I’ve forgot the name of the software.

Day 28: Thankful for recovery software for compact flash card



Our KSU receiving ISMS Cert for NRE File0055a this is me , dressing up for the event File0013a



Tiba-tiba je terasa nak join contest ni.. For more details click here.
Masih belum terlambat untuk join. Jom join.

this is the photo of my family
so far they are all in a good mood.

This photo was taken on 1/1/2010 at KLCC park. We did this photo session annually on every 1st day of the year as a family for the last 9 years. It's really amazing to see how your children grow up yearly and how dynamic they are. So many facial expression here! Ada yang macam dah malas je nak tangkap gambar.
Tak tahu la tahun hadapan mereka berminat lagi ke tidak.
So far I've managed to convince them to come and entertain me. heheheh.

Another Lovely Wednesday

credit: photo from kris atomic
I’ve been away from the office for a while now. I’m sure today I’ll have a lot of things to do.* planning for portal upgrading
* attend meeting this morning
* check up on SPA implementation
* check up on Permit application development
* schedule for December leave|
* bills payment
* hoping that everything will run smoothly without any hiccup
* take 20 minutes break to spread love – blog, layouts
* schedule 40 minutes at the end of the day to do my daily workout
* spend at least 20  minutes to catch up on my reading

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

one more thing before I go.. Lovely layouts

For your eyecandy this late at night to inspire you. Something beautiful that caught my eyes tonight. Enjoy!

#1) Questions by dodiesa

#2) Replay by madigirl


#3) Everyday by LeeAndra


Good night everyone and sweet dreams.

looking for tuition center for your kids?

If you live near Bangi, check out "Pusat Tuisyen Minda Elit” One of the best in town. I am really happy with my kid result.


I send my son  (Form One) student here early this year and for the final exams he scored A on all three subjects – English, Math and Science!  I will definitely continue to send my son there and will add Bahasa Malaysia (BM) to the list. He really need help with his BM. For more info contact 019-742 3669. It might be the best gift you could give your child!

day 327:Project 365~~~ gratitude for my hands

Today is day 327 of 365. I just can’t believe it! It really has been a blast for me. Love every moment of it.

“Of course there are so many parts to choose from. It could be your eyes for what they take in or your legs for where they take you. It may even be a part that doesn't work quite right but it may be a springboard for finding gratitude for in other ways. Please share a big or little gratitude for a big or little part of your body today.” ideas from

So today, I would like to be thankful for my hands. With them I can do so many things – blogging, texting, cooking, cleaning, touching,. I know my life would not be the same without it!

Day 27: thankful for my hands


* I am happy to be home with my family, sitting alone in my room with my computer and Life Unexpected playing in my hi fi stereo. Home sweet home.

Lovely Quotes: ~~~Creativity~~~

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep." - Scott Adams Last One Standing

day 326:Project 365 ~~~ gratitude for food

I am so thankful that I live in a country that is rich with culture and food. Right here we can experience variety of foods from different country. The food in Tawau here is different than what I used to.

Day 26: thankful for food


this what kept me busy this last few days: Tawau trip

Tawau trip was a successes. We did have our meetfings and discussion about network planning for our agencies and did some application and network  audit while we were day.

* we meet some new colleague from all over the country. It was amazing.



* I am happy to be back home. Living at a place with less fortunate, makes me realize how lucky I am. Makes me feel so thankful for all the technology and fast internet connection that I used to take for granted.

* finally I can update my blog without any hassle. Yeah!IMG_1106a

Sunday, November 21, 2010

10 things : small things that make my day

Sometimes it is a good idea to keep a list of things that brings you joy. We seldom forget about the little things that makes us happy and content on a daily basis. Life itself is a bliss. We just have to stop focusing on what other people have and focus more on what we do have. Here go my lists!
1) this layout: 4 Simple Goals


2) this TV Show: Desperate Housewives 
Watching all of these people with their own little secrets and their own problems, makes mine seems so small. I love that they add Vanessa William to the cast.

3) this social networking : Twitter ---> currently I am obsessed  with it.


4) this blog: color me katie–> I love the eyecandy at this blog
5) this song: “Insya Allah” by Maher Zain


6) and this song: What a girl wants

7) this book: Twilight–> Still love this.

8) this toy: Canon 50D 
I could always find a reason to fall in love with this camera all over again.

9) these kids:

10) this favorite hang out of the day; ScrapbookGraphics. I really like the look and feel of this site. I felt inspired after browsing through the shops and gallery. Yeah!

Come to think of it, there are so many little things that make me happy and content in 24 hours. So I don’t really have the time to be sad for more than a few minutes.

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