Tuesday, March 9, 2010

from my latest collection

introducing*mimi this happened to me today...
1. No water at the office from afternoon till late evening
2. Meetings drag till 7:00pm
3. have subway sandwich for lunch
4. puspanita meeting in the morning
5. new technology really excites me
6. it is raining outside but the temperature in the house still not going down.
7. watched two episodes of CSI Miami

Monday, March 8, 2010

Funky Playground Designs

To all the designers out there.. here is for you…

monday. inspiration

It has been a long time since i have the time and the energy to hunt for some inspiration from the internet. I am happy that today I am able to browse some amazing galleries out there. So many amazing and inspiring layouts to choose from. Here are the five layouts that catch my eyes.. so far…

#1) Spring by Dani Vignoli
#2)  Spring is here by anchlove
#3) Twins by Markojanett
#4) Feeling Springy by Jenny97

image #5) Dare to be silly by mom.mia.kai


this. is. how. i. roll.

Hot hot hot!!! I am sweating right now eventhough the fan is full speed. The temperature didn’t went down even though it was raining a bit.
Anyhow I am so excited to talk about Wimpychompers Creations new kit available at Scrapmatters. This one is called “How do I roll”. It’s a great outdoor kit for your outdoor photos. I love the alpha. Hope you enjoy them.

These are my layouts using the above kit.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Updates on P365:2010: Day.57.till.Day.65

It’s already day 65 if you are counting in 2010. Time is a funny thing. It waits for no one. It will move forward and never looking back. If you miss it then you will never get it back.
This is what I have so far for this year project.

57: My new pink sofa
58: I bought her ‘Mimi’—not sure what happened to Mimi now.
59: Another day at work
60: Wearing my new pink lipstick
61: Another day in a car – going to work and sending my daughter to school
62: This is my dinner – chicken chop at Oaisis
63: Thank God it’s Friday
64: Hazirah in a shoes shop. Not a good idea.. heheh..her obsession with shoes is out of control.
65: Us at home.. playing with the camera.. this is my son looking cool for the camera.
IMG_4948a IMG_4942a IMG_4933a

Sweet and Hot Sunday

I just can't believe that is Sunday already. The tempreature outside is still hot like yesterday. I feel like staying in my air cond. room all day long. Not in the mood to make any layouts today. I've two movies so far -- Whiteout and Chaos --- Both movie kinda have the same theme.. bad people are among us.. heheh.. I still like Jason Statham.
Before I go here are some eyecandy for you. I made these using Sweet on You Kit and Stitched Together by Danielle Corbitt Designs.
this is love ----------------------------------------------------------------------- love*hurts
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