Friday, January 1, 2010

Project 365 : 2011

I decided to try again with Project 365 in 2010.  Follow my journey here.

Tips and Ideas:Sweet Shoppe Designs
Creating Keepsakes

Here are a five tips taken from Shutter Sisters web:
1. Take your camera out with you every day. I purchased a small, inexpensive backback big enough to fit my DSLR and turned it into my purse. Sometimes I would stuff an alternative lens in the bag, but more often than not, it was sort of fun to use the lens I had at the time and to find creative ways to make an image work with the lens I had on hand.

2. Shoot at least one shot in the morning. Let's face it, there are days that zoom so fast it's easy to forget essential day-to-day tasks like reminding one's child to brush his teeth, transfering wet clothes into the dryer, meeting an unreasonable client deadline, shuffling papers on your kitchen counter, etc. If you shoot at least one shot in the morning before your day gets out of hand, you're covered.

3. Set up a method to organize and share your series as you progress. When I initially started, I uploaded and titled each of my daily image selections on flickr (i.e., Day 1, Day 2, et.) and contributed the images to the Project 365 flickr group. Being a part of this group kept me inspired and engaged. It felt great to know that so many other folks around the world were traveling on this journey with me. When I first saw someone's image in the group labelled Day 365, I could visualize completion despite the long road ahead. The group also offers weekly challenges to inspire image ideas.

4. Use this opportunity to get comfortable with your camera. If you typically shoot in Auto mode, you might consider learning one new feature of your camera each month. For example, during month one, you could learn to use Aperture Priority mode and experiment using different aperture settings. Month two, you could try different ISO settings – shooting indoor shots with a higher ISO setting instead of using your flash. You could grow to love that grainy texture in certain situations.

5. Never say "I have nothing to shoot." You are likely to think this around Day 62, but don't say it. There is always something to shoot. Walk outside. Lie down on the floor and look up. Turn over onto your belly and rest your camera on the floor. Look in the mirror. Take the long way home. Tell a stranger you are looking for an image of the day and see what comes to his/her mind. Use this opportunity to seek out and celebrate something unique each day.

If you've done Project 365 or if you're in the process of this project, tell us about your experience and share your tips. And if you are leaning on the edge of this amazing journey, will you leap?" excerpt from Shutter Sister Site.
Very Interesting tips.

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Inspiration from the internet:
Shutter Sister Flickr Group
365- Shutter Sister


As usual this is our tradition for the past 8 years. Taking family photo at KLCC park. Usually early this morning not many people were there cause most of them slept late last night. The park still looks the same to me. Nothing much has changed. My kids still enjoyed playing at the park including the eldest. So far I am very happy with today’s photo session.

one happy family
Intention for 2010:
1) Simple Life is the goal for this year.
2) Back to Basic is the motto. What ever life takes you just remember the basic.
3) Happy always
4) Embark on 365 project. This time no more blog just flickr – it’s simple and easy.
5) Friends have as many as possible, cause they makes life more interesting.
6) Continue reading as many books as possible.
7) Digital scrapbooking : goal 365 layouts.

About Me

Hey there. My name is Hanizah. I am from Malaysia. I am a Muslim, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a blogger, a fan of anything creative, a family photographer, a web designer, a manager and a friend. I am simply me and I am different.

I don't sell anything here, just sharing my ideas on projects, photographs I took of my life, my digital scrapbook layouts and all things I find inspiring and beautiful. 
Right now I love listening to Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, Maher Zain, Carrie Underwood and Joss Stone. I am a movie buff and I love watching TV series like Leverage, the Vampire Diaries, Grey's Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars, Bones, CSI, Criminal Minds, Terra Nova and the Walking Dead. I love to read books and take photos.

These are a few things that you need to know about this blog.
1. I choose not to have shoutmix or any other form of chatting here because I can't control the content. Some people just don't like me, so I don't want any negative vibe in this blog. [I've learned this the hard way]
2. This is my happy place. I will like to keep this place clean, simple and beautiful.
3. If any of you wanted to communicate with me regarding scrapbooking please email me at
4. Have fun and enjoy your stay here.

Thank you for visiting my blog and hope you enjoy your stay here.

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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last day of the Year:2009:

Good bye 2009.. Suddenly I am feeling a bit sad and lonely at the same time. So far 2009 has been an amazing experience for me. It’s a wild ride. So many things happened to me this year, the good, the bad and the ugly.
The Good:
1) Got serious in Digital Scrapbooking world
2) Bought my own car
3) Letting him go completely from my heart
4) Got promoted
5) Happy being on my own
6) Meeting my old friends from school.
7) Falling in love..
8) Helicopter ride
9) Sabah
10) Meet a lot of interesting people
11) Moved to a new house
12) People finally knows her true colors.

The Bad/The Ugly
1) Too much things to handle
2) Overwhelmed with so many responsibilities
3) Burn Out
4) Heartbroken
5) I am still stuck
6) Letting him gets to me
7) Michelle Jackson death
Quotes for today:
"If you aren't good at loving yourself, you will have a difficult time loving anyone, since you'll resent the time and energy you give another person that you aren't even giving to yourself. "
~ Barbara De Angelis
Here is a layout I made with the quotes using Lil’Man by Kandy Kane Creations.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Crazy for Fonts: Pea Lovey Dovey

Today is a bit crazy for me. I’ve never been this busy with my social calendar before, suddenly everything change and I am a bit tight on time. So many things that I want to do and I want to experience. Living in a digital age really caught me off guard. I have so many things to pursue and so many interest to entertain. I wish life could be simple. Enough about that..lets look at this week font.
This week is all about Handwriting fonts. This one is from kevinandamanda website called Pea Lovey Dovey. Love the curly font.
Download the font here.
Here is a layout I made using the above font.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Colour Me Free:Joss Stone

I am so so excited with Joss Stone new album. I love her R&B Soul music and I wasn’t disappointed. I love every track and currently it is in my car CD player.

Currently Free Me is my favorite one.

Monday, December 28, 2009

What I’ve been up to..

Wow! Today is the last Monday of the year. This year has been the longest year ever. So many many great memories that will last a life time. I know I’ve been neglecting this eyecandy for a week. Wow! so much has happened in just a week. What a ride!

I got to go but here are a few of my eyecandy that I’ve been working on these last few days.

Using I can see clearly kit by Wimpychompers Creations.
new*glassess Cold Winter Night by Brandy Designs.
Using So Happy by Kandy Kane Creations.
Using I can see clearly kit by Wimpychompers Creations.
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