Saturday, February 27, 2010

Haven’t Meet You Yet

I just love love this song from Michelle Buble. It’s happy and fun to listen to all day long. Here is a layout I made using d00d kit by simply scraps and angie kovaks.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday scraplift

I’ve spent most of my day at home, enjoying every space and trying to rearrange a few things to suit our current life style. I love it! Just taking my own sweet time with. Naturally scrapbooking is one of the things in my agenda. Here is a scraplift for today.
I was so inspired  by this layout Our View from Sasha.
ES-elemenopea-feb10-copy2 Here is my lift, using d00d kit by simply scraps and angie kovaks.

Updates on P365:2010

Today is day 56! Wow and it’s almost March… I hate when time moves too fast for me to catch!

48: 4 and 20 current fave. song at the moment
49: attended 5 Star workshop for portal
50: medals my son and daughter won at their sport day event.
51: trying out macro lens; my son shoot this photo
52: Another macro shoot using mirror
53: wearing my new ‘baju kurung’—the material was a gift from ayu
54: this is what I see every time I go to work.
55: another new ‘baju kurung’ – for batik day
56: laundry day—full house!
twitt: I am hungry at the moment..

Monday, February 22, 2010

She loves to read

I really enjoy watching her read. She reads almost anything she can get her hand into. I love that she inherit my desire to learn and to read. Somehow a long the way I have lost the passion for reading. Thanks darling for reminding me the joy of discovering and imagining things through reading.
just*read**** Two by Two Kit by Wimpychompers Creations ****
********************************************************This is the template I used from from Polka Dot Plum forum.

image Have a great and creative week!

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