Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Love Day

Today is suppose to be about love. Right now I love that....
* life has been pretty good
* spent most of my time doing what I love
* more aware about myself- what I can and can not do
* have children who cares about me
* I can make friends with people I don't know
* live in a country with no war

lifeisgoodwebcredit: Giggle Kit from Kandy Kane Creations

folder folder

~~ I bought a new kit today ~~~ Kissable Kit from Sweet Shoppe Designs.


Friday, February 13, 2009


ve been busy with life and that is good. I seldom have time to be sad or depress. I bury myself in the world of digital scrapbooking, American Idol and Buffy Summers{yes! I'm rewatching Buffy again- I've missed her. I am kinda hoping that she will appear on Big Screen or something}.

loveforknowledgeweb Kits from Love it Kits from Jannlynn Design and
Frames from No. 9 by Sunshine Studio Designers.

connectionweb Kit from Sweetie Pie by Lena design of Scrapsandistyle. Check out her kits here.

Violetta from Lilysky Design

Violetta kit from Lilysky Design is on sale right now. You can get it here.


Here is the layout I made with this kit.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sales at Scrappin' Out Loud

Hurry up! Don't miss this great opportunity! All product in the shop is at minimum 25 % off and Lilysky design is at 50 % off on everything until feb 22.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

can't get enough of them

I haven't got the chance to update this blog. Sorry about that. I have been trying to make layouts and somehow I am having problem. I need inspiration badly.

Here are some layouts I've come up with.



She is so Lovelyweb



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