Saturday, October 23, 2010

Let go of the past

, originally uploaded by F. AL-BISHER.
Let go of guilt; it’s okay to make
the same mistakes again.
Let go of obsessions; they seldom
turn out the way you planned.
Let go of hate: it’s a waste of love.
Let go of blaming others: you are
responsible for your own destiny.
Let go of fantasies so reality can come true
Let go of self-pity; someone else may need you
Let go of wanting; cherish what you have
Let go of fear; it’s a waste of faith
Let go of despair; change comes
from acceptance and forgiveness
Let go of the past; the future is here- right now.

~ Kathleen O’Brien

Kit showcase: Alohilani sky and Basic Notepaper 2 alpha

Another great weekend at Sunshine Studio Scraps.This one is called Alohilani Sky by pink flamingo designs.


This lovely alpha called Basic Notepaper 2 by pink flamingo designs.

This is my layout using the above kit currents-web

today is all about you: Hazwan—> day 296

He is officially 11 years old today. 11 years ago, today my second son (hazwan) was born. I can still remember the day vividly. How hard it was to for me, enduring 13 hours of labor. I was rewarded with this beautiful and healthy baby boy.


some random things that we did today
* family outing
* buying some gifts for him
* eating Italian food
* taking photos
* cupcakes and ice creams
* somehow he lost appetite for toys

Sosial Media and Us

What is Social Media?

To me social media is connecting with people who cares using technology. There are thousands of social media application available out there but for this entry I would like to focus more on this three social media: Twitter, Facebook and Flickr which you can use not only for personal but also for your organisation.
Introducing Twitter
1. Micorblogging
   It is simple and can only have 140 character per tweet
   It’s asking What are you doing?
2. Real time
   what you update will be broadcast to all your followers in real time
What it looks like?
First thing you should do
1. Create a twitter account
2. Create an Inviting Twitter Profile – your profile photo, your bio and your location
3. Become a follower
5 things you should know when tweeting
#1. Hashtag – # is the way you organize your subject or your thoughts
#2. Mention or Reply – @ you use this symbol when you want to mention either your follower or any other people on Twitter
#3. Retweet – RT – you use this when you want to repeat other people’s tweet
#4. Shorten URL – it’s important to shorten your URL when your tweets are more than 140 character. example
#5. Photo – you can tweet photos either using flickr, photobucket or twitpic. If you tweet using Tweetdeck or Hootsuite, they will have a photo sharing website to host the photo
Example of other government on twitter
Twitter: Top Twitter Tools Exposed & Explained at Lightning Speed!
Facebook has become one of the tools for communication in todays’ world. People are no longer ask for your phone number or you email. They will ask, are you on Facebook, friend me. It has become your online business card or your identity in cyberworld.
So the need for organisation to have a Facebook page is there and it’s about time that we do.
Introducing Facebook FanPage
#1) Create a Facebook FanPage from your personal account
#2) Create your FanPage profile with photo and information about your organisation or your blog
#3) Invite your friends to become a fan of your page
#4) It is important to populate your content with things that are relevant to your organisation. And the most important thing is you must keep the information current and up to date. This is where your public will see you and communicate with you.
example of other government facebook fanpage
Related resources
Facebook helpdesk center
Hootsuite Tool
Now to the fun part on how to put everything together using Hootsuite tool.
Why Hootsuite?
1. It’s a web base application. All you need is a web browser and internet
2. You can manage multiple social media account in one application
3. You can schedule your updates
4. You can monitor what people are talking about your subject of interest in one interface
Hootsuite Beginner Tutorial HootSuite Tutorial Part II: Status Updates

Flickr is one of the top photo sharing website on the internet. It has a free version and it has pro version.

Introducing flickr
#1) Create a yahoo account
#2) Login to your flickr with your yahoo account
#3) Personalize your flickr profile
#4) Upload your photos
#5) Connect with other flickr members

Other Resources
A Flickr tutorial for photographer
Something Fun for you on Flickr
20 Reasons Why You Should Use Flickr
Government related Flickr
#1) Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Bin Tun Hj Abd Razak
#2) President Barack Obama

Jom Join –> Zero Negativity Day - The 15th

Another great way to celebrate Positivity. I can see scrapbook project all over this idea. Maybe taking 15th positive photos on that day, scrap and blog about it.

