Saturday, November 6, 2010

facebook: it’s changes everything

A few years ago people don’t even bother with facebook. Suddenly lately it’s all the rage. The government even has to make a new policy on how or when public servants can use facebook. There’s a lot of debate on the good and the bad of facebook. Like any other tools and technology the problem will always be the human factor.

As for me facebook has changed my life completely. So many good things that came into my life was because of facebook.
5 things that made my lists are:

1. a new way to keep in touch with friends and family
2. the fastest way to get you message to all your friends
3. a place where you find your long lost friend or family
4. make you feel less lonely seeing all your friends online keeping you company
5. it’s a new way to communicate without using a phone

I made this layout using Heart and Soul Kit from the digichick designers.facebook-web


So how does facebook changed your life?

day 310 p365: gratitude for my weekend

Life can be brutally busy with work and other stuffs. Without weekend, you  might be missing with living your life.

Day 10: I am grateful for my weekend


* I love that I can spend my weekend with my kids
* I can do things that I love
* relaxing at home and taking my time to just be
* watching Smallville Season 1 while hunting for digital kits

All Grown up with Artful Blend

Another beautiful elements and papers from Sunshine Studio Scraps.
This one is a mix and match element and papers.

allgrownup-web Credit: Template Pack 5 by Christy Haig, Artful Blend Elements by Jill Dzines and Artful Blend Red, Orange, & Yellow Papers by Jill Dzines

Kit showcase: Muted Moments

It’s Saturday and another line of great kit is available at Sunshine Studio Scraps.
Cari Cruise has another great kit called Muted Moments. It contains 12 papers and 38 elements.

Muted Moments


this is my layout with the above kit


digital scrapbook day and garden whimpsy

I’ve been eyeing this kit for awhile now. I am so glad that it’s on sale right now. Naturally I am grabbing this and making layout with it. It’s such a fun and colorful kit to play with. Visit Flergs store for more great kits.


and this is my layout with the above kit


Friday, November 5, 2010

what I think? Unstoppable, Life as we know it and you again

These were a few movies I've been watching in a week time.

#1) Unstoppable

“A 20th Century Fox drama about a runaway train carrying a cargo of toxic chemicals, pits an engineer and his conductor in a race against time. They’re chasing the runaway train in a separate locomotive and need to bring it under control before it derails on a curve and causes a toxic spill that will decimate a town.”

* not bad watching denzel washington and chris pine together
* the storyline is simple and predictable
* it feels like Speed and Daylight
* making the best out of the worst situation is basically the theme of this story

#2) Life as we know it

“Two single adults become caregivers to an orphaned girl when their mutual best friends die in an accident.”

* the baby is way too cute and Josh Duhamel is also an eyecandy
* this is another fun movie
* some times you are force to grow up
* love has a way of finding you when you least expected

#3) You Again

“When a young woman realizes her brother is about to marry the girl who bullied her in high school, she sets out to expose the fiancée's true colors.”

* I love this fun movie and I love Kristin Bell
* sometimes you just can’t help it when some people makes you feel worthless
* self esteem is not an easy thing to built

day 309 p365: gratitude for the stories told in DVD

I went to Speed video today just browsing through all the DVDs in store. Suddenly it hit me that a DVD in my hand it’s not just another movie, it’s a story told visually and with soundtrack.These stories have touches me in so many ways, helped me through my darkest moment, helped see things in perspective and some of them even made me laugh.

So today I am so thankful that people keep making and telling stories through movies or TV series and pack them into DVD format. I can watch them anytime I want and relive the moment over and over again.

Day 9: grateful for stories told in DVD format


I can't believe I forgot to reinstall blogger-droid

After I upgrade my x10 to android 2 , I have to reinstall all my installed apps. Too bad I didn't keep an inventory of all my installed apps. Blogger droid is one useful apps to blog right from your phone.
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Thursday, November 4, 2010

it’s already started : Digital Scrapbook Day everyone!

It means great sales everywhere in digiland and great challenges too. Can’t really wait for the weekend to start.

Lily Design Sales is already started. Visit her store here.

Lily designs

Digishoptalk has compile all the sales that is happening on DSD weekend. Click here for the list.


day 308, gratitude for my kids understanding

I have a very hectic and busy day today. Barely have time to eat. I’ve always thinking, planning and trying to make my boss happy. In all this chaos, I have three kids that really depend on me. I am so thankful that my kids are very understanding of my commitment to my work. When I called them that I’ll be late today, they don’t make such a big fuss about it. They are self reliant and independent. Thanks darling for your support and understanding.

Day 8: i am thankful for my kids understanding


** i know, i should have snapped my kids photo, it’s just that I am too tired to do it. i took this photo early this morning .. me fill with anticipation and can’t really wait for today to be over ***

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

day 307, gratitude for my daughter

Having a daughter is so much fun. Being the only girl in my family, I usually by myself. I never really had anyone that I can totally relate to. Life was hard back than. Every since I had a daughter 8 years ago, life has never been the same. I’m enjoying the little things that make us girls and all the the girly stuff doesn’t makes me sick anymore. Thank you honey for showing me how to be comfortable in my own skin.

