Saturday, August 21, 2010

Kit Showcase: Summer Living by Laurie’s Scraps

Laurie's Scraps has a new kit called Summer Living. This kit is available at Digitalsrap Café.The kit contains 8 solid papers and 11 pattern papers and some very cute and cool elements for your summer photos.

“These are extremely detailed pieces great for use in any size page, and great for printing. This is a large kit with lots of elements, so with the amount of elements in this kit you will be able to make many, many pages!” excerpt from Product Description at Digital Scraps Cafe.
This is my layout using the above kit to get you inspire!


day233P365: the updates, challenges and the satisfaction

the updates:
finally I make the time to sit down and go through all of my photos that I have taken since day 216. I know this is not the idea of 365 (need to take photos daily and update them daily) but it works for me. Maybe when I’ve done this so many times, it might become a habit.
today is day 233 of the year 2010.
i keep all of the photos at flickr
the challenges:
I got the time to photographs my life, I just didn’t have the time to catalogue and blog about it on a daily basis.  
deciding things, people or event to photograph
choosing one photo of all the photos in my collection for that day

the satisfaction:
it really gives me such joy to capture my everyday routine.
it a proof that I exist and I matter
it’s a living document which can be enjoy by my kids in the future

Click here for more.

i got a feeling that…

today is going to be a great day.

*  It’s Saturday that means doing happy things like
    --- digital scrapbooking, blog hopping, watching my favourite show, catch up on my reading, clean my house, taking an afternoon nap
* weekend project – sort my photos, catalogue them, backup and print some hardcopys
* catch up on my CT commitment

Friday, August 20, 2010

Crazy for fonts: AP Applique

I discover this font while browsing Sunshine Studio Scraps for some challenges. This font is feature in August 7th Font Challenge. Thanks for the challenge.

This is my layout using the above font. The kits are from my 2008 collections—Elemental Scraps designers calls Fling.


11th Ramadhan, Friday, and all of the things in between

I am so  happy that Friday is here. I love Friday because it’s the last day of for this week. I am really looking forward to this weekend. Some random things today….. 
#1) Everybody seems more relax and happy
#2) I can sleep a bit late tonight
#3) Focus more on scrapbooking and things I love to do
#4) long afternoon break – it means me time
#5) plan to take more photos today
#6) organize and lables all my 365 project and upload them to flickr
#7) update my blogs regarding my 365 project
#8) today is insanely busy. I can feel the heat that making time my friend is a challenge
#9) can’t wait to watch the new episode of True Blood tonight
#10) sort out photos that need to be printed out for tomorrow.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

way back when

After my evening workout I discover my daughter is flipping through some old scrapbook album I did in 2001. She kept complaining why is she not in any of the photos. I told her she wasn’t born yet. Somehow she still not satisfied with my answer. (heheheh)
It’s really is a long time ago , almost 10 years ago, since the last time I made any hybrid scrapbooking. Not many digital scrapbook site back then. The only site I remember was around is Scrapbook-bytes and the site still is around now. Check them out here.
Back then I did mostly hybrid scrapbooking. Most of the fonts and the elements I did using my computer (back then it was Adobe Photoshop 5), print them out and paste them in my scrapbook.
It was a lot of work and really time consuming. I used to love buying all kind of papers, scissors and pens. When the digital scrapbooking exploded these last few years, I haven’t done any hybrid related project. I only tried making cards once or twice a year just for those special person in my life.

It is really interesting to see how my style and  the industry have changed in just ten years! The amazing thing is my daughter can enjoy the scrapbook album I made of her and her brothers.

