Friday, January 29, 2010

Scraplift: Sweet and Simple

I love the simplicity of this layout. It’s from the bergstromfarms from elementalscarps. Look here for more inspiration from week 1/5 Scraplift Challenge from Elementalscraps Forum.
Here is my take using Delicate Love by Kandy Kane Creations, available on February 1st 2010.


10 random things about me today....

23of365, originally uploaded by haniz*eyecandy.

I haven't done this randomness in a long time. I enjoy this little details about my life at a particular moment. Here it goes:
1. I am so excited to follow American Idol Season 9. It feels a bit different without Paula though.
2. I am lonely and depress most of the time, without any reason and I don't really know why.
3. I find it very difficult to focus on any particular tasks without getting distracted by other unimportant things.
4. Photography still can makes me excited.
5. I seems to have lost the passion for life. I need to find that thing that makes my heartbeat faster.Life is too short to be depress.
6. I miss someone so badly.
7. I love drinking nescafe latte
8. At the age of 38, I am still clueless about everything. Suddenly I feel like I don't know anything.
9. I am a proud owner of Sony Satio. I likey.
10. Can' t wait to watch "Tooth Fairy"


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Crazy Love

Oh boy! Love this new song from Michael Buble latest album called Crazy Love. It was so sweet and lovely. I kept listening to it over and over again. Love can makes people do crazy things. It was so much fun if you share the same feelings.. anything is possible kinda feeling you got all day long. How I wish I could capture this feeling in a jar and every time I look at it I will be in that state again~ Total Happiness~.
Using Brite Kit by Simply Scraps and Spinky Dinks Scraps.
Using The Way You Make Me Feel by Simply Scraps.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Inspiration

Monday is here again. Today is the last Monday of January. Wow! It’ s almost a month in the year 2010. Can’t believe how fast time flies even when you are not having so much fun.
Anyway these are all the layouts that really inspire me today.
by joelsgirl_Kellie.

image by joelsgirl_Kellie.

image by mrshobbes.

thisgirl1 by  schneeflocke

Sunday, January 24, 2010

365:Project Day 18 till Day 24

This is what happened to my 365 Project. The collection of photos from my day to day. It was a very hectic and tiring week for and it is also fun. I love meeting the guys. I feel happy and calm at the same time.
1. My current desktop wall paper. It’s all about Twilight and the New Moon. – No Ordinary kind of Love.
2.  In my car playing around with my SONY SATIO. The traffic was pretty heavy at the moment.
3. Another day in the car. OOOO I spent too much time in the car. It’s the place where I feel in control and for me to think.
4. Having Happy Mean Chicken Burger for Lunch at McDonald’s
5. Valentine’s Wish – at the Curve.
6. Photoshoot at Putrajaya – I am wearing my new Baby Phat T-shirt. I just love the fabric.
7. Her and Him – One for me and one for him.

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