Day 7, gratitude for my daughter


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Taylor Swift - Mine

New Album from Taylor Swift: Speak Now.
As always, another amazing and beautiful song from this talented young singer.
Taylor Swift Pictures, Images and Photos

I can't get enough of her. I'm in love with her new album.
Taylor Swift Pictures, Images and Photos

Charice - Pyramid [featuring Iyaz] (Viral Video)

I can't get this song out of my head. Love it!!

day 306, gratitude life with colors

Every time I look all around me, all I can see are colors. It’s amazing how a room a feel alive when you put a vase of flower in it. It’s simply breath taking when you can see a color purple or pink in a land of green. Some how that touch of color makes life a better place. So I am really bless and thankful to be living in a world that is rich with beautiful colors in them.

Day 6: gratitude for colors


Sugar Cookie : November collabs at Sunshine Studio Scraps

November is here and it’s time for another great collabs from Sunshine Studio Scraps Designers.

Sugar Cookie consists of 29 beautifully textured papers, and over 80 elements including word strips, doodles, and many other unique items. Also you'll find 1 alpha and 1 template. This grab bag can be used to scrap a multitude of different things, not just Christmas, so don't miss this great deal! “


This is my layout using the above kit


Monday, November 1, 2010

show a little gratitude

I would like to showcase Christina's new kit called We Give Thanks Kit and We Give Thanks alpha. Available at Scrap Matters.


This is a perfect kit for your thanksgiving layout or any layout with gratitude in mind.

This is my layout using the above kit to get you inspire.


day 305, gratitude for my health

I have been bless with health. I am able to live my life like a normal and healthy individual. No dependency on any medicine or any equipment. This is something I usually take for granted. Now at the age of 39 I really have to take of my body and step in my maintenance routine.

Day 5: gratitude for my health

Social Media Power 101

What is Social Media?

To me social media is connecting with people who cares using technology. There are thousands of social media application available out there but for this entry I would like to focus more on this three social media: Twitter, Facebook and Flickr which you can use not only for personal but also for your organisation.
Introducing Twitter
1. Micorblogging
   It is simple and can only have 140 character per tweet
   It’s asking What are you doing?
2. Real time
   what you update will be broadcast to all your followers in real time
What it looks like?
First thing you should do
1. Create a twitter account
2. Create an Inviting Twitter Profile – your profile photo, your bio and your location
3. Become a follower
5 things you should know when tweeting
#1. Hashtag – # is the way you organize your subject or your thoughts
#2. Mention or Reply – @ you use this symbol when you want to mention either your follower or any other people on Twitter
#3. Retweet – RT – you use this when you want to repeat other people’s tweet
#4. Shorten URL – it’s important to shorten your URL when your tweets are more than 140 character. example
#5. Photo – you can tweet photos either using flickr, photobucket or twitpic. If you tweet using Tweetdeck or Hootsuite, they will have a photo sharing website to host the photo
Example of other government on twitter
Twitter: Top Twitter Tools Exposed & Explained at Lightning Speed!
Facebook has become one of the tools for communication in todays’ world. People are no longer ask for your phone number or you email. They will ask, are you on Facebook, friend me. It has become your online business card or your identity in cyberworld.
So the need for organisation to have a Facebook page is there and it’s about time that we do.
Introducing Facebook FanPage
#1) Create a Facebook FanPage from your personal account
#2) Create your FanPage profile with photo and information about your organisation or your blog
#3) Invite your friends to become a fan of your page
#4) It is important to populate your content with things that are relevant to your organisation. And the most important thing is you must keep the information current and up to date. This is where your public will see you and communicate with you.
example of other government facebook fanpage
Related resources
Facebook helpdesk center
Hootsuite Tool
Now to the fun part on how to put everything together using Hootsuite tool.
Why Hootsuite?
1. It’s a web base application. All you need is a web browser and internet
2. You can manage multiple social media account in one application
3. You can schedule your updates
4. You can monitor what people are talking about your subject of interest in one interface
Hootsuite Beginner Tutorial HootSuite Tutorial Part II: Status Updates

Flickr is one of the top photo sharing website on the internet. It has a free version and it has pro version.

Introducing flickr
#1) Create a yahoo account
#2) Login to your flickr with your yahoo account
#3) Personalize your flickr profile
#4) Upload your photos
#5) Connect with other flickr members

Other Resources
A Flickr tutorial for photographer
Something Fun for you on Flickr
20 Reasons Why You Should Use Flickr
Government related Flickr
#1) Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Bin Tun Hj Abd Razak
#2) President Barack Obama

sweet november

My november lists

#1 finalize all unfinished project
#2 making time to finish my simple goals
#3 making effort to improve my skills
#4 start planning for next yr skt
#5 getting excited to finish my 365 project
#6 document and backup all my data
#7 reorganize my home to fit with my daily activities
#8 weight mangement in place
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Sunday, October 31, 2010

day 304 , gratitude :USB pen drive

I can't begin to imagine how this little device changes my life. It begin with 512MB storage to save a few files and now thing device grow bigger in storage and shrinking in size. Now they have this flash drive up to 16GB Red roseand probably more. With this, I can saved my digital photos, music and movies in it. Right now most of TV, DVD player, hi fi stereo and car CD player comes with USB port attached to it.

DAY 4: USB Pen Drive304of365

Beautiful Day and Templates Vol. 4

Sunday is here and it’s the last day in October. Tomorrow is November and the end of the year is approaching. Lots of things need to be cross out from my to do list for this year.
To scraps multiple photos, you can use Templates Vol 4 by Donna Duncombe Designs. Available at Funky Playground Designs.
Templates Vol.4
This is the kit I used using the above Template.
Beautiful Day
This is my layout  using the above template and kit
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