Saturday, May 9, 2009

Digital Candy is closing!!

I just can’t believe it and still can’t accept it. I just started to join this team since April and participate in NSD last weekend. It was a bit of a shock for me. I’m not really sure the real reason why the owner wanted to close the shop. I heard it has something to do with fraud or something to that effect. I can’t really imagine the Digital Scrapbooking world without Digital Candy.
I am hoping for some miracle to happen. If not I really want the world ~ the future world ~ to know that there was once exist this amazing candyland for us the digi scrapper and the digi designers to share our passion.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Shopping Spree

I can’t stop myself. I feel like I need more digital kits. I did a little shopping during NSD sale. This time it wasn’t that bad cause I only bought two kits from sunshine studio and they were mega kits.

Hellraiser Preview
I had trouble downloading the kits from Lavender Fields. I kept got disconnected error. I still has one more files that failed to download. I really hate when that happened! I don’t think I will shop there again.

Today I went shopping at Digiscrapganza. I bought two kits. So far I like this store cause the download files were very fast! I finished downloading all the files in a few hours.

celebratelife_kit_pamedalah_preview ts_celebratelife_preview


~ masterlist of all digital scrapbooking shops ~ – fliffy made this amazing list at digiscrapaddicts forum as a one stop center of all the amazing goodies out there.
Currently my favorites are elemental scraps, digiscrapganza, mellowbutterfly, scrap orchard and sweetshoppe design due to the fastest download of the purchased digital kits. Check them out and happy hunting!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

8 things

I’ve been tagged by Tracy .

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To...
1. Move to a new house
2. Make a birthday card for my son
3. Sleeping in my bed
4. For my life to be the way it was
5. Chocolates from Langkawi
6. Watch Star Trek Movie, Transformer 2 and Terminator 4
7. The crown of the latest American Idol
8. Buying new Home Theater System

8 Things I did Yesterday...
1. Watched American Idol top 4 performance
2. Downloading new tv series : chuck, bones and desperate housewives
3. Dinner with my Kids
4. Read a few pages of Eclipse
5. Meetings, meetings and more meetings at the office
6. Send Ady to ERL station
7. Solve a few issues with Infopath form
8. Talked to my mom on the phone

8 Things I Wish I Could Do...
1. Have more money than I could spend
2. The power to make people do as I say by touching them – like in Wolverine movie – heheh, that would be cool
3. Be happy always
4. Exercise and enjoy every minute of it.
5. Do things that I love
6. Peace instead of war
7. Be in two places at once
8. Be more confidence in my own skin

8 Things That or Shows I have Watched...
1. American Idol
2. Desperate Housewives
3. Private Practice 
4. Grey's Anatomy 
5. Bones
6. Chuck
7. CSI
8. Ugly Betty

Now I have to tag 8 other people and they are...drum roll please!!
Ayu, Dira, May, Oja, Jenny, Umi, Suhaila and Fadhilah Hanim

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Aftermath

I spend my Sundays making layouts after layouts for Red Carpet Event Scrapathon at Digital Candy. I am happy that I’ve manage to submit 10 layouts- 8 new ones and two recycle from my previous layout. I was so excited that I didn’t eat much or sleep. Who needs sleep right? What a fun weekend. I only bought two kits during the weekend and I am still downloading them.{internet seems pretty slow}. So tonight I plan to browse through some stores in case some of them still offer discounts.
These are my submission
anythingcanhappened-web believeweb feelsgreat-webgreatinpink-web happyheart-web whyIscrapped-web womanbehindthecamera-web theoneandonly-web thirstforknowledge-web

dancelikeweb All the credits can be found at my digitalcandy gallery.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy National Scrapbook Day

This is such an amazing weekend. It’s National Scrapbook Day weekend and  a lot of forums are hosting NSD Event like Digital Candy. There’s a lot of games, scrapping challenges that you can participate. With the time differences I don’t really think I can be exactly at the same time with the rest of the team. Anyway I participate in any way that I can. It’s already 1:20 am and I am still so excited. I did two layouts alone with using Red Carpet Event Mega Kit with these challenges.
#1) DareDevils Challenge


#2) Willy Wonka's Candy Mold - Template Challenge
This is my layout with this template.
my hero web  -----------------------------------------------------------------------
There are so many amazing games and challenges to explore and play. I don’t really think my eyes can stay open much longer. See you guys again in the morning. Well my morning in case some of you can’t sleep…. heheh…

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