Zero Negativity Day - The 15th

“Tired of being surrounded by negative vibes? Tired of being negative? Negativity inflicting your day, your work, your relationship, your system?
Let's change it together.
Let's celebrate the 15th of every month as NO NEGATIVE STATUS IN FACEBOOK DAY. You take the first step, and then invite others!
A step a day, take the negativity away.”
to join click here!.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 295: Project 365:2010

Today is day 295 of 356. Less than one hundred days left in 2010. Wow! I can still remember the first day I started with this project way back in January. I never really thought I make it this far. Here I am on day 295, still clicking and standing.
My randomness:
* today I am feeling a little bit depress. I am not really sure why.
* don’t really have the energy and the passion to do anything
* I really have to force myself to make a scrapbook page. It helps a bit.
* I watched Desperate Housewives latest season
* hanging out with my friend Timmy really helps my mood.


After the Jump is a feature which lets you create expandable post summaries in your blog posts, so longer posts appear as an intro with a link to Read More

Creating jump breaks in your blog posts can be easily done right from the post editor, without the need for any HTML changes. First, decide where in the post you want to create the jump break, and place your cursor in that position:

suddenly i am in the mood for twilight

I just realize something. I haven’t make any layout with this kit that I bought earlier this year, called Dreamcather by Flergs.
I don’t know why I am in the mood for twilight. The way I am feeling today reminds me a lot of what Jacobs was feeling in breaking dawn. It’s so painful but somehow I just can’t break away.


October Color Splash: Sunshine Studio

Hello all! It's that time of the month again for Color Splash. I just love the color theme for this month- pink/brown and green.


Pink Swear Papers by Ellie Lash
image  Granny’s Attic Elements by craft-tastrophic

There’s a lot of beautiful product in the color splash collection this month. Check them out here.

This is my layout using the above product


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Another great apps for android

love all the effects and cool things you can do with the photo wonder apps.
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Currents: 21.10.2010

listening: Bionic by christina aguilera
eating: red bean bread
drinking: yougurt
wearing: t-shirt 
feeling: exhausted and angry
weather: hot.
wanting: more hours in a day
needing: to take a year off
thinking: traveling the world
enjoying: Supernatural S5
wondering: why am I here?

Lovely Layout: Everyday moments

I just love this sweet and simple layout. Love the alpha and the kit used in this layout. The red hearts just standout.

Everyday moments by valeriapiemonte


tumblr: what is this all about?

I am not really sure if I will ever use tumblr. I find it very hard to customize and I really need to look at the tutorial just to get the hang of things. As always I really like to check out new things. I've created one tumblr account. Check me out here. Currently there’s nothing much there. It’s just me trying to figure out things. I’m thinking of using tumblr for my 365 Project (when I can figure out how to tumblr from my mobile). It might be need.

Actually I am really a bit confuse with tumblr. Is it a blog? a microblog? something like twitter? or .... maybe a fancy facebook where you can share anything. hemmmm… 

“Tumblr lets you effortlessly share anything. Post text, photos, quotes, links, music, and videos, from your browser, phone, desktop, email, or wherever you happen to be. You can customize everything, from colors, to your theme's HTML.”

Have you try tumblr? share with me your link…

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

what i think? Eat, Pray, Love


Finally I have a chance to watch the movie Eat, Pray, Love.
Eat, Pray, Love is based on the best-selling memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert, published back in February of 2006, about one woman’s year-long journey around the world and into her soul.

By the time Elizabeth Gilbert turned thirty she had everything an educated, ambitious American woman was supposed to want — a husband, a house, a successful career. But instead of feeling happy and fulfilled, she was consumed with panic, grief, and confusion. She went through a divorce, a crushing depression, another failed love, and the eradication of everything she ever thought she was supposed to be. To recover from all this, Gilbert took a radical step. In order to give herself the time and space to find out who she really was and what she really wanted, she got rid of her belongings, quit her job, and undertook a yearlong journey around the world — all alone.” taken from here.


what i think?

* this movie really showcase the feeling that I am having at this moment. do i dare to take a year off and enjoy the pleasure of doing nothing? It’s really an intriguing idea.
* it’s a bit long to my liking
* love all the quotes in this movie
* basically this movie is about finding your balance
* actually in live you don’t really need much – only eat, pray and love – so simple and yet so hard to do—money and power always get in the way.

"Happiness is the consequence of personal effort. You fight for it, strive for it, insist upon it, and sometimes even travel around the world looking for it. You have to participate relentlessly in the manifestations of your own blessings. And once you have achieved a state of happiness, you must never become lax about maintaining it. You must make a mighty effort to keep swimming upward into that happiness forever, to stay afloat on top of it."
Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love)

Twitter: Top Twitter Tools Exposed & Explained at Lightning Speed!

I learn a lot in less than 5 minutes from this video.

