Saturday, September 18, 2010


thinking: fasting 6 days during Syawal
planning: redecorate my room and living room
reading: IKEA Catalogue and Impiana Magazine
drinking: H&L milk
wishing: I am on my bed right now
can’t wait: to get right back into my normal routine|
listening: Yuna decorate album
wanting: more time to go online and hang out at my fave place

Day Dream and random weekend

What a day! I’ve been very busy from the moment I got up early this morning until night. So many things to do and so many project to get started. I would share what I’ve been up too later. For now I would like to showcase this layout I made using a new kit from Sunshine Studio Scraps.
This is a photo of me and my mother during our Eid celebration. It has been a long time since we have the opportunity to take photo together.

perfect moments-web

|The above layout is from Day Dream kit by Janyelle Mayara @ Sunshine Studio Scraps


This kit contains 10 papers and 60 elements.

Friday, September 17, 2010

white space in your daily life

I like the idea of white space. Having a white space in your digital layout also can have a great impact on your
I read this article on having a white space in your daily life. It’s an interesting idea. Fore more details on this check out the zen habits website.
Some ideas:

  • Breathe. Simply take a couple minutes between tasks, meetings, anything that you do, to breathe. After a meeting, for example, return to your desk and just sit still for a couple minutes, focusing on your breath going in and out. When you get home, pause and breathe. When you’re done with a task on the computer, close everything and breathe, before starting on the next task. This creates space between tasks and allows you to focus on each one.
  • Schedule. Don’t overschedule. Leave space on your schedule, between tasks, instead of putting things back-to-back. The space gives you time to go between tasks, to recover, to refocus, to breathe.
  • Projects. Do fewer projects at a time. Instead of juggling a bunch of projects at once, try to do one for as long as you can before switching to the next (sometimes you need to switch because you’re waiting on information or on someone else to do something). If you can, take a short break between each project — as long as you can afford.
  • Sit. Start your day with the white space of just sitting still for 10 minutes. It can be a meditation session, or simply sitting still with a cup of coffee or tea. If you like this, try putting it in the middle and end of your day as well.
  • Remove clutter. Pick a few important things on your desk, or in your home, and remove the rest. This will give you visual space and create a more peaceful atmosphere.
  • Savor. Slow down and savor everything you eat, everything you do. Breathe before you take each bite, and enjoy each bite.” taken from zen habits.

I think I might try these suggestions. Living in a high speed life isn’t good for you. You might miss a lot if you don’t press the pause button and try to savor and enjoy the little things.

Especially for Newbies: getting started

Ever wonder how to make this beautiful digital scrapbook layout you saw in this blog? Then today is your lucky day. I would like to share a few tips on how to start your digital scrapbooking adventure.
#1) Positive attitude is a must 
#2) Have digital photos in your computer
#3) Software is your tool to put all of it together – I use Adobe Photoshop CS4. You can use other software like Adobe Elements or other photo editing software.   Get yourself familiar with the software.
#4) Get some free kit, template or quickpage to get started
#5) last but not least, have fun and let your imagination runs wild. there’s no wrong or right way. The most important thing is you get to document your story, your family journey and your life for future generation

Helpful sites for you to hang out:
The Daily Digi 
Free Digital Scrapbook Tutorial 
Digital Scrapbook 101 
Scrapbook Gone Digital 
Digital Scrapbooking 101 
Making your first layout

For inspiration :
Digiscraps Addict
Gallery Standout
My gallery
Gottapixel gallery

Great place to check out:
The Pagemaps

Creative Busy Hands
digitalscrapbooking freebies

Inspirational blog:
taylor made designs
simply scraps
Ali Edward


this layout is a quickpage from this blog.


Good luck and have fun!

5 amazing inspiration from flickr

These photos makes me want to go out and shoot some photos! All photos are link to the photographers galleries.
#1) By leebee
hmmph (explore)
#2) By leebee
:) (explored!!!!!!)
#3) By Vinicius_Ldna

#4) by elsie

#5)by red rose


{ oh boy! I want pink notebook so bad!}

7th syawal and i am still at my parents' house

I am really enjoying my stay here. Don't have to worry about work, getting kids to school, putting food on the table or getting everybody to wake up early in the morning for subuh prayer. I can be the daughter.. Hehehe.. I don't think i am ready to go back to my daily routine. I love this town, i love this people and i love the economy here. It's a good place to retire and enjoy life.

September Color Splash at Sunshine Studio


Mix and match these beautiful color splash
image   image
for more visit here.
#1) Scattered Joy


#2) Denim & Cherries Paper Pack 2

#3) Cranberry Sky the paper


This is my layout using the above combination


Thursday, September 16, 2010

the killing of Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya

This  is the hottest news in Malaysia right now. Every where you go people are talking about it. The internet and facebook is fill with this shocking news.