things i learn from America’s Next top model cycle 13

I know it was an old season of America’s Next Top Model. This is the first time I’ve watched this show from the beginning till the end. What caught my attention is this is the first short model (well to me 5’7” is not that short- quite high by Malaysian standard) competition in this series. What I love about this show that the tips I got when model in front of the camera. Most girls are just ordinary girl but when they are in front of the camera they transform and great hair and make up helps a lot too.
Here are the finalist
America's Next Top Model 
Laura ** the Runner up
America's Next Top Model
Nicole ** The winner of Cycle 13
credit: photos from the internet
I think Laura should win the title, but when I saw how Nicole transform from an ordinary girl to this sophisticated model it shows that she she works hard for what she wants, learn and grow a lot. Life should be like that. You really have to work hard to get what you want. Nothings comes easy in life.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

me and my two boys

Oh boy! What a day! It has been a hectic day for me since yesterday. I don't why somehow a lot of projects need to be completed this month. I really need to rest now. So  l leave you with a little eyecandy I made using Estranged by Flergs. I really love this kit. I think this is my fourth time using this kit.

8th Ramadhan, random things and quick updates


* today is the 8th of Ramadhan in Islamic Calendar. We are still in the week of Rahmah.
* everywhere you can see Sales on most of everything except food. I think the price of food increase dramatically since the petrol price increased. I think it really ridiculous!
* so happy that I’ve manage to stick to my simple goals this week. Mostly I did Jari Love DVD and Jillian for my daily workout. I’ve manage to read a few pages in “the girl with the dragon tattoo”.
* I took photos daily but still haven’t got the time to label and document them in my 365 project. I plan to do them this weekend.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday eyecandy

I was so insanely busy today with meetings line up one after another. I really love looking at these lovely galleries at the end of the day after a lond day of having discussions and making decisions.
#1) Happy by Kel 

#2) Secrets by Natalia Zama

#3) Wonderful Life by Kelleanne

#4) Simply boy by Nachtamazone

#5) Find a lucky clover by petia

Monday, August 16, 2010

Kit Showcase: Back 2 School Kit

I’ve always love School related kits. Wimpychompers Creations has a new kit called Back 2 School Collection. Currently it’s 60% off at Scrap Matters. It has 12 patterned papers and 10 solid papers suitable for boy and girl layout. The owl element is too cute!
Back 2 School Grab Bag
“It's time to go back to school and the kids are ready to go! We have our cameras ready, our computers charged, and a handful of back to school photos dancing in our heads. This grab-bag is a fun collection perfect for any back to school photos good for all year long. After all, why should the kids be the only ones with back to school goodies? Even better, all of this for only $6! That's only $1 per piece!” excerpt from product description available at Scrap Matters.

These are my layouts using the above kit to inspire you.


Have a great and creative Monday!

10 things you can do during Ramadhan

* Recite Al-Quran daily
* take an afternoon nap when you can
* consume ‘dates’ on every meal to improve your energy
* drink lots of water when breaking your fast, so you will eat less
* don’t miss your ‘Solat Tarawikh’ every night
* exercise after Tarawikh at least 5 times a week to increase your overall fitness
* catch up on your reading
* call your parents regularly
* eat with your family to improve the bond
* be more polite, in other words watch your language
Just something to think about

Sunday, August 15, 2010

what do you want from me…

I can’t get that song out of my head..”what do you want from me” is currently spinning on my mp3 player while I’m working with these two layouts. The song grows on me. The first time I heard the song I didn’t like it but now I kept hearing the song.
Anyway these are the results.

It’s amazingly beautiful to see…..

Both of my kids love art (hazirah and hazim). They love to color and the love to draw. They have such and amazing passion when they started to draw.



My Little girl drew this. I was totally surprised to discover that she can draw something cute. IMG_8884a

this belong to my eldest son, Hazim. He is very passionate and resourceful when it comes to doing what he likes. If only he has the same passion for his other school syllabus.

My Sunday, Ramadhan and GI Joe

I just realize that I had this clock in the store room. I bought it at Ikea about a month ago. Finally it goes on my wall.
We went to Bazar Ramadhan around 4:00pm. It was raining lightly and people already going to the bazar as well. I am so glad that I already know what to buy. So the trip was fast and quick. IMG_8862a
Putu piring- one of my favorite must have during ‘buka puasa’.IMG_8872a * i spend most of the day cleaning my house
* watching GI Joe on DVD.
* relaxing, facebooking and blogging
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