Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sweet Dreams

Lilysky Design just released a new kit called Sweet Dream. You can get her kit here. The kit is 20% off at the moment.

Here are two layouts I made with her kit.


My Little Goldfish

Michalle Batton just release a new kit called My Little Goldfish. You can get it here.
For a limited time only you can get QuickPage from this kit at MellowButterfly Shoppe. I am using Michalle Batton My Little Goldfish Quick Page 8 for this page and Lost Notes Alpha by Michelle Batton Coming Soon to Mellow Butterfly.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Xtra Excited!!!

I am extra excited today because I am officially a CT for Michelle Batton Design. It is such an honor to be a part of such a great team.


I am Happy It’s Friday

I am Happy that today is Friday. I had a good night sleep and obviously today I am in a good mood. The temperature in my room is very cold. I am looking forward to a great and creative weekend. 
I did watched American Idol last night. I am please that Jorge manage to get through to the Top 12. I am also please that Anoop get a second chance to perform for the Top 12 position. Hopefully he will make it.
In all the chaos and madness, I did managed to make a few layouts for my CT and some for my 365 Project.

The First two are from Itsy Bitsy Kit by Lena Scrap Design. You can get her Kit at Scrapscandistyle.
Day53web This one is from Little Dude Kit by Jannylynn Design.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Life and everything in between

This week is a bit tiring. I felt like all my energy has been drained out from my body. Aside from my computer crashed, my everyday life is really makes me want to pack up my bag and just leave. Left everything behind and never look back. I really need to get back on track, find my inspiration and bring joys back into my life. With all the chaos and madness, sometime it’s hard to really be true to yourself and be happy in spite of everything. Life is beautiful – never ever forget that!

Anyway these are a few layouts from the internet that I find very inspiring and makes me happy and reminds me why I love this hobby so much! Click on the image to see credits.

justetoi RAKDeb2web liv-fresh_web c-feb09-bow-SMALL Piano-Kids

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blue Violet from Michelle Batton

This week I would like to highlight Blue Violet Kit by Michelle Batton. I know it’s an old kit from her collectionbut I just love the color combination. It makes me feel calm somehow. You can get her kit here.

MBatton_BlueVioletPPMBatton_BluVioletEP   I’ve made two layouts with this kit.
noregretsweb twilightwebThe Alpha from this layout is from Lost Notes Alpha --- Coming Soon to Mellowbutterfly Shoppe.

Monday, March 2, 2009

another layouts for 365 project

I am a bit busy and tired this evening. My PC crashed for the second time last Saturday night. Today I took it to my office to reinstall back the OS. Luckily I kept my important files on separate partition and external hard disk. I need to backup them on DVD more often. So tonight I spent most of my time reinstalling everything including all my fonts, actions and brushes. I did not get a chance to scrap more tonight.

Here are some more layouts I cooked up for my 365 project – Day 49 till Day 52==== ENJOY!

Day50web Day51web Day52web

Sunday, March 1, 2009

~~~~When Love and Fun Collide~~~~

I have been busy with making some changes in my life. For one I got Edward now. It feels safe now that I have a ride that nobody can take away. It's mine and mine only. I made a few layouts for my 365 Project. I am a bit behind with the layout but I don't really care. It's fun and I really enjoy the process.
day43Day44Day45day46Day47Day48I know I've been using some of my old layouts for these Project. Somehow I found it interesting when I can use the same templates and gave them a different twist. I change the color and the position a bit. This is the fastest way I can think about on how to scrap faster.

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