Saturday, August 14, 2010

4 simple goals: inspiration from Elsie

I love a great challenge especially related to lists and goals. Elsie have this challenge on her blog related to simple goals that is achievable and fulfilling. Rules for this challenge can be found here.
Here is mine :
1. Exercise five times a week for at least one hour each session~ with everything that is going on in my life, making exercise a priority is a challenge. sometimes i manage to do two times of exercise per week and sometimes no exercise at all.
2. Take more photos everyday with my Canon 50D- follow through with my 365 Project until end of the year
3. Blog at least two times a day.
4. Finish reading at least 3 novels that are sitting on my night table waiting to be read – currently i am reading “The Girl with the dragon tattoo
I bought a lot of novels but did not manage to find the time to read it. I really need to finish all the new novels waiting to be read. For now I’m setting 3 novels, hopefully I can manage more.
So what are your simple goal? Post it in the comment / blog if you want to play along.

Saturday outing, Alamanda and Expendables

I have been to Alamanda so many times but I haven’t notice all the beautiful shops waiting to be capture on lens. Here are some of the beautiful things I saw.
* Mega Sale is back. Shops all over Malaysia is on sale
* love the color white and purple. so sweet.
* did some shopping at Carlorino – most items are 40% to 50% off
* ended up with a pair of shoes and a handbag
* I just  love this photo. It’s so beautiful.
* I saw Expendables today. All of my favourite action figure in the same movie.
* It’s pure fun with all the explosion and heartless killing
* I’m not really sure the objective they want to achieve
* the A team is still the best action movie so far
* overall it’s a boy movie—lack heart and soul but it is still fun watching Statham

Kit Showcase: A Name and a Blessing

Laurie's Scraps has a new kit called A Name and a Blessing. It's a collabs with Scrap with Brooke. This kit is available at Digital srap Café. The kit contains 7 solid papers and 16 pattern papers and some very cute and cool elements for your layouts. LS_SwB_Name 
This is my layout using the above kit.


Have a happy and creative Saturday everyone!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Crazy for Fonts: Jellyka CuttyCupcakes

At this moment I am watching Stargate Atlantist while hunting for my next font at This is one of the new font for today and immediately love it.

It’s called Jellyka CuttyCupcakes by cuttyfrutty. Download the font here.
This is the layout I made using the above font.

Time will change you beyond Imagination……. {Interesting Quotes I love}

"Time will change you beyond imagination; for now, I hold you close as if time does not exist - unknown author" I stumble upon this quote when I browse Oscraps forum for some inspiration. I just realize that I haven't done any quotes related scrapbook page in a while. So I choose this quote from June Challenge. For those who love to play with quotes and love a great challenge visit Oscraps Forum for some inspiration challenge. This is my layout using Life in Wonderland by Sunshine Studio Designers.
 this time


Thursday, August 12, 2010

my everyday

I just love this layout called All Boy by karen perry. The simplicity and the monotone color really appeal to me.
All-Boy-EverydayThis is my lift from the above layout. Somehow lately I am really hook on with blue.
my*everydayCredit: Don’t Bug Me by Jessica Edwards

10 things you can do while trap in a traffic jam


During this fasting month, there’s heavy traffic all over Klang Valley. Instead of feeling restless and stress out these are a few things that I did to entertain myself so that I don’t get sleepy or bored.

1.  phone photography. always fun to do when you have a camera phone with you.
2.  listening to your favorite music over and over again
3.  talking to your friend on a phone
4. thinking about life in general and what can you do to
make it better
5.  update your facebook status
6.  update your tweeter status
7.  mobile blogging with your phone
8.  listening to your DJ rambling on the radio
9.  read a book while waiting for the traffic to move (need amazing skill for this)
10. making a mental checklist on things to do when you reach home.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

first day of Ramadhan and things related to it

Some random things on this special day
* I took the day off ( always a Johorean at heart)
* Religious school is off today. So I am happy to be spending the morning with her. 11082010382
* And in the afternoon I got to spend it with my son * feeling relax and happy cause there's no dateline and to do list
* Glad that my streamyx is working again
* went to bazar ramadhan to check out what are they selling. hemmm probably won’t go here daily cause so many things to choose from and I just can’t decide.
*  done with all the shopping by 5:40pm
* as always facebooking, blogging and scrapping. such a beautiful day for me 
* waiting for maghrib

A brand new me, Scraplift and Crazy for Fonts all happening here.

Today I would like to scraplift a layout called Cupboard Rider By Holly (hollyinjapan). I just love all the clustering around the photo and the scallope white paper behind the blue paper. This layout is from the digichick challenge.
And I also hunt for fonts at kevinandamada fonts for peas. This lovely font is called Pea Ally.

This is mylayout I lift from the above layout using Pea Ally font for the journaling. I use A New Me Kit and Estranged by Studio Flergs from Scrapbookgraphics.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

my Ramadhan Night

* so happy that we did ‘Solat Tarawikh’ together as a family.
* I am so proud of my son cause he is able to lead
* Glad that I did my workout tonight
* Planning for ‘sahur’ with the kids. They are agreeable with my suggestion.
* Disappointed with streamyx tonight. Urgh!!
* Maxis broadband to the rescue
* Looking forward for this month

life on tweeter

I really get into tweeter a few months ago even though I have register since last year. The more I use tweeter the more I feel in love with it. It’s so simple, fast and less distraction. Right now there are so many tools available to make tweeting easier and fast like TweetDeck, Snaptu, TweetBox and many more. The integration between Tweeter and Facebook and Blog make it even more powerful and fun.

Credit: A New Me Kit by Studio Flergs ****

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hello kitty clock

I bought this clock last Sunday on my way back from Mersing. My wall need a touch of pink so badly. My project for this month is to personalize my room and make it cute.

Test again

Test again

Kit Showcase: Feeling Magical

I would love to showcase this kit called Feeling Magical by Wimpychompers Creations. This kit contains 6 solid papers and 6 pattern papers with a lot of cute and magical elements for your girly layout. Currently it’s 30% off at Scrap Matters.
Feeling Magical

Product description: “Little girls can be magical as they play dress up and wrap you up around their little fingers. This kit is for those magical moments with your own darling.”  ~ Scrap Matters
Here are some of the layouts made using the above kit to get you inspire.

by me (hanizeyecandy).

from Heather T

by Nikki imagefor more inspiration visit here.  Have a fun and creative Monday!

Monday randomness

* wearing green today with a touch of pink
* thinking about him a lot lately
* so happy with that elsie and jeremy is enggaged. Read all about it here
* a little bit hungry at the moment even though it’s not lunch time yet
* finally got a chance to play with SharePoint 2010
* happy that I found my favorite dates. I bought 400gm and it cost me about $16.00. I might buy more by the end of the week
* looking forward for Ramadhan. Planning to eat less and pray more
* missing Mersing already and my hometown

Mommy’s Hero : Laurie’s Scraps Designs

Laurie has a new kit in store called Mommy’s Hero. It contains 16 papers and 59 elements. Suitable for boy and girl page.
Laurie's Scraps - Mommy's HeroProduct Description from Digital Scraps Cafe:
”These are extremely detailed pieces great for use in any size page, and great for printing. This is a large kit with lots of elements, so with the amount of elements in this kit you will be able to make many, many pages! For personal use only. Not all elements are shown. Shadows are for preview only.”

This is my layout using the above kit.

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