Sosilawati murder: Forensic team finds more bone pieces

Sosilawati murder: Police preparing charges, consider case solved

My thoughts:
#1) People are getting crazier. A lot of rage and not enough love
#2) there is no value in human life any more
#3) people are getting more materialistic
#4) she was from my hometown, most of the people here knew her.
#5) i feel sympathy for the deceased and three other victims that died with her
#6) she was murdered during the month of Ramadhan. Things like this shouldn’t happened during this holly month.  

#7) this makes me question the safety of my family. Are we safe? A lot of crimes happening every where. Is it because of the economy, the weather, the government, the high level of stress, the greed or just pure evil? hemmmm….

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

CT Call at Laurie Scraps Design

It is that time again everyone! Laurie is looking for some talented scrappers out there! Don’t be shy!


  • 1 to 2 layouts per product downloaded (2 layouts for template sets).
  • Minimum of 1 product download per month.
  • Post layouts in my designers galleries at DSC and my gallery and at DST, DSA and one of your own choosing.
  • 2 enabling/ISO posts per month at DST AND DSA.
  • Participate in forum challenges and team blog posting.
  • Post about any sales or events on your blogs.

To Apply:

*Send Laurie an email to laurie(at)lauriesscraps(dot)com with the following information:
1 – link to your most complete gallery
2 – other teams you are on (if any)
3 – Blog address
4 – Short bio about yourself

Call ends September 24th!
Hurry up !!! Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of a great team!

my eyecandy wish list

#1) Leaf it to me by Flergs and Eva kipler
Leaf It To Me: With Eva Kipler

#2) Color My World by Damayanti Studio

Color my world collaboration by Damayanti Studio and Re Kneipp Designs

#3) Kissed by You by Armina Design

#4) Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow by Plum Dumpling Designs

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

#5) Candy Box Collabs with July Designs by Miss Vivi


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

this is what kept me busy

the Eid Mubarak celebration still continues with the next phase of visiting relatives at another town. I am at JB right now at my brother’s house. The plan is to visit my aunts, my cousins, my father’s relatives and friends. Such a busy schedule ahead.
Love these kids.. so creative and fun

rayalagi01 rayalagi02 rayalagi03

I was so inspired

by this layout, I just have to scraplift it before I go to bed tonight. Thankful by Karla Dudley.

This is my lift of the above layout using Oh So Studios by Jennifer Fox Designs.


some inspiration for today

I stumble upon these beautiful layouts. Enjoy
#1) Be Happy by Jule
#2) The things you say by Lizzy257
The colorful layout really caught my eye..

#3) Bliss by creashens

#4) Change by Karla Dudley

#5) Siblings by sarahh


Such a beautiful layouts, an inspiration to all. Love them all with their unique style.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I feel love and a freebies

I am happy cause I got to make a few layouts today. I am relaxing at my brother’s house while waiting for everybody to get here. The internet connection was good here and that really helps a lot. For the next few days I might scraps a few selected photos from my Eid Mubarak album.

ifeellove ** Credit : A New Me by Studio Flergs ***
---------------------------------------------------------------------Now for the freebies. It’s a cluster frame from Back 2 School Kit by Wimpychompers Creations. Enjoy and have a creative Monday!

Click here to download


4th day of Syawal, yearly ritual and totally awesome

the 4th day of Syawal, we went to JB to visit a few relatives here. It's the yearly ritual that we did as a family. Last year we came here to visit my grandmother but this year she wasn't here. She passed away early this year. It isn't the same without her. While waiting for the whole family to gather, I stole a few minutes to make this layout.
totally awesome-web

*** Credit: Just Groovy by Creations by Rachel ***

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday night and 3rd Syawal

* watching Spiderman 2 on tv2
* great weather tonight
* everybody is here tonight celebrating Eid Mubarak together
* taking more photos than I can process
* a bit sad cause there’s a misunderstanding
* really hope that I didn’t gain any more weight during this last few days
* tired body and mind
* missing my daily routine a bit

Kids and Aidilfitri

It’s really amazing to watch how easily kids makes friends, how easily they adapt, how easily they can forgive and forget.

Naturally they are the one who are so excited to celebrate Aidilfitri. That means they get to ware their new outfit, eat foods and get a lot of money.   raya001 raya003 this is me posing in front of the camera  with my kids, my nieces and nephews . it was so much fun.
raya005 raya002------------------------------------------------------------------------
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