Thanks for sharing!

something sweet

I know I've been dreading to come to work this morning after being away for two days. I love working outside from the office. I like being expose to new technology and new way of doing things.
I found out this sweet gift from Nasri waiting for me.Thanks Nasri!
Congratulation on your big day. I hope you find happiness!
As for me I am happy just sitting at my desk and enjoying this sweet chocolate.
Today moves a bit slow for me. All I can think about is going home, my bed and my Supernatural DVD waiting for me.
Luckly I have X10 to keep me company. I'm discovering new things and new apps. Hooray for Android!

Lovely Layouts: Lilypad inspiration

Today I'm hunting for some inspiring layouts from lilypad gallery. I really love what I found. Hopefuly I can steal a few ideas for my next scrapbook layouts.
#1) Three boys in the kitchen! by monsu

#2) destiny by jomi

#3) Oh Snap! by Christina

Such a fun layout. I just love the color and the photo arrangement in this layout.Pose500

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Do you feel Lucky?

I am lucky even though sometimes I don't feel like it. When everything seems so bad, there's always some little things which makes your life feel a little bit lucky. You just have to remember that someone, somewhere there are people who get it less, someone who wish they could live your life. lucky-web

** Credit: loopity loo element by captive vision , pink paper from peaceful season by Donna Duncombe.**

when it comes to life, we sometimes don't demand quality

This last few days i've been expose to software testing industry. The industry which demand quality in software application. It shows how much our lives depend on applications. Not demand quality application can cost you money and reputation.
I think we should demand quality when it comes to our lives. These are a few things that comes to mind when talking about quality:
#1) healthy lifestyle
#2) practice islamic values in your daily lives
#3) be creative in what you do
#4) spend more time getting to know your kids
#5) read. Do not stop reading.
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Monday, October 18, 2010

10 things: Life as I know it!

#1)  I am still trying very hard to be happy at work. Somehow it is just too hard. Maybe I just needed a long break! My work life use to be interesting and inspiring. Not anymore!
#2)   Misunderstood! I really hated when that happened! Wish I have a translator which can translate what I meant!
#3)   Finally the government approved 90 days maternity leave. It's about time!
#4)   Like to participate in this project. I will make my lists during this weekend. I really love lists.
#5)   I am still reading my second novel. I wish I have the luxury to just lay down on my bed and finish the book
#6)   Energy! Where are thou?
|#7)  The thing I missed the most was us. Our talked, our joke, our future and our life

Aurora Explosion - Þingvellir, Iceland

#8)   taking a break from making any layout today. Just wanted to do something else. I missed it too much! Can’t wait for tomorrow.
#9)   I can’t download tweetdeck for andriod. I don’t why I am having this problem.
#10) Finally I got the motivation to just do it! When it comes to exercise, don’t over think it. Put in your workout DVD and follow the steps. Without you know it, it’s over.

Eye candy for the soul!

I've been meaning to share this for quite some time now. I don't really want to translate the text because I don't want the meaning to change. Basically when you look at this image, you will be blessed. The key here you have to believe.


5 things: to get more hours in your day

getting more hours in a day can be a challenge. without proper planning it is hard to do all the things you wanted to do in a day. some of my favorite things to keep up:
#1) Keep a to do list. It keep my mind focus on things that I have to do
#2) Spend less time arguing. It’s such a waste of time and drain my energy.
#3) Multi-tasking. Browsing while catching up on my favorite TV show. Use google reader to catch up on your favorite blogs.
#4) Do at least 60 minutes of exercise per day without thinking. Just do it. Every time I started to think about exercise I ended up not doing them.
#5) Wake up at least 10 minutes earlier than you used to. It will give you the extra time that you need to get into your morning routine, so do feel rush.

for more tips on how to make more time click here.

I’m not finished yet

Love this layout. I love how she arranged elements and photos in this layout. I can totally relate!

Don’t look! by pSyren


Straight talk

It's a scary thought. Our life is totally depended on application and technology.
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

using blogger droid for this post

This apps let you choose your default blog to post to. And it let's you post with photo and video directly to your blog. Not bad at all. Love this apps!
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What's for lunch?

It has been a long time since we have lunch together as a famiy. Today we have the urge for thai food.

we are waiting for the food to arrive.

my idea of a relaxing day on Sunday

Why didn’t I think of this before! Instead of being trap at home, I can do things I love outside the house. Change of environment is really what I need.
 DSC_0089a Just me, my X10, a notebook and great music to keep me company. Have a bar of chocolate Dove also help to improve the mood.

No makeup, no contact lens, just me in my jeans and t-shirt. Love it!DSC_0088a DSC_0085a

So what is your idea of a relaxing day, especially during weekends?

Kit showcase: Someone’s Song

Another new kit called Someone's Song by pink flamingo designs. This kit includes 10 papers (5 pattern, 5 solid), 20 elements, and 4 full alphas


This is my layout using the above kit .

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