Saturday, June 5, 2010

Jun 5th already and I’m happy with this little project of mine. It is fun to look inside and discover something new or rediscover something that was long gone forgotten. Today is all about song that means something to me.

This song originally reminds me of someone way back when. But when I listen to this song again, it reminds me of totally different person. That special someone who touches my heart and my life. Who makes my eyes sparkle with joy.

Credit: Estranged by Studio Flergs

Friday, June 4, 2010

The themes for today is way back then. Not that way back just 4 years back. It’s amazing to see how things change in just 4 years like
* my fashion style—i’m constantly reinventing myself
* my wrinkles
* things I’ve seen and learn
* from having a boy to having a teenager

thenandnow** Credit: A day like today by Lauren Grier and Jennifer Barrette  

Thursday, June 3, 2010

didn’t expect to see this today

This made my day. Thank you so much
** 06/03 GALLERY STANDOUTS - Page 3 - DigiShopTalk Forums***

i’m feeling a little bit nostalgic

Today theme is about feelings. I just don’t why I’m feeling a little bit nostalgic today. This month feel different, like I’m missing something, like I lost something.
Anyway this is my layout for today, expressing my feeling.
***** Credit: Oh So Studios by Jennifer Fox and Wild Dandelion . Font Pea Terri Cherrie (kevinandamanda) and Everyday Ghost (dafont).******
“today I am feeling a little nostalgic. This
month should be the happier month for me.
There’s a lot to celebrate and be
thankful for. Somehow for the last few
years I can’t seem to shake of the
feeling of failure and defeat. I’ve lost
so many in the last few years
especailly my self esteem and
self worth. I’ve been struggling to gain
that back. I am determine to win that

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

it is not easy being me

June is not really a good month for me. Suddenly I feel depress and hurt. So many unhappy memories come to mind and I can't begin to imagine how bad that makes me feel. I am trying really hard to stay positive and happy all of the time and it’s so exhausting. Everyone expect me to be happy and to be ok with everything. Being good never been this difficult.
I need to celebrate everything about me. It is time I make peace with myself and accept me for me, even the bad ones.
In the spirit of last week ‘Glee’.. I’m being a little bit theatrical! Making this month  all about me. Let see how this go.
noteasybeingme ** Credit: Hearts-n-Craft by Diannerigdon design, Alpha from Boyish Charm by Studio mgl ***

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Next on my list

Next on my shopping list are these beautiful kits from various designers.
#1) Day Dreamer by Studio Flergs
Day Dreamer: THE KIT#2) Thankful - May Collabs from Sunshine Studio Designers
#3) Girlfriends by Sugarplum paperie and


Project 365:2010* Day 143 till Day 151

Today is the first day of June. I got my tooth extracted today cause it has gone bad. I am a bit sad about that. I just hope that my teeth will stay healthy from now on. So today starts the countdown to my birthday which I’m not really looking forward to celebrate.
* Visit my friend at the hospital, she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl
* My pink watch
* Flowers at my so-called garden
* My son
* Finally I bought New Moon DVD. Great DVD!
* My new carpet
* Beauty product at the moment
* Self portrait with macro lens
* Colorful Push Pins for home and office

Monday, May 31, 2010

Another Monday

I love this layout from Wimpychompers call newcamera. I just love the feeling of  having and touching a new camera in my hand.
I got a fee template for everyone of you. Download it here.
haniz-template11 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
this is my layout using the above template. 
---------Credit: Using Rocket Launcher by Wimpychompers Creations------
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